Finally finished ;A;


A Thousand Winds that Blow [Part 2- Complete]

Finally completed the comic! Really thank you to everyone who supported me- I hope that you like this final part. 

Part 1 (Pages 1 to 9]

Synopsis: Prequel to my comic Do not stand at my grave and cry.  While the first comic was about Ford, this comic will centre on a dying Stan.

I am literally screamlaughing because I gave @rivergst a link to an ADD quiz for grown-ups and two HOURS later she goes, “this quiz is… long.”

I’m expecting some criticism of the content or flimsy reason she can’t possibly have ADD and instead it turns out she’s still taking it because she… has ADD

like I am pretty sure this is the same one I took and it was seriously like 15-20 questions long

Feeling inspired by Gorillaz so I decided to draw the Yuri!!! on Ice boys in the Demon Days album cover style.

From left to right: Yuuri Katsuki as Murdoc Niccals , Viktor Nikiforov as 2-D, Yuri Plisetsky as Noodle and Phichit Chulanont as Russel Hobbs.

Took me so long to do but I’m pleased with how it turned out!

(despite the sizing issues)

Drawn using a Wacom Pen tablet on Autodesk SketchBook Express (artwork belongs to me but inspiration comes from Demon Days - Gorillaz album art (x) so please do not steal, repost, or remove caption - reblogging is appreciated!)
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“Hi,” Grantaire says breathlessly, taking the seat across from Enjolras and smiling. “You remembered my order?” he asks in surprise, looking down at the mug in front of him.

Enjolras scoffs, “Of course I did.”

“Of course you did.” Grantaire nods, but there’s something incredibly fond in his voice. “Thanks.”


Enjolras and Grantaire’s developing relationship, as told through the many different times they get coffee together.

(ft. pining, coffee, Enjolras falling slowly but surely in love, heaps of physical affection, and more coffee.)

Name: Yohanne Yamagishi

Age: Appears to be around 17 years old

Species: Human

Job: Host for a parasite, previously a mechanic for ships the human fleet

Bio: Yohanne was once an ace mechanic for the humans, but that was until she got attacked by an alien parasite. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The parasite that latched onto her takes the appearance of hair. After attaching to her, it immediately started to steal her energy. Yohanne couldn’t work anymore, and eventually died. The parasite then proceeded to take full control of her, until it finds a new host. For now, they live in the bottom areas of the ship. When approached, they will become hostile and attack almost instantly.