I call this the “Sit and be Fit.” edition set.
Finally sharing on here some pics of my latest Tifa Lockhart cosplay!!!!
I’m so happy to finally be sharing these images on here. This is a revamp and redo of pretty much–my very first cosplay! :D
I’ll be sure to upload more of Tifa in due time!!! 
inspired by Blair Armitage fan design.
Photography by: Cerberus Fotos

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Really wanted to do Slasher 76 outfit. It looks super cool. (๑♡⌓♡๑)

Was supposed to be a sketch, but the more I did the more detailed it got with less sketchy lines. (ó﹏ò。)
Started with Mercys wings, than Cloud/Slasher to Aerith/Mercy.
For now, just flat colors.  ヽ༼⊙_⊙༽ノ

He would look so cool wearing it too (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

Tatted Up (Chocobros + Luna x Reader)

No Ragrets about my new tattoo

(I want to get a tattoo soooo bad)



“Y/N, you have something on your arm.” Prompto called as you walked towards your lawn chair.

“What?!” You squeaked and shook your left arm frantically checking for, six forbid, a spider and almost spilling your freshly brewed cup of ebony in the process.

“No, your other arm!” Prompto exclaimed, hopping up from his own chair. Wiping a hand on your upper arm to disperse whatever was on your skin, no matter how many times the boy brushed it the little brown smudge peeking from under your shirt sleeve just wouldn’t come off.

“That is some serious dirt, it’s really stuck on there.” He had now resorted to picking at the speck, causing a fit of giggles of erupt from your chest.

“Oh my god Prom you scared me.” You laughed, the shock of a potential insect chilling on your body quickly washing away. Your laughter only further confused the boy as he leaned in closer to your arm to see it better.

“What’s so funny?” He asked perplexed, blue eyes fixed intensely on the spot. You set your ebony down in the chair’s cupholder unable to hold in more giggles.

“One sec.” You said, holding up a finger and slipping away into the woods. A moment later you reappeared with Noctis in tow.

“Uh, hey Noct?” Prompto blinked.

Scarily in sync, both you and the prince suddenly rolled up the sleeves of your tee shirts revealing matching behemoth tattoos. Prompto’s jaw dropped and continued to drop as the two of you proceeded to squad pose in the middle of the campsite.

“Ugh, not again.” Gladiolus rubbed his temple, groaning. “They were doing this all day at the Citadel yesterday after they got them.”

“Wha- hey don’t encourage them!” He yelled as Prompto instantly went into photographer mode, snapping pictures from various angles.

An audible sigh could be heard from the grill, where Ignis stood pinching the bridge of his nose as he flipped the last hamburger.


“You didn’t.” Your best friend gasped at the image on your wrist. The sleeveless cocktail dress left nothing to the imagination and any partygoer within a ten-foot radius would be able to catch a glimpse of the masterpiece on your skin. At this royal gala there was no uniform or jacket to cover the, one could say unique, image that was now a part of your body.

“Wait it looks less regrettable when we’re together.” You explained in defense, setting your champagne glass down after one final sip and pulling your friend by the arm. The two of you weaved through the sea of Insomnia’s elite until you reached the terrace. The iridescent fish in the large aquarium installment paled in comparison to what now adorned your wrist. They seemed to stare you down as you approached the now neatly combed mop of blonde hair that stood in front of the aquatic structure.

Not bothering to pull him away from his conversation with Gladiolus, you rolled the sleeve of his suit up just enough to expose the pale freckled skin of his wrist. Placing your arm next to his, your friend gasped. The images of two brightly colored chocobos stood squawking at each other from your arm to Prompto’s. Your chocobo sported the traditional yellow feathers, the same color as Prompto’s hair, while the one on his arm had a hue akin to your own locks.  

The two of you gave your friend a cheesy smile, causing them to deadpan.

“You two really are perfect for each other.”


Ignis’ foot would not stop tapping. The thudding of his dress shoe against his office floor echoed off the walls of the spacious room. He had been in this jittery state ever since you had left a few hours ago to get your tattoo. Not just any tattoo, however, but your first tattoo. He absolutely would have gone with you, but paperwork forbid him from leaving his office at the Citadel. Although there was nothing he could do about it, and you were very understanding, he still felt bad. This was your first tattoo after all and as your boyfriend naturally he wanted to be there for all the big milestones in your life. He was a bit worried for you at first, as you got anxious anytime a needle was anywhere near you. Yet when you had reassured him that you would be fine and that a close friend of yours would be going with you, he relaxed a little. That is, until you disclosed which close friend was tagging along for moral support.

“Don’t worry about me Iggy, Nyxie is coming with!”

When you had told him this Ignis didn’t realize it, but he was squeezing the pen in his hand with a little too much force. He had always felt a little envious of your relationship with the member of the Kingsglaive; as the two of you had been friends since you were younger. He felt stupid for feeling this way and he knew your relationship with him was completely platonic, but your closeness to the confident and charming man brought out Ignis’ insecurities. It wouldn’t have bothered him so much if it was another friend, but as Ignis sifted through the mountains of paperwork he could feel the green-eyed monster slowly possessing his body. And Ignis didn’t get jealous; it was a tedious emotion that wasn’t worth wasting time on. He also didn’t usually have the particular urge to punch anyone, but at the moment Nyx Ulric had a very punchable face.

So, when you burst into his office later that afternoon he expected Nyxie to be with you too but was pleasantly surprised when you were alone.

“Iggy I’m back!” You bounced in through one of the large double doors, plastic wrap around the reddened skin of your lower arm. Seeing the happiness on your face instantly brightened his mood and the intrusive thoughts that had previously preoccupied his brain began to fade away. Swiveling in his office chair, he found you beaming at him from the other side of his desk. Your smile was contagious, and soon a grin began to spread across his face as well at the sight of you.

“Hello love, how did it go?” Ignis’ eyes fell to the plastic wrap; a movement not undetected by you as you quickly placed your arms behind your back before he could catch a glimpse of it.  

“It went really well! Painful as hell, but it turned out exactly how I wanted it.” You replied, excitedly shifting on your feet.

“I’m sure it wasn’t anything you couldn’t handle, you once sat three hours with a killer wasp stinger in your leg.” Ignis praised, resting his elbows on his desk as he leaned in closer to you. You both grimaced at the memory, but you quickly waved it away.

“Nyx called me a cinnamon bun for flinching a couple times, but other than that it didn’t hurt that bad. I made sure to squeeze his hand extra hard when it did sting though to get him back.” You huffed. Ignis bit his bottom lip as the unwanted feelings of jealousy washed over him once more. That hand you had been suffocating should have been his.

“So, am I going to get to see it?” He blurted out, sounding a bit sourer than he intended. Your eyes widened slightly and a playful smirk danced across your features as you realized his current mood. Adjusting your posture so you stood up straight, you whisked your arms out from behind your back and held them out in front of you.

“Tada! Isn’t it cute?” You squealed happily. Ignis tilted his head to the side as he viewed the tattoo. Sitting on your forearm was a simple, small cup of ebony with delicate lines of steam emerging from the top of the mug. Before he got the chance to comment on it you cleared your throat and spoke, voice soft.

“It combines my two loves; coffee and you.” You cooed, smiling lovingly down at your arm. Who knew something so small could make Ignis’ heart swell so much. Whatever grudges and doubts Ignis had felt earlier had been disproven by the little design. The way you regarded the image with such affection gave him butterflies.

Before you knew it, you were engulfed by a pair of strong arms and assaulted with kisses all over your face. Giggling, you wiggled in his tight hold to look up at him.

“So I’m guessing you like it?” You smiled, craning your neck to meet his gaze.

“Like it? I find it absolutely stunning. I love it, and I love you.”

Sighing contently, you snuggled closer into his broad chest. For a while you two stayed like that, relishing in the warm of each other’s embraces. After a few moments you spoke up, voice muffled by the hug.

“You know, I didn’t take you for the jealous type Iggy.”

“I don’t get jealous, darling.”


“Wow sis it looks so cool!” Iris gawked at your new tattoo. You leaned into your chair at the café as she traced her fingers lightly over the patterns, offering a giggle from you whenever she hit the ticklish spot on your shoulder. Since you had last seen the younger girl you had gotten a floral tattoo on the back of your left shoulder and she could not stop fussing over it, calling you “so much more badass than Gladdy now”.

The two of you had had a girl’s day out shopping in the city; which included getting matching moogle plushies and much more clothing than what was practical. You were thankful to spend some one on one time with the little Amicitia, not only because you loved Iris but because you needed some more estrogen in your life after spending nearly every day with four college aged boys. 

The two of you were currently unwinding from your busy day at a café that had a beautiful view of the Disc of Cauthess while you waited for the boys to get back from a hunt nearby. You hummed happily, resting your head and arms on the back of the iron chair, enjoying the view while Iris continued to trace the lines of your tattoo.

“You guys look like you had a fun day.” A husky voice called behind you. The rest of your squad had noisily made their way up the stairs, getting dirty looks from the other patrons as their post-hunt adrenaline disturbed the previously peaceful chatter that surrounded the rooftop. Gladiolus made his way over to the two of you; ruffling his sister’s hair before briefly cupping your cheek, rubbing it a few times as you leaned into his touch.

Gladio gestured to the plethora of bags, pursing his lips when his gazed reached the giant moogle struggling to fit into the paper bag. He looked to you and Iris with a raised eyebrow.

“This is Barnaby. He’s our son.” You said with a straight face, patting the stuffed creature on the head.

“Hopefully our future kids don’t look as ugly as him.” Gladiolus huffed. You returned his bemused grin with sticking out your tongue.  

“Hey, Gladdy have you seen your girlfriend’s beautiful tattoo?” Iris piped up, still preoccupied with the design.

“Of course, I have. I’ve seen her other one too.” He replied nonchalantly.

Iris furrowed her eyebrows and wiggled in the chair, scanning every inch of visible skin on your body.

“I don’t see another one.”


You choked on your sip of iced coffee and Iris visibly gagged.

“I think I need to go rinse my ears out with bleach.”


“Sister is that a tattoo?” Ravus questioned, as he entered the parlor room. The two had just finished with a busy day filled with politics and official oracle business. It wasn’t often he had the chance to see his sibling; always caught between military excursions and confidential dealings. It was these rare times that he got to spend with her, although he would never admit it, that he valued most.

Lunafreya jumped at the sudden inquiry, causing Pryna to jolt awake from her spot next to the oracle on the large sofa.  

“O-oh yeah, I got it about a week ago.” She replied, laughing nervously. The question had caught her off guard and she already felt the heat beginning to rise to her face.

Ravus cocked an eyebrow at her peculiar behavior. What kind of tattoo could make her so flustered?

As he drew nearer to where she rested he could see the image just below her collarbone more clearly. It was a detailed little drawing of a crescent moon with several stars surrounding it. Ravus noted its artistic quality; it was quite tasteful and not overly flashy.

“It’s one of Y/N’s drawings.” Luna explained, a soft smile rising on her features at the thought of you. She rose from her spot on the couch, with a whine of protest from the sleepy pup beside her, and made her way over to where her brother stood in front of the entrance to the balcony. The floor to ceiling windows blanketed the room in the warm mid-afternoon light. The natural lighting made the image stand out against Lunafreya’s pale skin and got caught in her hair, turning it an ethereal silver. Taking inher appearance he thought the little image complimented her well.

“It makes it seem likes she’s less far away whenever she goes back to Insomnia.” She explained, turning her head to the side to look out upon the lively landscape of Tenebrae.

“Does it hold any special meaning?” Ravus asked, causing her gaze to slowly tear from the window to meet his own. He noted the redness of her cheeks as she spoke.

“Well, she always calls me her moon and I call her my stars.” Luna’s blush grew tenfold as she told him your nicknames for each other. She then smiled, placing her hand over the design and rubbing loving circles over it.

“Heh, it sounds so silly saying it to you.” She said awkwardly, flustered as if you were still her middle school crush.

The smallest of smiles graced Ravus’ face and he placed a hand on her shoulder just above the tattoo, rubbing his thumb along the exposed skin.

“I think It suits you.” He praised. The grin that adorned his sister’s delicate features widened at his remark and she beamed up at him.

There was no doubt Ravus had mixed feelings about Insomnia, its royal family, and its guard. But he was positive that the one good thing that came out of that city was you; for you made the only reason he had left to smile, smile too.