PPG - Blossom is Eric Cartman

Best way to attract older audiences is a bit of South Park. :P


kara ‘I have supersenses but I’m so in love with cat grant that I blocked everything but her out’ danvers, everyone

i’m just sitting here thinking about how good taylor swift is to her fans and getting overwhelmed like she is so… good to us……. every single one of us….

and a lot of celebrities are amazing to their fans and i don’t want to make it a case of ‘my fave is better’ but i just am genuinely so grateful that i happen to adore someone who continuously goes above and beyond for their fans and i think sometimes i take it for granted

like she literally spends hours going through instagram and tumblr looking at things fans have written to her or made for her and likes a bunch of them because she knows how happy it will make people, and she also comments on SO MANY OF THEM, and personalises the comments and gives people advice so they know that she actually cares about them on an individual level, and she does this multiple times a week

and the fact that you can’t pay for meet and greets, you have to win them, and the competitions are usually based on how big of a fan you are, and then she has additional meet and greets AFTER most of her shows based on who acted the enthusiastic DURING her shows so she gets to meet as many hardcore fans as possible, like that is so incredible and she doesn’t have to do any of that, it seems like she does these things because she genuinely cares about us and wants to meet us

and just the fact that in my 7+ years of being a fan i have never once heard a story of her being rude to a fan, EVER in 7 YEARS!!!!! NOT ONCE!!!! everyone who meets her says the same thing, that she treats you like she’s your long lost best friend

she’s one of the biggest celebrities in the world right now and she still manages to treat her fans as if we’re her friends like she did back in 2007 when she used to go and comment on people’s myspaces and i’M JUST SO GRATEFUL I’M HAVING A MOMENT ok i’m fine it’s fien