Short Analysis of Gotham’s OST in 3x15 - Nygmobblepot parallels?

To start this off….I’m a huge film music nerd - and Nygmobblepot shipper.

Okay so, I was rewatching this scene from 3x15 right now (where Ed says goodbye to Oswald) and somehow got a very “familiar” feeling during that scene. It turned out to be one short melody that’s part of the OST, it starts at 00:28 of this clip, right while Ed admits how much his friendship with Oswald meant to him, that he cared about Oswald and that he misses him. They then talk about the Riddler persona and Ed finally says bye to Oswald and dumps the pills.

It just sounded like something that I heard in another Gotham scene (one with Ed and Os) before. Therefore, I rewatched some Nygmobblepot scenes and rediscovered this one. It’s about Oswald being emotional over his mother’s death, not knowing how to let go of her. 

Oswald says, “My mother was a saint! The only person who truly cared about me and now she’s gone! And I have nothing left!” to which Ed counters with his “A man with nothing that he loves is a free man.”

Listening to the OST at that point of the scene? Good - because the soundtrack of these two scenes is very similar, almost the same melody.

I have to admit that it’s a very tiny parallel…Oswald letting go of his mother (what he loves) and moving forward…Ed letting go Oswald and moving forward…and relating this to Nygmobblepot is a pretty far-stretched conclusion. Maybe David Russo intended this parallel - maybe it’s just a coincidence or he simply felt like re-using something from an older episode (which isn’t that unusual for soundtracks on tv).

Either way, this “theme” certainly supports the fact that Oswald meant a lot to Ed, romantically or not (but we all know that by now, haha). Hope you enjoyed reading this - and please let me know what you think!