Fields of Time

Have You Ever Wondered How Things Would Look If Everything In PLL Happened In Real Life....?


Let’s Start From The Beginning….

“15 Year Old Alison DiLaurentis of Rosewood: MISSING

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“Es sólo tiempo” - The Magnetic Fields.

¿Por qué dejaría de amarte
cien años a partir de ahora?
Es sólo tiempo.
Es sólo tiempo.

¿Qué podría detener este corazón latente
una vez que se hicieron los votos solemnes?
Es sólo tiempo.
Es sólo tiempo.

Si la lluvia no va cambiar tu opinión,
déjalo caer.
La lluvia no va a cambiar mi corazón,
en absoluto.  

Poner candado a estas cadenas,
alrededor de mis manos.
Tirar muy lejos la llave.
Es sólo tiempo.
Es sólo tiempo.

Años cayendo,
como granos de arena.
No significan nada para mí.
Es sólo tiempo.
Es sólo tiempo.

Si la nieve no va cambiar tu opinión
déjalo caer.
La nieve no va a cambiar mi corazón,
para nada.  

Caminaré tu suelo
y nadaré tu mar.

Cásate conmigo.
Cásate conmigo.

Luego en tus manos,
seré libre.

Cásate conmigo.
Cásate conmigo.

¿Por qué dejaría de amarte
cien años a partir de ahora?

Dato para curiosos: Episodio 9, Temporada 9. No necesito decir de qué serie, ¡jaja!

me in autumn;
in the fall of this man.
mind leaves
are falling,
I’ve become
the scarecrow
left alone in my field;
holding onto my fear–
time trusted, rusted shield.
find me in autumn,
my nature’s
pry me from this cross,
offer your plan.
‘cause I’m a
scarecrow sufferin’
my head’s last straw;
shooin’ flocks of clocks,
–tick tock–
my heart beats raw.
I’m strapped
to my thoughts,
so unable to cope.
I’m bound to my cross,
hoping for hope.
oh, come empty me of empty.
empty me of empty.


fruitsforall asked:

So for the past hour I;ve been thinking about how Zuko meets Druk. So Druk imprints on Zuko in The Firebending Masters, and when Druk hatches his human isn;t there... does he try to find him? Does Druk run away and make his way to the fire nation capital, and just APPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE to a very confused Zuko? Or do the fire sages invite Zuko (and Aang) to the super secret hatching ceremony, because everyone who touched the egg should be there? Does Aang pick up Zuko and they go on another

(2/2) Life-changing field trip, like old times? OR, best one yet, does Druk hatch and then wreck complete havoc because his human isn’t there? Is he alone and afraid and doesn’t trust anyone and they don’t know what to do so they call for Zuko on the off chance that Druk imprinted on him?? And Zuko gets there and Druk comes out from where he’s hiding and pounces on Zuko and the fire sages are like “he’s yours” and Zuko has no clue what to do because oh my god HE HAS A DRAGON!!! I just have a lot of feelings.


The message the Sun Warriors sent to Zuko is very vague, and he isn’t entirely sure what to expect when he gets there. The whole trip over, he worries that someone with hostile intentions has discovered the Sun Warriors without him knowing about it, and he’s prepping himself for an international crisis and thinking about how he’s going to frame this to the council when he gets home and debating whether or not it’s too early to tell Aang about it and NOPE HERE IS A BABY DRAGON AND IT LOVES YOU.

i feel like theres a disturbing lack of marching band aus in this fandom

-so aglionby is obviously ~too cool~ to have their own marching band, but the public school band admits basically anyone who goes to school in henrietta

-gansey is 5000% drum major. he’s only been there for two seasons but nobody else applied for the position so the staff was just like ????okay??

-that’s not true kavinsky applied but lolol no fucking way

-they made up a position for kavinsky because it is his fourth year but he is the worst trumpet player they’ve ever seen and he has no self control and is generally awful

-ronan is a field sergeant and spends his time terrifying the new kids and being obnoxiously nitpicky about everything

-except on the days he doesnt feel like it he’s literally just stopped marching halfway through practices and just walked to his spot

-staff doesnt even try to stop him anymore, but gansey will at least try to get him to do it right

-kavinsky tries it once.


-he’s played a different instrument every year depending on what the band needed. senior year he played trombone

-blue insisted on playing tuba. everyone said she wouldn’t be able to do it and that it was too big for her. they were wrong

-she’s brass captain and very patient with the younger kids, but viciously, terrifyingly picky with the older kids. i know you know what a goddamn crescendo is ronan now get fucking louder this time or im going to shove your slide up your ass

-yeah she and ronan bump heads a lot

-poor tiny brass people

-adams perpetually third clarinet, possibly/probably because he always buys really cheap reeds off the internet that don’t let him hit high notes very well

-he’s also a field sergeant but very patient with the tiny little ones

-most of the time he’s yelling at ronan for being a prick

-adam is definitely that one kid that’s literally always at attention and everyone else lowkey resents for raising the bar so much

-noah’s on color guard and very unapologetically bad

-he hits himself in the face almost every practice

-no ones actually sure if he even has a drill number but he always ends up somewhere that looks pretty okay, and they have a uniform for him so it’s pretty whatever they guess?

-gansey’s conducting is very big and loud and complicated and it takes like half the season for everyone to figure out what the fuck he’s even doing up there

-ronan wins every march off

-noah is without fail the first one out

-blue usually ends up getting out when someone around her falls out of step or s/t and just fucks up her entire line

-ronan makes up the most ridiculous warm ups

-most of them involve the murder squash song 

-noah does them all with enthusiasm, and blue just has the most serious look on her face that is perhaps even funnier than noah flailing around

-gansey always has to stop half way through because he’s laughing too hard, and adam does them kind of halfheartedly because he’s an awkward piece of shit


PLL 6x11 Of Late I Think of Rosewood predictions

Alison: As we can see from the promo Ali will be going by Alison Rollins now. She is seen writing Mrs. Rollins on the chalk board. I think Alison will have married Charlotte’s doctor. The girls are seen running into her classroom warning her that ‘he’ is after her. Indicating there is a new villain after Alison

Aria will live in California. If you look at one of the books on the desk it says California. I think she will either be working or interning as a journalist. Possibly have written a book about 'A’ (Charlotte) Aria is seen with Ezra in a hotel feed. I think the two will possibly be in relationships with other people and cheat on their others while the two are in Rosewood. Aria says “I know you did this to protect me”. Possibly speaking to Ezra about keeping their affair secret?

Spencer will have graduated college and possibly in grad school. I think Spencer is struggling with PTSD the most out of the girls. Mona asks her if she still had nightmares. Caleb and Spencer are seen talking and Caleb says “You were given an impossible choice”. Perhaps Mona and Spencer are going head to head in politics?

Hanna is engaged. I’m guessing it wont be Caleb. Not sure yet though.

Emily looks like she struggled with relationships after being betrayed by so many. It looks like she is waking up from a one night stand in the promo. Emily and Toby sit on her porch and you can see a military flag for killed soldiers in the window. My guess is her father dies. She is also seen in the graveyard and Shower Harvey is lurking in the background.

Just like the books Radley has been turned into a hotel. Why the girls would enjoy cocktails in that place is BESIDE me

What are your thoughts??