“According to table 11-3, slimes should take triple damage from ice magic and be obliterated.”
“The spell has no effect, they must be protected somehow.”
“Nu uh! Midnight Whisper’s Magical Watchdogs would have alerted me of any other active spells!”
“But you never actually cast it.”
<not looking up from her elaborate character backstory> “Shiney, let your sister obliterate the monsters.”

EQD’s ATG 7 - day 13 (makeup): Draw a pony family party

Just a rough and very simple animation I did to test out how fast my computer works with Toon Boom. Works like a charm!

I’m not entirely sure what the context is, I just wanted a filly Twi scoffing at something. What do you think she’s looking at? Let me know!

I might begin uploading more animations in the future. :3 If so, is there anything you’d like to see animated? (please keep suggestions simplistic!)

I know this isn’t as big a problem here as it in on Instagram or whatever but I’m just going to say it once and for all: don’t fucking ship the IT cast members. Fillie is a horrible ship which was denied multiple times and made both members uncomfortable, and I don’t want any kind of IT equivalent, be it Fack, Jyatt, Sophia and Wyatt, Jaeden and Jack, or whoever. None of those kids are dating first off, people who say otherwise are in denial. Second off, it’s bad enough that you are shipping real life people but fucking KIDS? Leave them alone, they aren’t fictional characters with headcanons and AU’s, they are real people who deserve respect and privacy.  They aren’t your friend, you don’t know them and they don’t want to be harassed by strangers online to get together with their FRIEND. Fack pisses me off the most because poor Finn has already endured this shit but all the ships are dehumanizing, rude and plain disrespectful. If you actually cared about the actors, you wouldn’t do something like that. The same logic applies to Stranger Things cast but that ship clearly sailed a long time ago. I’m saying this now because I don’t want another Fillie situation and if you have a problem with it, you can unfollow me.