Finalist Round Slab by Bulent Yuksel.

Finalist Round Slab project started in April of 2014 and I am happy to announce the first family - Finalist Round Slab - is now ready for release. This family includes 10 weights - five uprights and five italics.

The font was intended primarily to have a stronger body. It has a simple geometrical surface. This font has a strong personality, that makes it perfect for use in headline sizes but means it also works gracefully within text blocks.

Finalists Round Slab is carefully crafted and a unique slab serif. Use for websites, print, motion graphics, logo design, packaging design, t-shirts and more.

Download it here:

I’m really excited to share that Hannakin is a finalist in the Etsy Design Awards, with the piece ’An Unexpected Visitor’.

The voting for the Community Choice Award is now open, and I would super-dooper appreciate if you took a moment to send a vote my way! Voting also puts you in the running to win a $250 Etsy Gift Voucher! You can vote for me HERE.

(I’d be mega grateful for shares and reblogs, too. No really, I’ll love you forever!)

Mental Hospital AU

Author: Sam.
Word count: 596.

You stared absently at the blank walls surrounding you, your knees tucked to your chest and arms wrapped around your knees. Your new room was all cold white tile and harsh lighting, with nothing but a lumpy cot and a small desk to account for; the few belongings you’d been permitted to bring with you sat at your feet on the bed, though your small bag held little more than a few books, a toothbrush, and an extra pair of shoes.

You didn’t belong here. You weren’t crazy.

But of course, no one believed you.

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Our 2014 Wimbledon Finalist:
Was a painful match to watch; great tennis from both sides really but what made it so painful was how unbearably close it was. Though it was hard to watch the tears in Roger’s eyes, I was glad by this action because it shows: he still wants it. He still cares. A little more favor came Djokovic’s way this time, but you’ll have your time again soon. You’re always the people’s champion.

When Rog stood with the Finalist plate, my word…did you hear how the crowd cheered for him? Just incredible. Surely he knows how much he means to us.

-Photo via Facebook

Angels & Monsters

Author: taat60.
Word count: 418.

Three months hadn’t even passed since you had last seen the Winchesters. Yet here they were, on your doorstep. Sam gave you a big-eyed expression, and Dean grinned reassuringly behind him.  A small sigh escaped your lips, and you gestured for them to come inside. Running a hand through your auburn hair, you allowed your mind to slip back to the time when you had seen the boys last.

It hadn’t been a picnic, that was certain. Sam and Dean had been hunting a monster, one that happened to be your current gig. Instead of throwing a fit over them “invading your territory” like other hunters you knew would have done, you had allowed them to help you. This turned out good for you, because the monster had turned out more than you had bargained for.  To make a long story short, you had saved their lives, they had saved yours. They had left shortly after, promising to keep in touch. You hadn’t been too surprised when you hadn’t heard from them in a month.

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