Final presentation boards for the degree shows - They’re a bit late, but I’ve finally had time to upload my boards.

The first board shows some of the diagramming and modelling process’ I went through to work out the layout on site to the materiality choices.

The second board shows most of my final designs showcasing the most public and social realm within the proposal, through sections and axonometric drawings. 

I've finished

So after three years I’ve finished my degree, really enjoyed playing my final performance with such amazing talented musicians, it was such a great pleasure to perform alongside them!! And I feel it went really well!! And soooo proud of it!! Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this process, I hope to keep in touch and hope to hear more amazing music from you all! And good luck to everyone in the future, I’m gna miss all the commercial music students like crazy and not to mention the lecturers who I feel so honoured to work with and learn from. Big love for everyone!! And after tomorrow we will all have finally made it 3rd years!!! So congrats to everyone!!! Roll on graduation!!!