Final fantasy XIV

Sleepless nights, and forgotten tomes had let him to this gods forsaken city, and eager steps carried him deeper in. The cobblestone scraped under his metal boots, and his breath heated the air in front of his face. His lips were blue, his eyes, sunken and violet. But the whispering never ceased, his hearing only heightened, as the soft murmurs called from the catacombs beneath the seat of the Holy See.

{OOC} Lore Question

So I had this idea for Yurah about her being a shaman… but like a WoW shaman… but we don’t know if that’s compatible with FF lore. I wanted her to have the ability to use the elements in an offensive way that allows her to be a “ninja” at the same time (since they use elemental-based ninjitsu).

Essentially, I want her to use Huton in character and say she’s manipulating the wind to allow her to strike faster, but can also call up healing magics when necessary. Not saying she’s a jack of both trades, because healing would take the backseat to stabby-stab.

Is this completely against lore or would it be plausible for role play?

A gift for a very good friend. I hope you feel better soon bramble-star ! :3 Have some Nick with the potential babehs.

Threw in some anatomy practice and lineart practice into the mix, though honestly I’m disappointed with how the latter turned out - to the point I kept the original sketch layer on it just because it looks better.