My Gravity Falls tribute is finally finished! This one was a lot of blood sweat and tears. I lost my entire first 5 days of work to 2 cats with muddy paws, and had to start over from scratch. I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks Gravity Falls for an amazing summer!



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The point of this list is to share others work with a bigger audience. Please  take some time to read from this list of amazing people and send them the love that they deserve for all of their hard work!

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Hey, you made it through another week. That’s reason to celebrate! Before you head out into the weekend, let’s take a moment for everyone’s favorite thing - free stuff! For this week’s Free Tee Friday, one lucky reblogger will win “Banana Fiction” by Alberto Arni in their size!

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Hooray, hooray, it’s Friday Reads!  I’m taking a break from the labors of Jerusalem with the 20th anniversary reissue of Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain’s epic oral history of punk, Please Kill Me.

Our critic Annalisa Quinn is enjoying The Witches of Eastwick.

Co-Tumblrer Nicole Cohen is packing a pile of books on vacation, including Dark Matter.

Pop Culture Happy Hour producer Jessica Reedy is finally getting around to The Handmaid’s Tale.

And Mama Susan Stamberg’s latest arty read is The Art of Rivalry.

How about you?

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September Book Photo Challenge Day 3: newest purchase 

the majority of these were actually preorders that arrived this/last week 

The major interest in Star Trek, I think, grew out of the fact that we landed people on the moon. And I think it made people so conscious of the fact that we had broken into that frontier, that suddenly Star Trek didn’t seem quite so outlandish, and what some people call ‘far-fetched.’
—  Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy passed away on Friday at age 83. He spoke about the relationship between science and science fiction in this archival Science Friday interview.

@marcstjamestwin: Ok. I love your blog and I was hoping to have any one shot of a Steve imagine where Tony is trying to make him admit his true feelings to you? Making him jealous kind of thing? Luv you!

TITLE: Jealous Steve
NOTES/WARNINGS: Besides Tony and Steve, the Avengers are very… fan fictionie. But hey, this is a fan fiction so fuck it.

Steve sat in the living room, watching you like you were the only one left of your kind. As if you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. All you were doing was reading a book whilst being curled up on the arm chair but Steve still thought you looked lovely.

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You didn’t notice the way Steve looked at you but Tony had. Tony noticed how whenever you were all in a briefing, Steve would always take your opinion as gospel. How when you and Steve had a conversation, he would stutter slightly or his cheeks would turn a little red. His body may be a super soldier, but he still behaved like the skinny dork Steve around woman.

“Y/N, I need to talk to you about something.” Tony said after knocking on your bedroom door and walking in. You got uncomfortable on the arm chair and moved to your room.

“What’s wrong?” You asked worriedly, putting your book to the side. He sat down on the end of your bed and looked at you seriously.

“It’s about Steve.” You sat up straight, worried at what could have happened to your best friend. “He likes you.”

“I should hope so.” You laughed, not understanding what he meant. “He’s one of my best friends.”

“No, I mean… like like.” He said, rolling his eyes at the childish phrase. You raised your eyebrows and did a nervous chuckle. “I have a plan.”

“Go on…” You said cautiously.

“We are going to make that old man jealous.”

“Good morning.” Tony said as he walked into the kitchen wearing only pyjama bottoms. He walked up to you who was sitting at the breakfast bar with Steve and Natasha and kissed you on the cheek. You bit your cheek to stop yourself smirking as you watched Steve look anywhere but at the two of you. Thankfully everyone in the Tower knew yours and Tony’s plan so there were no weird looks from Natasha.  Tony grabbed himself a croissant and sat down beside you at the bar, with Natasha and Steve opposite you.

“What are your plans for today?” Natasha said, quickly taking a bite from her food to stop her smiling.

“Got some work to do but then I’m taking this,” Tony nudged your shoulder. “out for romantic meal.” Steve dropped his spoon into his bowl and leant back in his chair, an annoyed look on his face but he said nothing.

“I’ll see you guys later.” You said, throwing your plate into the sink. You had to admit, you were a little disappointed Steve said nothing.

You were in the training room, hitting the punching bag when you heard an awkward cough from behind you. Turning around, you saw Steve wearing his workout clothes.

“So, how long have you and Tony been a couple?” Steve asked, looking anywhere besides at you.

“He asked me out last night.” You turned away so Steve wouldn’t see your smirk. Was he already jealous?

“Ah.” Was all he managed to say before Tony and Thor walked in.

“There she is.” Tony beamed, holding you around the waist and giving you a quick kiss. You glanced quickly at Steve and noticed his death glare towards Tony. “I’ve booked us a table for eight. Then I was thinking tomorrow we go out for lunch then catch a movie?”

Originally posted by fanfic-natic

“Actually I was thinking me and Y/N could do some training together tomorrow.” Steve blurted out. Tony, Thor and you looked over and you nodded at him in agreement.

“Say ah.” Tony laughed as he tried to feed you a slice of water melon. You two were always close and you weren’t even trying to make Steve jealous at this moment – it just happened to be the point that Steve lost it. He walked in as Tony managed to squash watermelon on your cheek and, upon seeing Steve enter, licked it off.

“Do you have to do that out here.” Steve snapped.

“Someone’s a little touchy today.” You laughed. Tony winked at you before getting up and leaving without another word. “What’s wrong with my Steve?” You said in a childish voice.”

“Nothing.” He replied blankly whilst leaning against the wall.

“You can tell me.” You said. You joined him against the wall and you both stood in silence. You got bored of waiting so pushed the topic. “You weren’t like this until me and Tony got together.” Steve snorted at this. He looked at you and for the first time in your life, you saw it. You saw how lovingly he looked at you. But he did nor said anything. Instead, his eyes just stayed locked onto yours. You were bored of waiting. “Oh for goodness sake. Kiss me already!” You groaned. Steve looked shocked and began stuttering, his cheeks turning red.

“But Tony-“

“Tony and I were trying to make you jealous. Which worked.” Steve looked taken back but after opening and closing his mouth a couple times, he finally stuttered.

“Does that mean I can take you out tomorrow night?”


obsessed with your fabulous fictional self ☆ tim riggins

“Ya know, to be honest, I just know you try to sleep with a lot of girls that I’ve previously slept with, so I just left town for a bit to give you a break…7, you lose that virginity yet? I, uh, I apologize to everyone here…and if you can find it within yourselves to let me make it up to you in the showers, I’d appreciate it…”


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Wheee, it’s Friday Reads!  As you read this, I’m in a car on the way to Columbus, Ohio and the World Fantasy Convention, where I plan to sit in the hotel bar all day hanging out with fabulous authors – so while I don’t know if I’ll get any reading done, hanging out with authors counts, right?

In the meantime, Code Switch’s Kat Chow reports: “I just finished THE WANGS VS THE WORLD (Jade Chang) and BEHOLD THE DREAMERS (Imbolo Mbue), which are two interesting books to read back-to-back. One could argue that they’re both varying departures of the immigrant narrative in fiction. America is ultimately not idealized; rather, the “home country” is.”

Code Switch’s Karen Grigsby Bates calls IQ “a wonderfully sly mystery set in SoCal involving a certifiably brilliant young man who is roped into trying to find a would-be contract killer.“

Friend of the Desk Colin Dwyer says “Still Ferrante” will be the name of his next band.

Reviewer Annalisa Quinn is very excited for Swing Time.

And my colleague Rose Friedman needs recommendations for books on tape – she likes to listen to them at the gym. Any suggestions?

– Petra

Hey can you write one shot based on: ? I would be so happy :)

TITLE: The Villain
NOTES/WARNINGS: Swearing. Arguing. Angst. Oh gosh I love writing stories like this.

“Don’t you dare blame this on me.” You screamed at Bucky. “It’s not my fault you don’t trust me!”

“How can I trust you when you spend each and every hour of the day with him.” Bucky spat. You couldn’t believe you were having this conversation again. You and Tony worked together and Bucky hated it. Every day you would get home and he would bombard you with questions about what the two of you did. Once or twice he even checked your clothes to see if they smelt like Tony’s aftershave.

“Tony and Pepper are married. Me and you are engaged. Why the fuck would we mess that up?” You said more calmly, trying to calm him. He just rolled his eyes and looked up at the ceiling.

“There are people out there who have been married for ten years and yet their partner still cheats. I know Stark and you’re absolutely beautiful, why would he not have sex with you?” He punched the wall with his metal arm and a framed picture of you both fell from the wall and smashed against the wooden kitchen floor.

“What is wrong with you?” You said as you bent down and began to pick up the shards from the floor. Bucky stood there watching, his chest going up and down and he breathed heavily from the anger in his blood. It was silent for a few minutes and you had managed to clean up the entire mess before he spoke again.

“I just… I don’t like you being around him.” Bucky said. Most people would think this as him trying to end the argument but you knew him better. He was trying to make you be the one to say sorry and act like this argument was your fault.

“Don’t. Don’t do that.” You glared at him and he glared back.

“Do what? Admit to you that I don’t like you being around him?” His voice became louder with every word and he was slowly walking towards you. “He’s no good Y/N. He’ll use you. He’ll do anything to get to you. YOU AND HIM WILL END UP TOGETHER AND I’LL BE SAT HERE ALONE WHILST YOU’RE OFF WITH SOME MAN-WHORE.” He was right in front of you now and he was yelling so loudly you could feel his spit hitting his face.

“And what? You’re perfect?” You retaliated. You were so angry it felt like the words were just slipping from your mouth without you really thinking. “Tony may have a bad past but so do you. You’re a villain Bucky and-“

“What?” Bucky cut you off. Your eyes opened wide as you realised what you had said. His face screwed up with a mixture of anger and sadness and he backed away from you. “So… So that’s how you see me? As a villain?”

“No, Bucky you know that’s not what I meant.” You tried to reach your hand out for him to take his but you snatched his hand away.

“How do you accidently call someone a villain Y/N?” He said, hurt clear in his voice. You turned around and rested his elbows on the kitchen side, his head rested in his hands. You stood there for a minute as you contemplated what to do next. You slowly approached him as if he was a deer expected to run off at any second and eventually got close to snake your arms around his waist. He didn’t push you away which was a good sign.

“You know I do really love you right?” You said with your face pressed against his back. You moved your left arm from his waist and dragged your fingertips along his metal arm. “Past, present and future. But you have to start trusting me! And Tony. He’s my best friend and that’s all.” He sighed and turned around in your arms. You held his hands and played with the metal fingers.

“I do trust you. I just don’t get it.” He said sadly as he watched you play around with his metal arm. “I’m sorry.”

“Did Bucky Barnes just say he’s sorry?” You laughed, raising your eyebrow at him.

“Don’t get used to him.” He smiled at last before leaning forward and leaving a quick kiss on your lips.

Our own Lynn Neary has a unique term for her TBR pile – she calls it the “Shelf of Constant Reproach.” It’s not quite your basic TBR pile, though – the Shelf of Constant Reproach is specifically those books that you always MEANT to read, that you tell people you’ve read, that you feel embarrassed about not having read. For Lynn, that’s things like Moby Dick and Lolita, which she finally tackled as last week’s Friday Read.

Me personally, I feel terrible about my inability to make any headway on The Brothers Karamazov, which my dad jocularly calls “The Brothers K” when he’s speechifying about how it’s the best novel ever written. (Uhh, sorry, Dad, I’ll be over here with the new Garth Nix …)

How about you? What’s on your Shelf of Constant Reproach?

– Petra