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At this point in episode 5,

I hope I’m not the only one

who actually taught (or rather wished for) that Victor will appear, and grab Yuri’s waist.

Articles following the Vine

Heatworld: mentions the twitter trends. He apparently said it.

Pink News: mentioning the twitter trends. No, he didn’t say it. Mentioning BS 2.0 and quoting Underscore

Metro: mentions BS 2.0, seems to be saying, mentions the twitter trends, 

Gossip Cop: he didn’t say it, mentions the twitter trends (scale 1)

OK! Magazine: “FIRST One Direction fans were convinced Harry Styles was gay, and now Louis Tomlinsonhas become their latest victim”  , mentions twitter trend, “Meanwhile, Harry Styles sent the rumour mill into overdrive after claiming gender doesn’t matter in a relationship.So, Larry Stylinson…”

Towleroad: Apple t-shirt picture, mentions the twitter trends, mentions BS 2.0, 

Vocativ: mentions twitter trends, mentions bullshit 2.0

Inquisitr: mentions twitter trends, “there has been rumors surrounding him and his bandmate, Harry Styles’, sexuality for years within the One Direction fandom.”, uses Apple t-shirt pic, mentions bs 2.0

Yahoo Celeb UK: mentions twitter trends, “there has been speculation surrounding he and his bandmate, Harry Styles’, sexuality for quite some time within the fandom.”, then adds 3 article links about them.

Yibada: seems to be saying, mentions Tim Cook support, mentions BS 2.0, mentions twitter trends

Mstarz: mentions twitter trends, “this isn’t the first time speculation about Louis’s sexuality has run rampant with the public. For many years, he and fellow 1Der Harry Styles were rumored to be in a relationship. In addition, in an interview on Bravo’s Watch What Happens: Live with Andy Cohen, rival boyband The Wanted was asked "What member of One Direction is most likely to come out of the closet first?”
Their answer? Louis!“

Caughtoffside (football site): apparently said –> links to Metro.

Daily Mail: het.

The show is about romance and it is about love between the two of them. I mean profound and inescapable love

*wipes sweat and tears off my tablet* what do you mean that isn’t even all of them?


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Kara and her angels

The role model, the gentle warrior and the career hero

Sometime around the next episode of SoG probably
  • Sigmund: I will destroy all Athena Saints, because you were responsible for killing my brother!
  • Saga: Actually the one who killed Siegfried was a guy named Sorento. He was a Marina under Poseidon's command.
  • Sigmund: wat
  • Saga: However, Poseidon has been released before his time and he and his Generals were manipulated by my twin brother, Kanon. The second Gemini Gold Saint, who was also responsible for all the shit that happened to Asgard too. So, I guess, In a way, Athena Saints were truly responsible for Siegfried's death after all.
  • Sigmund: ...
  • Saga: ...
  • Saga: wait
  • Saga: That didn't make it any better, did it?
  • Sigmund: No. it makes me want to punch you harder.
  • Sigmund: Now it's personal motherfucker.
  • Saga: Well fuck, thanks again Kanon.

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