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Info about this unit was difficult to obtain because little is known of its combat engagements

Here is what we know about the Kriegsmarine Infantry unit Marine-Infanterie-Landesschützen  (Marine Infantry unit operated under the auspices of the german navy).

It was first established in Wilhelmshaven on August 26, 1939 with the name “Marine-Landsschützen Battailon Wilhelmshaven”, and charged with the duty to preserve and protect the main Kreigsmarine base at Wilhelmshaven.

During World War 2,  5-Infanterie Marine divisions were formed, namely:

-1. Marine-Infanterie Division -2. Marine-Infanterie Division -3. Marine-Infanterie Division -11. Marine-Infanterie Division -16. Marine-Infanterie Division, The fifth Marine-Infanterie division was never at full strength, and there are several divisions that were mostly filled by crews of the Kriegsmarine warships which had been sunk.

After D-Day, the unit was deployed on a large scale to participate in maintaining several ports in France. And towards the end of World War 2, was known to have about 100-200 people from 2. Marine-Infanterie Division which was sent to Berlin to defend and maintain the capital of the Third Reich… to the last drop of blood …!