@allison1710 I hear you like Doge’s, fencing, and fighting, so I figured I’d try to make a thing for you! Turns out Dante has some fighting spirit himself… Either way though, best of luck in whatever you pursue!


The chiptune mashup I’m sure you’ve alllllll been waiting for! (haha, ok, sure)

0:00 - Upward Movement
0:21 - Upward Movement + Endless Climb+ Showtime
0:33 - Eridan’s Theme + Doctor + Showtime
0:52 - Sunslammer
1:06 - Sunslammer + Megalovania
1:19 - Sunslammer + Megalovania + Pumpkin Cravings
1:38 - Megalovania + Beatdown (UWBW Style)
1:57 - Chorale + Harlequin
2:10 - Black
2:16 - Black + Harlequin
2:29 - Black + Harlequin + Crystalanthemums
2:54 - Ocean Stars Falling
3:21 - :D
3:32 - Ocean Stars Falling + Homestuck
4:12 - How Do I Live + Homestuck

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Hello Tumblr, I made you a song.

I’ve been working pretty hard on this. There are about a billion themes and a half mixed in here, so lemme try to run them all down:

0:00 Doctor + Me fiddling around
0:34 Showtime + Beatdown + A hint of Doctor
0:47 Back to Doctor again
1:00 Chorale + Pumpkin Cravings
1:12 Chorale + BL1ND JUST1C3
1:19 Add Ebonpyre into the mix
1:25 Ebonpyre + Showdown + Beatdown
1:38 Back to Doctor
1:50 Sudden change in pace. Piece slows down, empties out.
2:00 Horsechestra + Megalovania
2:34 Vriska’s theme + Megalovania
2:42 Walk Stab Walk + Megalovania
2:50 Pumpkin Cravins + Megalovania, Piece begins to speed up again, seems to be building
3:00 Bassline begins
3:11 Showtime + Black
3:24 Add Beatdown into the mix
3:37 Fadeout with Doctor

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All you will ever need to succeed is within you, stop looking outwards. Create your own discipline, consistency, gentle determination, persistence, dedication to progress and excellence, resilience to keep bouncing up, and a positive mind and humor to tie it all up. Live with kindness always, in your words, thoughts, and action, to yourself and to others. Humility, prayer, and confidence in the fact that you can only be you is lovely. Take pride in who you are, be gentle with yourself, weed off elements that bring you down, and keep the elements that matter scant and close. Be curious in everything, especially in people and their stories. Love deeply and unconditionally. Keep moving forward, you can never be defeated if you never give up. True failure is sulking, giving up, not learning from what has happened, and not trying again. Failure is nothing but a cue to start over and more intelligently this time. It’s okay to have days when you just want to rest, and days when you feel like taking on the world. Some days will be amazing, some days will be just okay, and that’s fine. The beauty of life lies in its unpredictability. The fact that you’re hanging on is worthy of praise, and if you can throw in a little progress, go ahead. Being sad and exhausted is fine, it means the soul and body needs rest. Give it rest, and bounce back up after. Life is nothing but a balancing act, and everyone has their own pace. Find something that you want or want to be or an ability you wish to have and train on it, you can be anything you want to be. All you have to do is train yourself, there are no limitations. Don’t listen to people who say you can’t especially yourself, that’s a big, fat, lie. People are meant to grow, embrace it, and grow to become who you want to be. You can literally be who you want to become. Be the best version of yourself, be whoever you dreamed of becoming.
—  Best advice from 21 year old me