Field Trip

what if the real x-file is the x-files revival? what if it’s a collective hallucination? what if we’re all on a field trip and the names are a little bit off and the spoilers are all out of character because our subconscious is telling us to get out of this cave? SKINNER WHERE ARE YOU

The signs on a field trip
  • Aries:will only sit with you on the bus if you let them have the seat they want
  • Taurus:makes sure everyone is together and present
  • Gemini:talks with the tour guide and claims them as their new best friend
  • Cancer:wanders off a little
  • Leo:walks at the front of the pack
  • Virgo:takes notes
  • Libra:genuinely has fun even if it's the most boring trip ever
  • Scorpio:doesn't talk the whole time
  • Sagittarius:remembers literally everything
  • Capricorn:looks hella bored
  • Aquarius:sticks with a friend group
  • Pisces:finishes the tour guide's sentences bc they know everything

Okay, so what if Mr. Matthews decided to take the whole class on a field trip but Katy wasn’t around or was too busy to sign Maya’s permission slip. So literally everyone got to go but Maya, …

That is until she hears Lucas wasn’t allowed to go either.

But why wouldn’t he be allowed? His parents let him move to New York and Maya distinctly remembers his mother being very understanding. So once everyone is gone Maya asks Lucas why he wasn’t allowed to go and he smiles and pulls out his signed permission slip from his pocket.

“I wanted to keep you company.” He tells her.


Check out my pics of Marina and the Diamonds from Field Trip in Toronto this past weekend (June 7, 2015).

This was my first time seeing Marina live and I was completely blown away. She’s so full of energy and her crowd interaction is on point. Plus it made me so happy to hear Primadonna Girl live. Such a major jam! Patiently waiting for her return to Toronto! In the meantime, I’ll be here…on the lookout for a cool FROOT headpiece. 


Here’s one more stop we have to add to our upcoming Geyser of Awesome Field Trip to Japan: We want to visit Godzilla himself, which will soon be possible in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood where a life-size replica of the giant monster’s head has been installed atop a new movie theater, the Toho Cinemas Kabukicho, currently still under construction.

The Toho Co. doesn’t just run a chain of theaters throughout Japan, they also produce movies and created the Godzilla franchise. That’s why they’ve decided to use the giant monster to help their new building stand out in an already crowded part of the city. Godzilla’s head stands 12 meters (39 feet stall) and is based on his appearance in the 1992 movie Godzilla vs. Mothra. He looms 50 meters (~165 feet) above the street and, when viewed from a distance, appears to be stalking through the city just like he does in the movies. So awesome.

But it gets even better. Godzilla isn’t just gigantic and positioned atop a building for all to see, one of the nearby buildings is a hotel that’s also under construction, the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, from which guests will be able to look out their windows and down on the monstrous visage of the King of the Monsters.

Both buildings are schedule to open in mid-April. Head over to RocketNews24 for additional information.

[via RocketNews24]