Creich Church by JSP92
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We’ve had a couple of good days of weather here (that will probably count as summer). 


Creich Castle, Fife, Scotland

Creich Castle was the birthplace of Mary Beaton, one of the “Four Marys” chosen by Mary of Guise to serve her daughter, Mary I of Scotland. In the thirteenth century, Creich Castle belonged to Macduff, Earl of Fife, however, the building we see today was erected in the sixteenth century. The castle was formerly surrounded by a bog but over the years the water was drained.


Good Morning from Scotland 

Sunrise over the pier, 2017 May 01  by Dunnock_D 

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At the first sunrise of May each year students run into the sea for the “May Dip”, at East Sands, St Andrews, Scotland Filename: DSCN0897a

anonymous asked:

what happend im June 2015?? what is fife? sorry I'm new... thank you xx

Welcome anon!! Never apologise for asking questions. I seriously love rehashing old stories for the newbies. Anyway, back in June 2015 they were filming S2E1 in Fife, Scotland. We got sooo many pictures over those couple of days. Here’s some of my favs! 

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Good Morning from Scotland 

Kissing trees sunrise, Kinghorn, Fife by Martin Devlin
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My favourite spot when at home albeit, it’s getting difficult to catch a sunrise at a time of 4.50am.


Culross Palace.

Not really a palace nor indeed even royal, this attractive house was built between 1597 and 1611, by Sir George Bruce, and is an outstanding example of 17th century domestic architecture. 

Bruce is the man credited revolutionising the mining industry in the Kingdom of Fife, he also planned for salt. 

St Mungo, patron saint of Glasgow was born here and a community built up around the Abbey which sits above the town. The monks mined the coal and the town became a centre for the coal trade. The old measure for the “black gold” took it’s name from here the “Culross chalder”


Dear friends,

I need to ask for your help.

As you will know, we are currently going through a planning application to turn the Culross shop into tea rooms.

I feel *strongly* that other Outlander fans should be able to enjoy a really good cup of tea and perhaps something sweet while looking over fictional Cranesmuir & Geillis’ house.

We have been funding the business from Doug’s salary and I have not taken a salary (yet!). We have also funded the planning application (currently £561) ourselves. It’s been very tough, but we’re just about coping to set this business up.

On Friday evening I got a long email from the lovely planning guy at Fife Council, which contained an ‘official response’ from one of his colleagues in the Environmental Health department. I attach that as an image for you to look at (it will be on the planning application documentation).

We need to prove that we can control odours - which thankfully shouldn’t be an issue as we found a metal flue pipe in the chimney yesterday- and that it won’t be too noisy.

We need to get a report from a “suitably qualified person” about noise levels & how we plan to manage it so we don’t disturb neighbours (I don’t think the Council will accept the playing of Sam’s reading of Ae Fond Kiss on YouTube as a control measure, although I’m sure it would work!!). The report needs to be with the Council by 28th April - and this is the thing that is causing me a hell of a lot of stress.

So yesterday I asked myself: “What would Jenny do?”. Jenny Fraser Murray is my heroine; tough, stubborn, hardworking 18th century feminist who adores her family. I watched the episode where Jenny and Claire go off in search of Jamie, and was inspired by the image of Jenny with a gun tucked into her belt. What a woman she is!

Said report from said suitably qualified folks cost in the region of £500-£1000, and unfortunately I can’t use the services of Fiverr for this one. We simply do not have a spare £1K at the moment, nor any space on our credit cards, so we are humbly asking our fanmily for some help to make the dream a reality.

I have created a Kickstarter campaign for £750, which includes rewards for anyone who donates. Suggested donations start at £5.

I would be incredibly grateful for this post being shared and for any pledges and donations.

Wishing you all a peaceful and joyous Easter 🐣

With love,