Since we know a cover of this by Portishead will be part of the the High-Rise soundtrack, here’s the original for now.

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OST My Virtual Bride | Dasom - You’re mine

Love Crime
  • Love Crime
  • Siouxsie Sioux & Brian Reitzell

Love Crime by Siouxie Sioux and Brian Reitzell for Hannibal season 3 finale.

Oh, the skies, tumbling from your eyes
So sublime, the chase to end all time
Seasons call and fall, from grace and uniform
Anatomical and metaphysical

Oh, the dye, a blood red setting sun
rushing through my veins
burning up my skin,
I will survive, live and thrive
Win this deadly game
Love crime
Love crime
I will survive,
live and thrive
I will survive,
I will survive
I will
Sonic OVA (OST Reconstruction)
A reconstruction of the Sonic OVA's original soundtrack, including an instrumental version of Look Alike. Download the album here:

So a guy took it upon himself to recreate the kick-ass OST from the Sonic OVA, with impressive results.  The Land of Darkness track in particular sounds right out of the show.

Chanyeol's Last hunter ost lyrics

I follow the moonlight in the dark night

Slowly find a higher place and wander up

With only one arrow left this is the last

Towards the target with all my strength I pull the bow back

The wind is calm and I’m starting to get nervous

Close my eyes instinctively even if I miss that chance

There’s no choice hold your breath and get down

Shh last hunter la last hunter

La last hunter yeah last hunter

Yeah I’m a last hunter, La last hunter

Shoot the arrow at the center of the target Last Hunter

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