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I need motivation to study for final exams this week, help?

Imagine that you’re in a tunnel, there’s a huge pile of exams in the middle & there’s a tiny gap in the stacks of papers. You look through it & you see this:

BUT the only way to get to them is to complete all the work.

The reward is pretty self-explanatory, right? xo


my final exams begin tomorrow (ah well, speaking exams at least) and my written exams begin next week rip me anyway my exams don’t end until the 24th of june and i know that seems long but that’s just because our school is really harsh with their exam period and idk man i’ll be on hiatus because academics are rlly important to me so yes see you all in three weeks? ilu all for real   like     as much as thomas loved newt ok

ps i see all of u in my inbox pls i cannot reply now but thanks for your support :)) 

Hi guys! I wanted to share with you my personal study playlist. Hope this helps you to survive finals week! Good luck! 

listen here

  1. Love Is A Laserquest- Arctic Monkeys 
  2. Shot At The Night- The Killers
  3. Strange Things Will Happen- Radio Dept.
  4. Let Me In- Grouplove
  5. Wait- M83
  6. No.1 Party Anthem- Arctic Monkeys
  7. Diet Mountain Dew- Lana Del Rey
  8. Weeds- Marina And The Diamonds
  9. Between Me And You- Brandon Flowers
  10. Cornerstone- Arctic Monkeys
  11. Crossfire- Brandon Flowers
  12. Knee Socks- Arctic Monkeys
  13. Reptilia- The Strokes
  14. Let Me Finish- Drowners
  15. On The Top Of The World- Imagine Dragons
  16. Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood
  17. Stuck On The Puzzle- Alex Turner
  18. Creep (Acoustic)- Radiohead. 

16/5/15: my english lit gcse is in two days. think it’s safe to say I’m bricking it! A few weeks ago I wrote out key quotes for each character and post-its have been a lifesaver! I’m writing out extra ones I might need and sticking it down with the relevant character:)