"Come one, come all!" the Ringmaster cried
"To the Carnival of Phantoms!
We’ve thrills, we’ve frights, we’ve strange delights,
At the Carnival of Phantoms!”

"We’ve jokes, we’ve tricks, we’ve wondrous shows
Wild beasts that none can tame
We’ve ghostly creatures dancing wild
With eyes of spectral flame”

"Come one, come all, and see the sights
the show’s about to start
we’ve but one rule, before we begin,
which you must take to heart”

"Keep your ticket, hold it fast
don’t let it slip or fall
for the living and the world of Wraiths
weren’t meant to mix at all”

"This simple thing will keep you safe
Its aegis keeps you from them
Lest you join us, evermore
In the Carnival of Phantoms.”

"The Carnival of Phantoms"
12”x16”, Oils on paper on panel

I actually finished this one a couple weeks ago, and spent the rest of the time agonizing over that poem «;

Tears On The Sidewalk

by Douglas Robert Turek

He popped into being right in front of an old woman.  His face was contorted, grimacing.  He looked angry, but there were also tears welling in his eyes from the first moment of appearance.
"How could you?"  He shook a finger at her.  She looked sad, but has seen this ghost before.
"You remarried!  I thought we were eternal!  I’ve seen it!  What about the children?!" His face was a mess of tears.  He started sobbing.  He doubled over, looking sick.  "How? How long?" His tears fell from his face and struck the sidewalk.  He disappeared.

We walked up to her.  ”Are you alright?  That was horrible!  Can I help?”
"I’ll be okay.  I’m just a little shook up."
"Did you know  him?" asked Jeannie.
"Oh, yes, yes.  My husband.  I mean my first husband.  Mitch.  We were married for three years and had two kids, then he was killed in a car wreck.  I’ve seen him many times since then.  It was over forty years ago.  This wasn’t so bad.  It lasts longer, sometimes.  Sometimes he cries for awhile and then yells some more.  It’s always the same."
"Would you like a water?"  I proffered an extra from my shopping bag. "I could get you a coffee or a juice."
"Oh, that’s sweet.  No, thank you.  I’ll be okay.  Like I said, it could be worse."
"Well, I hope the rest of your day is much better."
"Thank you.  Bless you." She walked off down the sidewalk.
"That poor lady." said Jeannie.
"Yeah.  That’s a bad one.  It makes you think."  She leaned her head on my shoulder.  We walked towards Monte Boulevard.  

The street was closed off.  It was time for the regular appearance of the Stockbroker.  He shows every seventeen days. “Is that him?” I asked.
"Oh, god, yeah.  Poor guy."  A figure jumped out of a window that wasn’t there, the building replaced a long time ago.  He fell, arms flailing, never landing.  He jumped out five times in a row, just falling down, arms in motion.  We walked down the street.  I couldn’t help but wonder if I would end up walking down this street again at some point, offering a bottle of water to a nonexistent old lady, holding Jeannie’s hand, pitying a space in the air.


I finally finished… avoidingavoidance’s Ghost Story and I am so done right now you don’t even know

Glitch in the Matrix

I just remembered another “glitch in the matrix” thing that happened in my life.

If you don’t read sixpenceee’s blog, and you like horror/creepy stuff, check her out. She posts stuff like this and you can find a lot of these stories tagged under her name.

Anyways, I was away at a weekend retreat with my youth group. We were in the mountains of Tennessee at some Methodist resort with cabins and everything. On the last night, we all split into teams and decided to okay capture the flag.

Now before we did this, I had an uneasy feeling. It was very dark outside, and there were no street lights. I hoped someone wouldn’t get hurt, because the grass was slick from rain and the whole time I felt like I was being watched.

A guy came up to me who was suddenly very scared. I asked him what was wrong. “I just saw Slenderman,” he said.

I narrowed my gaze. “Slenderman? What’s that?”

He tried to explain that it was a myth about a creepy, tall, lanky man who would lure people to their death (this was before the whole video game craze happened, so I had no idea who that thing was). I laughed nervously and tried to say he was probably just seeing things.

The game began, but shortly after, disaster struck. The same guy who had talked to me was running towards another guy, when suddenly, the other guy slips on the grass, seems to stop in mid air, and then runs into nothing. He started screaming in pain. I was the closest person (besides the guy who saw Slenderman) to see this, and I was completely baffled. He had broken his leg, and I could see the bone wanting to poke out of the skin.

So there’s the story. I don’t tell many people, but even as I’m typing, I hear weird noises in the house and feel like I’m being watched in my room. Even that night of the event, I randomly threw up for no reason (I wasn’t sick before and felt fine before and after - I’m not squeamish with events like that). It was weird.

Hope this makes it on sixpenceee’s blog, or gets some attention. I hope I’ve contributed to this research or experience in some way.

I saw a ghost

So this is the story about how I saw a ghost.  This is for you, sixpenceee, and hopefully all your lovely followers. 

If you and I believe in ghosts or not is another story, and this is not some creepy, horrifying and paranormal experience that I had, however, I do think it was kind of paranormal. But decide for yourself. 

So a few years ago I drove home from the tool market with my dad in the car, him driving and me in the co-driver’s seat.

It was probably around 8 pm or something and it was late in the year, autumn, maybe already winter. But that means it was already completely dark outside. We were driving through a very dark, slim and lonely street with no other cars around and only a few lamps on the sidewalk, which wasn’t as creepy as it sounds.

From one second to the other, fog came out in front of the car and I saw someone crossing the street directly in front of us, but that someone was not a person even though it looked like one.
It was more of a shadow that was formed like a human, but it was WALKING and it looked so authentic, I thought it was a real person that my dad was going to run over with the car until the fog dissappeared as suddenly as it had appeared before. My dad didn’t see the person, he just noticed the weird fog as well, and there was literally no one on the street or the sidewalk who could’ve caused the shadow and I was in real shock because I thought I was going to witness my dad running over said person/shadow/something.
It was so authentic and I still believe in something paranormal that happened back then. A ghost, probably? I don’t know and I guess I will never know, but in my opinion this was not a normal occurance. And I will most certainly not forget this soon.

Thank you for reading and hopefully sharing :)


I was on a business trip with a coworker. We stayed at the same hotel, so we stayed up talking for a while. He kept trying to freak me out by telling me that the place was haunted and that something was going to come for me in the night. Admittedly, I got kind of scared and when I went to bed I made sure to cover myself as much as possible. You know how it is.

Just as I expected, I heard someone knocking at my door in the middle of the night. I thought it might be a hotel employee, so I called out to see who it was. Nobody answered, though. I was scared even looking at the door, and the knocking continued all night long. As soon as the sun started to come up, the knocking stopped. I got dressed and hurried out of the room. I checked out without even eating breakfast because I didn’t want to be anywhere near the place.

After the business trip ended and I went back home, I told my coworker about the knocking. He smugly said that he knew it would happen because a while back, there had been a fire at the hotel. Most people made it out, but there were a few that had been stuck inside. Those people ended up being stuck in their rooms and died slowly from burns and smoke inhalation. It’s their spirits that appear at the hotel now.

Damn. Hearing that made me glad that I didn’t open the door. I wonder what would have happened if I had?



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I just loooove the chorus of “Ghost Story" so much:

Every time I try to walk through walls
More walls appear
What’s the point of feeling love for you
When you don’t believe I’m here
What’s the point of trying to raise your voice
If no one ever hears
Every time I try to pull you close
You disappear