In the heart of the wasteland, deep underground, a reclusive genius is watching with a million eyes. Eyes sent out in the form of Crawl-E! If you are a person of interest, chances are you’ve caught a glimpse of Crawl-E in the corner of your eye. A small, non-threatening robot, that to the unsuspecting target, simply watches you out of curiosity. Crawl-E keeps a respectable distance; you may even forget he is following you.

These non-articulated figurines are 3D printed in biodegradable PLA plastic and hand painted! They stand approximately 2" tall.

I am currently working on a batch of Crawl-E to add to the shop, stay tuned for a release date! DoctorFrankendesign.com


(½) Impression Sketch: The 1st 20 minutes. Willow charcoal on paper. #미술 #그림 #스케치 #드로잉 #artist #art #charcoal #drawing #portrait #figure #figuredrawing

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Weekly art tip for my lovely followers!

This week I focused on some anatomy differences between men and women. 

What makes a body look manly and what makes it feminine? This basic steps should help you easily draw female or male character,

Come back next week to see more anatomy tips! Learn with me :)