Films Watched in 2013: 71/xxx

American Hustle - David O. Russell (4.5/5)

While the film felt longer than it was and the appearance of so many Silver Linings Playbook alumni was a little disconcerting, but for a film filled with unlikeable protagonists (and multiple narrators), it does a damn fine job between the acting, cinematography, and hair and makeup.

Films Watched in 2013: 72/xxx

Don Jon - Joseph Gordon-Levitt (4/5)

While the cinematographer went way overboard with the handheld camerawork and Julianne Moore’s character needed more development than the final cut of the movie (only 90 minutes) had time for, Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut could have been a lot worse. There’s a great cast who all give solid performances, once you get past the Jersey accents, and it’s clear he knows how to lead them on both sides of the camera.

Film 2013 - [4/50]

Two new movies to add to my list; GoodFellas and Bolt.

It’s quite a varied list I’m compiling here, I’ll admit!

1. The Princess and the Frog
2. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

3. GoodFellas
4. Bolt