Wiggy went to Comicon at the NEC today and adopted some sons.

Do you…? Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find these buggers in the UK???

You know how at Comicon there’s like a thousand damn Pop vinyl stalls and each have a wall of like a million Pops? After hours of searching the place, because I thought ‘well if theres one place im gonna find these its in comicon’ ONE GUY. ONE TINY STALL. Out of the WHOLE of Comicon! And every stall before that told me to give up and I couldn’t get them anywhere, well I showed them. Honestly that man was a godsend today.

I was just gonna get my Blinky but the guy said that was his last Arrrgh and well I couldn’t split them up.

Whilst on this epic journey for my lost sons, I bought some comics, took photos with cosplayers and spoke to some lovely Brummie artists about their art stalls there. Think I’ll set up my own in the next coming years.


ello Everyone!

I have finished the Thousand Son aka “The Flame of Tzeentch”.

My intention was to create a feeling like he was emerging from those flames, hence the similar palette of him and the base. I have left the base paler, and added much more contrast to the model to make him stand out more. Also true metallics, helps with that as well.

Hope that You will like him!