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"The Day Before You Came"

If only I’d known, Serena thinks, hurrying around the house tidying up, that she was coming.

Because it was just a normal day for her – spent out among the rows and rows of vines laden with reddening grapes, pruning – until Bernie phoned. For weeks now she’s been longing for Bernie’s presence beside her – or at least there when she gets back at the end of the day – with every step, every snip. She’s not ready to go back yet, but she is ready to be with Bernie. They’ve talked about Bernie coming to visit but only ever in the abstract, as something that will happen at some unspecified point in the future.

And now, all of a sudden, it’s not abstract and unspecified but real and concrete and tomorrow. And Serena is anxious. Because what if she’s changed too much, in her absence? What is Bernie’s changed too much in her absence? What if they don’t fit any more, if she’s too much or not enough for Bernie?

They keep her awake most of the night, these what ifs, despite how tiring the lingering cloud of grief and depression is when combined with the hard work of tending the vines.

Luc told her to take the day off. Serena finally falls asleep just as the sun starts to peek above the horizon, dozes for a few hours and then flits around the house, too nervous and excited to eat or settle to anything. She walks to the market and restocks the kitchen then joins the others for lunch, lets them ply her with bread and cheese and tomatoes, joins them in the vineyard and finds her trembling hands still when she has a pair of secateurs in them, surgeon’s instinct kicking in when faced with a sharp blade.

They all know who Bernie is to her by now, who Bernie was to her, who she hopes she still is; Bernie is what she talks about the most, she’s never been so effusive about a lover before, never been able to stop herself talking about anyone like this. So they all know how important today is, all wish her luck with a warm look or a hand on her shoulder when she leaves. She showers and tidies herself up, then borrows Luc’s little blue Citroen to drive into town.

She’s early, of course, sits in the car for ten long minutes with her eyes closed and her hands clasped so tight her knuckles whiten. Takes a deep breath and gets out when it’s not ridiculously early to be stood on the platform waiting.

She berates herself for being so nervous because it’s Bernie, and her heart still burns with love for her. Because Bernie is running towards her, and she knows she’s the only person Bernie has ever run towards.

Their eyes meet, and Serena feels like she’s in Brief Encounter but with added commuters and no steam. The smile that lights Bernie’s face is the brightest thing she’s ever seen.

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Title: Wondrous

Author: halfbloodworthy

Length: chaptered

Status: ongoing

Rating: NC-17

Genre: smut, romance, fluff, slight angst, dd/lb dynamics, established relationship, domestic au

Summary: Park Chanyeol wants Byun Baekhyun to call him daddy but Baekhyun doesn’t know that. Byun Baekhyun wants Park Chanyeol to be his daddy but Chanyeol doesn’t know that.


Zombie Apocalypse AU! Shance

< Part 2 | Part 3

Keith pulled a wrapped dagger from the inside of his jacket as soon as the Garrison came into their line of sight. Pidge shrugged off and dug around in her bag as they all slowed to a stop, “We need a game plan. This is a big place, and we have four people now. It wouldn’t be dangerous to split into groups of two and break in on opposite sides.”

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I had this Zaggar idea and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

Imagine Kova sneaking into the Black Lion while no one’s looking so Zarkon goes into battle without knowing that he’s bringing along his acquaintance sorta-friend / girlfriend / wife’s cat, much to Honerva’s dismay.

Bonus angst: Zarkon and the Black Lion are separated from the others and Zarkon waits for their help all by himself. Kova somewhat can sense his distress and tries to cheer him up in his own way.

Bonus good ending: When Zarkon goes back, Kova draping himself over his shoulder, Honerva greets them both and thanks Zarkon for taking care of his cat / gives him a welcome home smooch.


Code Name: Gauntlet
Universe: MCU-inspired but sort of AU?
Rating: PG
Word Count: 753
Summary:  A late night meeting at the gym.
A/N: A fill for Round 11  of the @capim-tinybang’s TRB 2017, for a very amazing piece of art by @kakushimiko!



Bam! Bam! Bam!



There was someone working out, Steve thought as he made his way towards the gym, the sound reverberating down the hallways.  But who could be up at this time of night?

It wasn’t even night anymore - when he had woken up from his bed in a cold sweat, the clock had read 2:30 am. It was still hard to fall asleep, not knowing when the next time he’ll wake up would be. Another 70 years?

Well, at least this time he would be used to it. In this century, there was no one he really knew. There was SHIELD, sure but they were….he wasn’t exactly sure what they did; Director Fury had been rather vague about the organization’s goals. And most of the Howling Commandos - Bucky- were gone…

The only saving grace was that Peggy was still around. Except…not really. Alzheimer’s was a frightening disease as her brain was slowly eroding away, leaving pieces and fragments of her soul behind. She still remembered him on the better days but it was heartbreaking to see her in this state.

He wish he could punch something to fix it. To fix everything; turn things back to the way they were. But alas, he was stuck in this century and having a good night’s rest wasn’t so easy. Punching was usually the only way to go, to relieve his stress and tension and exhaust himself to the point of passing out.

Except usually, the gym was completely deserted when he worked out. No one, none of the SHIELD agents on base were usually up at this time and he usually tried to avoid meeting others if he could. The attention was uncomfortable, to say the least.

But who could be up at this time? Sliding open the doors, Steve was greeted by quite a sight.

Muscles flexed as the figure punched the sandbag in front of him in rapid succession, one hit over here, another over there. There was an intense look of focused concentration on the man’s face as his gaze was locked on the sandbag; allowing him to land every punch, every strike.

He was gorgeous, Steve thought -taking a step back in surprise. Especially with the shirt bunched up so that he could get an eyeful of the toned abs.


The water bottle he had been holding was being crushed in his hands as he realized just how intently he had been staring at the man. Unlucky for Steve, the noise had caught the other’s attention.

“Ummm…can I help you?” The man asked, a bit of confusion in his words as he turned to face Steve fully, reaching for a nearby towel.

Now that he could get a better gaze at the man’s face, there was something oddly familiar about him. “Ah-no,” Steve stuttered out, his words jumbling together. “I was just. Coming down to work out. And was -not expecting someone like you. I mean, not you specifically. Just….someone.”

He could feel his face heating up and there was no question that he wasn’t a tomato by now. Gosh, was it just hot in here or was it just him?

The man seemed to know exactly what was running through Steve’s mind but thankfully, didn’t push the issue too much. “Oh well, I don’t usually work out during regular hours. Can’t find time in my busy schedule but it’s a nice way to re-focus my mind when I’m working.” He shrugged. “Some physical activity is a good way to jog the mind, if you know what I mean.”

“I’ll bet,” Steve mumbled under his breath, wondering about other forms of physical activity the man might be….implying. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts -not a good time-, he added,”I usually….do the same. Can’t really sleep so I like to work out a bit to tire myself out.”

The man laughed, “That makes two of us them. Alright then mister….what do you say for a bit of a sparring practice?” Cocking his head to one side, he held out a hand to shake. “Tony.”

It was a small gesture, nothing grandiose. It was a friendly offer and one that Steve had been so desperate for so long.

Maybe making friends wouldn’t be such a bad idea, the thought crept into his mind as he reached out to take the hand.

“It’s nice to meet you Tony. Call me Steve. And I’d love to spar with you.”

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MiBS Here: *cracks knuckles* "You're a what?" You ask. Your boyfriend groans and rises, "A weredragon, okay?" "Oh no i heard that part. What was the part about you being fluffy?" He blinks, and blushes, "I'm... i'm part werewolf on my mom's side so i... i'm kinda covered in fur." You blink before standing and moving the coffee table to the side, "Can you show me?" you ask. He blinks again, "Uh... s-sure. This is going better than i thought it would to be honest." part 1

part2: You smile, “I’m full of surprises. Just like someone else i know.” He blushes again and clears his throat, “Okay.” Taking a deep breath, he changed form. Your greeted with a large, serpentine dragon, covered in thick white fur and gold scales on his under belly. Bright blue eyes stare at you from a wolfish face, while steel gray talons lay coiled beneath him. “You sure you’re not part cloud?” you ask. He groans, “No.” You sink your hand into his fur.

part3: As you do so, he makes a sound low in his belly. After a moment you gasp, “You PURR?” Covering his muzzle with his hands, he nods, “Yeah. I also bark.” “Can i lay on top of you?” He glances up, “Uh… sure. I-if you want too.” You take off your shoes and climb up, before crawling across the fluffy mass of fur and boy, until you reach his face. Then you lie down, snuggling into him. “You’re so soft and warm.” you say.

part4: He doesn’t respond, just lays his head down beside you. You open an eye and see tears in his. You smile and stroke his forehead, “You were afraid i’d run? From a living cloud?” He laughs, and presses his forehead against yours, “Some have. One tried to kill me. I’m… not used to someone reacting like you have.” You kiss his muzzle, “Well, get used to it. Cause you’re gorgeous and i love you.” He smiles, “Same to you.” Your protests are cut off by his kiss. 

part 5: “Now i wouldn’t go that far.” You say when he lets you up for air. He tilts his head and whispers, “Gorgeous to me.” He kisses you again, “Now… about your bed…” You laugh, “You broke it didn’t you?” He nods, “I’m so sorry. I–” You place your hand over his muzzle, “I’ll forgive you. As long as i can use you for a bed.” He blinks twice, before nodding, “A tough but fair bargain. I accept the terms.” You kiss him again, “You dork." 


its time to draw yall.

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Okay prompt: Therese has to get her tonsils out (which really should have happened when she was a child but we all know how her childhood was) and Carol is so determined to to everything she can to take care of her angel

It started with a sore throat.

Then another.

Then another.

Then strep throat, and then breathing problems. That was where Carol drew the line.

Therese argued that a tonsillectomy was a child’s surgery, more suited for Rindy than her.

“Rindy’s not sick every month.”

“Neither am I.”

“No. Sometimes you’re sick twice a month. Or more.”

“It’s for children.”

“It’s for people who need it. Which you probably did as a child.”

Therese half-heartedly argued that her mother hadn’t had the money, pointed out that the orphanage didn’t call in doctors unless it was deadly serious.

“You can’t breathe. It’s serious.”

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Updates. Rambles.

I don’t know how many of y’all are following me because of Ozymandian, but I just thought I’d drop in and say hello!

I am working so, so hard you guys. I have like… a dozen pages of notes and about 4 hours or voice recordings mapping this shit out and trying to get everyone down just right (just for chapter 6!). This is a momentous challenge, but one I think I am up for. It’s been difficult now that I don’t have the show to contextualize for me. Also, I have been known to pull the trigger on a chapter a bit too early. I have been reigning that shit in lately. 

Chapter Six, alone, is almost 40 pages. Now that I’ve counted… I’m probably gonna have to break that shit up. >.>

I am still, sorely, *desperately*, in need of a beta reader. PLEASE. 

Because my readers mean everything to me… here is a little sample of the next chapter. 

Darkness flooded her heart as she thought of him– remembering the way he had bent his head close to her with a worried brow and had recounted the plan to her, for probably fourth time in as many days: how fast to ride, how much ground to cover in how long, what places to avoid and where to rest. He had insisted that she recall it back to him, and had stopped her with a nervous shake of his head when she had missed a step in her recitation, launching to the plan again from the beginning.

She had felt so thoroughly assured, although her ire had been crawling ever higher as he kept on in his onslaught, of his deep affection and concern for her writ large in his neuroticism. But it also spoke loudly of how thoroughly he knew his country, how deeply is was etched into his very flesh. In his exhaustive efforts to prepare her, he had told her everything he could articulate about his family, about the castle he called home, eyes lit by longing and love. “I should warn you,” he had said, looking rumpled and weary in the predawn darkness as they stood at the gates just hours ago. “There is a Direwolf there. His name is Ghost. He is my companion. He is… well he’s protective of me and my family, but you mustn’t be afraid of him. He knows people. He sees more than just a common hound. He loves and protects those…” he had trailed off, looking deeply troubled, blushing to the roots of his hair, as if he had just stumbled headlong into a room containing two lovers locked in a tryst. He had cleared his throat and shook his head. “He will protect you while I may be away from you.” He had finished in a rush.

She had felt something deep and fundamental churn in her belly when he said this, unthinkingly counting her among the lofty company of those this Ghost would protect. She had come blindingly, dangerously close to kissing him then, to vainly try to express her gratitude for him simply being. For giving her this mighty thing as easily as passing her a quill. But the spell had been broken by the arrival of Jorah, who had looked between them both with no small amount of bleak understanding.

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70 kookiemonster ✨⭐🌟 (its not who u think it is)

70. “This is why I fell in love with you.”

You fucker; I know it’s you, god. GOD. 


Namjoon expects many things in life.

He expects his mother to call every other Sunday and to hear his father in the background ask if he’s still playing pretend at his job—being a writer, best selling or not, is not a Real Job. He expects to hear his sister in the background, laughing on her own phone and paying no mind to the arguments of her older brother and parents.

He expects the bus to run late—it’s always late. The posted schedule says 7:25, but it always, always, always comes at 7:30. He expects the driver to pay him absolutely no mind as he steps on and takes his seat in the back left.

He expects the doorman—a young man named Taehyung—to tease him for his choice in tie—rabbits, today. Blue with white and black bunnies. He expects Yoongi, his editor, to eat him alive, chew him up, and spit him out when he learns Namjoon hasn’t finished the newest chapter.

He expects shoes in the doorway when he gets home. The dog to run out excitedly to see who came in, only to seem disappointed and stalk back to the kitchen. Every light in the apartment to be left on, electricity waste ruining the atmosphere by the second.

What he doesn’t expect is a change in the norm.

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OMGCheckPlease! Women Week | Friendship

“Jenny! Calm down! Why are you crying?”

“You know we can’t cry, Mandy. Our bodies hold no liquid,” Jenny gasps, sobbing harder.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, babe.” Mandy wraps her arms around Jenny and floats them up to the space above the attic.

Mandy rocks Jenny through her tears until she’s calm enough to speak. “They said it would be discrete. It’s not discrete.”

“What isn’t?”

“The package. I–I snuck onto Lardo’s laptop and ordered it for her the other day.”

“Ordered what?” Mandy asks hesitantly.

“The, the…” Jenny grabs Mandy’s hand. “I’ll show you.”

She takes them down to front door, where a package sits on the doorstep addressed to Lardo.

“Oh,” Mandy says. She’d blush if she could. “You got her…”

“A dildo,” Jenny whispers, sounding more miserable than anyone talking about a dildo should be.

“Well, you’re right,” Mandy says eventually. “It’s not discrete packaging.”

Jenny whimpers beside her.

“Hey, no. You were just doing something nice. I’m sure Lardo will love it.”

“The boys are going to chirp her so hard. It’s all my fault.”

“Woh, babe. No, look at me.” Mandy waits until Jenny’s looking at her. “Firstly, Lardo’s tough stuff. She’s not going to take crap from the boys. Secondly, if they chirp her, we’ve got her back.”

“You mean…”

“Poltergeist level haunting.”

Jenny smiles in relief. “You’re the best, Mandy.”

The girls stay hovering on the front porch, waiting for someone to bring the package inside.

“Do you know who’s home first today?” Jenny asks.

“Nope. I kinda hope it’s Dex though.”


“Can you imagine how red he’d turn.”

Mandy is glad to see Jenny laughing at her comment, thoroughly cheered up.

“Oh, oh. What about Chowder though,” Jenny says through her laughter. “No, no. Holster!”

They spend ages spinning out scenarios on who’s going to discover the non-discrete dildo until Lardo herself arrives home first and carries the package up to her room. Mandy and Jenny trail after her. Mandy can tell that Jenny is back to worrying over her reaction.

Lardo opens the box and takes out the dildo. She doesn’t look disgusted, just confused.

“Classy choice,” Mandy comments.

Jenny bites her lip as Lardo frowns and searches through the box. When she doesn’t find anything, she picks up the phone and dials someone, still holding the dildo in one hand.

“You didn’t put a card in it?” Mandy asks.

Jenny shakes her head. “No. I assumed she’d guess it was–”

Lardo starts talking. “Hey, Shits. Did you send me a package?… Yeah, just today… No I think I’d remember buying myself a dildo… Oh, is that so?”

Mandy and Jenny look at each other as Lardo kicks the empty package off her bed. They’d recognise that smile anywhere.

“Time to go,” Mandy whispers, grabbing Jenny’s hand to float them back upstairs.

Lexa never had a choice in her life. From the day she was born her path was set and she followed it without question. She was the best student, training hard with a determination to bring honor to her nightblood status. 

“Lexa!” Anya’s voice called for her from the other side of the hill. They had been given a short break from lessons and Lexa had used that time to meditate. Even while she heard the other children playing and wrestling with each other, she kept her resolve with her eyes shut. 

When she heard her mentor’s voice she jumped up and ran over to see Anya with a young girl next to her. Lexa had never seen this girl before, she was struck by how pretty she thought the girl was as she stood sheepishly next to Lexa. 

“Lexa,” Anya put her hand on the girl’s shoulder and looked down at her student. “This is Costia and she has been separated from her family. Will you please escort her through the city until she finds her mother?” 

Lexa glanced over at Costia quickly before turning back to Anya and nodded. 

The memory of that first meeting with Costia was burned into her memory forever. 

Sometimes Lexa would wonder, especially after her teacher’s death, if she had introduced the two girls on purpose. She also wondered if Anya knew that she had changed Lexa’s life forever that day. 

“Blood. Blood Everywhere.”

Alex was suffering. In his dorm, laying on his floor, suffering. His period had just started, his first period after starting hormones, and for some reason it was worse than he had remembered it to be. He had a pad on, it was the first thing he did when he noticed his bloody underwear. But now he was out of pads, and he had run out of pain medication last month.

Alex reached for his phone on the coffee table. Normally he’d feel uncomfortable letting John know about this kind of stuff, but right now he was throwing his nervousness out the window. He was in pain, he needed chocolate and pads and pain medication. Now. He exhaled to prepare himself and dialed the number, pressing the phone to his ear. He already had what he was going to say in his mind: “My period started, and I’m all out of pads and medication. Can you please run to the pharmacy to grab some? I’ll pay you back.” It was all clear and scripted.

But when John picked up, the only words that came out of his mouth was, “Blood. Blood everywhere.” He groaned, clutching his stomach and fighting the urge to throw up. John was frantic on the other end. “John,” Alex groaned. “John, I’m in so much pain. John, please.” Just spit it out, you blubbering idiot!

“Alex, what’s wrong?” John asked, worry etched into his voice. Alex could hear the creases in his brows.

“John,” Alex whined. He swallowed the lump in his throat. “John. Cramps. Blood. Help. Please. Dying. Help. Please.” He nearly heaved after every word.

Something seemed to click. “I’ll be over with everything as fast as I can,” he assured before hanging up. Alex hoped that he still had that spare key card, because he didn’t think it was possible for him to get up to open the door.

Fortunately, John was a responsible adult.

Just short of half an hour later, John was at his door. He picked him up and laid him on the couch before going to fetch a glass of water, helping him swallow the pain medication and leaving the pads on his bathroom sink. Alex was starting to feel better, but his stomach was still cramping. He whined, curling in on himself. “I hate it. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it,” he muttered into his cushions.

John stroked his hair. “What do you hate, baby?” he asked softly.

“Having a vagina. A uterus. This.” He made a gagging noise, and John was quick to bring over the trash can. Alex dry heaved into it for a good minute, John rubbing his back. He sobbed weakly, hanging his head in the trash can. “I want ice cream…”

“Will chocolate suffice?” John asked, pulling a bag of Hershey’s Kisses out of the plastic grocery bag.

Alex lifted his head, his eyes wide and brimming with tears. “Oh my God, you are so thoughtful.” John opened the bag, handing him one of the morsels, which he peeled quickly of the aluminum wrapper and popped into his mouth, closing his eyes blissfully. He laid still, pressing a hand against his stomach and rubbing soothing circles. “Thanks for coming. You’re the best,” he mumbled.

“I’m not leaving,” John persisted. “I’m gonna stay for the night, if you don’t mind.”

Alex chuckled. “Well, I guess there’s not stopping you…” He shifted on the couch so John could sit, his head resting  on John’s lap. John took over rubbing his stomach and talked about his day. Alex began to drift off to sleep, relaxed by the sound of John’s voice and completely forgetting about the pain.

The illustration for my first fic ( found here - ), featuring Noel cuddled up in Julian’s lap in the back of a car. The anatomy is probably horrific, but I’m proud of it nonetheless and hope that some of you might have some constructive feedback about it to help me improve.

A warm home

Title: A warm home
For:  @soldmysoultomarvel
Rating: T
Word count: 3,9 K

Warnings: None

AO3 link: Not yet :(

After Ultron, the death of Pietro and unexpected help, Wanda leaves her fears to become an Avenger. Vision and Scarlet Witch help each other to adapt to their new task to save the world. They becomes best friends, and soon, that friendship becomes in something more: he fall in love with her and her fall in love with him.

Vision wants to cushion Pietro’s absence on her birthday so he decides to plan a small weekend at the Barton’s farm in the company of the hole team…

*Note 1*
This fic is a chapter that belongs to one I made of more than 20 chapters. I want to say thanks to Anya for organizing this, since without her I wouldn’t been encouraged to write something that had already been in my head for a year. I didn’t know that it took time to get an account on AO3, so as soon as I have it I will start adding the other chapters to that platform. Whoever read this, I really hope you like…

*Note 2*
Marvel Dumpster  Fire:  Here is my gift for you, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing 😊

He had heard Wanda’s funny and happy anecdotes in her stay the times went to the Barton’s farm, and Vision thought it would be a good idea to celebrate her birthday there, convinced the Captain that a weekend would not hurt the team and he wanted to cushion Pietro’s lack a little that day with everyone’s company and in a more familiar atmosphere. Steve noticed Vision’s interest in Wanda but didn’t comment on thinking that they had become really close by the similarities in their lives.
He thought of Bucky and that he used to take him to appointments or bars to make him feel less alone, he wasn’t sure if the plan of the farm would work but at the end of the day Bucky’s presence was what helped, not the bar or the girl completely disappointed, then perhaps Wanda would not have gone so badly if everyone made her feel special on her birthday.
So he agreed, hoping that no villain would ever think of conquering the planet while they were celebrating the birthday of the youngest avenger (not counting Vision).
They arrived almost at noon on the farm. As soon as the Quinjet arrived, the children ran to they, Lila immediately located Nat and Wanda and ran to embrace them, Cooper was with Tony, who had gone to try to make passes with Wanda, or at least hoped not to be stupid enough to ruin the day and give her a peace offering that Vision suggested to him to do.
Clint greeted everyone and noticed Vision as he helped Tony to lower a couple of boxes that said “fragile” although what caught his attention weren’t the boxes …
“I’ll take this to your barn, I promise it’s not a killer robot,” Tony warned, and Clint nodded.
“Vision with clothes?that’s new”
“I’m say him it’s more comfortable for everyone just to see his cape on missions.” Wanda replied with Lila on her back.
“Wanda says it makes me look less on guard.” Vision responded by walking away with Tony to the barn.
“And much cooler,” Wanda said as she smiled at Vision and without another word ran with Lila toward the house.
“I just saw Wanda smile at Vision?”
“They do it all the time. And above all telepathically.” Nat responded by slapping his shoulder.
“Wait, Nat, do they have some kind of thing?”
“I think so, but I doubt they will either know it or accept it, naive, just like you.” Nat replied in the distance.
Wanda helped Laura with Nathaniel while the others helped at the table and Nat played with the children.
Vision returned 20 minutes after they arrived and apparently Tony would not join them until later.
When Vision phases through the door saw the most charming image in his short life
In the living room, Wanda held the smallest of the Bartons. He seemed to like the heights because every time she lifted it, the baby made a contagious laugh.
Vision hoped that Nathaniel would not tire soon because if he laughed Wanda did too and it was always good to hear Wanda laugh.
Lila arrived a little later with a drawing in the hand to show it to her. Wanda seemed so happy and so relaxed to be around those children that the Vision plan was working. He hoped that would continue that way the next day it was her first official birthday without her brother.
“She’s beautiful, isn’t?” Laura asked, relying on the other side of the frame of her living room.
“She seems to me the most beautiful of all that exists and that can exist.”
“Why don’t you tell her?”
“Because I’m not sure if she feel the same way about me.”
“The first step is to accept it. The second is that you be brave and tell her, you might be surprised by her answer.”
“Not this…”Vision was left with the words in the air as Laura entered the room and without further he followed.
After a few hours dinner was ready, and Tony joined them with their hopeless and tiresome talent for making everyone laugh at the table, Vision helped Wanda with the dishes while the others helped with other tasks. Vision thought the Avengers were like a family, they were a very strange but still a nice one.
After dinner, a talk and some science questions that Cooper made to Vision all went to bed. Cooper told Vision that he needed to fix his telescope and since Vision didn’t need to sleep he offered to fix it during the night. After Cooper gave him the telescope, Wanda walked with Lila to the bedroom and put the two small beds together so that the three of them had a larger sleeping space, Stark took one of the guest rooms, claiming that he needed a good bed for his back, Nat took the other, Rhodes would sleep in the living room, Sam and Steve in the barn and well, Vision wouldn’t sleep, so Wanda would sleep with the kids.
Ever since they had established their mental link in Wanda’s dreams, Vision slept with her, his thoughts removed her nightmares, and also he used to hold her to comfort her.
That clearly wouldn’t happen that night, although it would seem that she would be okay without him. Tonight he had a telescope to arrange, in the morning a tea to prepare and most importantly, make sure Wanda had a good birthday.
“Sing for us.” Lila’s voice brought Vision out of her thoughts.
“Yes and read us a story, please.” Asked Cooper
“Mmmm both not is too late, I also thought that only Nathaniel liked my sing.”
“Dad says that maybe you’re cursing sweetly in Sokovian.” Cooper laughed.
“Cooper! We shouldn’t say that!,” exclaimed Lila laughing as well.
“Maybe I should teach you to curse their father in Sokovian.” Wanda suggested with a Machiavellian smile.
“That would be incredible.” Cooper exclaimed.
“Wanda, I didn’t think…” Vision was going to suggest that it might not be a good idea to teach the children bad things, but when he heard the laughter of the three and realized that Wanda was joking.
“Well, what if Vision tells the story of the dance of the fauns while I sing the part of the story in which the fauns sing.”
“Okay.” They responded in unison. Curling up with Wanda to the center while Vision stood floating with legs crossed between them.
Vision had read Narnia a few days ago, it was one of the sagas that most liked both, the Bartons had the book so it was easy for him to locate that part. Without preamble Vision narrated with an impressive description the history, and as if they had already done it thousands of times, the voice of Wanda was acompass with the songs of history with Vision reading. The story ended and between Wanda’s voice and the warmth of the embrace both children began to sleep.
“Children are easier to take care of than you would think,” Vision said.
“Try to have them all week,” Wanda whispered with a smile.
“You look very natural next to them.”
“More relaxed, happier”
Wanda only smiled at him.
“Would you like this?” He pointed around him. “A family a normal life?”
Wanda considered the answer.
“When I was a girl, I used to play a lot with the dolls my dad used to do for me, there were many, but there were two with which I played more. I called me her mother and took them everywhere with me. The idea of parenting was not ruled out, but I was just a child. But now, if I had children I would only put them in danger, expose them to the world and the world could hurt them or even me.” She punctuated with her red dendrites coming out of her hand. “And a normal life ceased to be a priority since I began to protect the world. There are things more important than dreams of the past.”
“Wanda …”
“I think you should fix that telescope,” Wanda finished the conversation; Vision sighed, knew it was a subject she didn’t want to touch for now.
“Good night Wanda, I’ll be close if you need me.”
“Thank you Vision.”
Vision went to the attic where there were some tools and the noise he did, couldn’t  hear it much. He thought about what Wanda said, their duty was also a priority beyond their dreams, but Wanda forgot that she was still human and that like Clint, she had the opportunity to form a family and if she could just see the way in which he saw her she wouldn’t have to think that she would hurt her children, after all she always sought in the missions that all were protected.
Suddenly, Vision imagined Wanda being a mother, imagining that she would look more beautiful than she already was, imagining her making dinner in a house in the suburbs, and singing to her babies. The thought full of happiness the heart of Vision and also made him smile, but as soon as he felt that happiness reality brought him back, even if he admitted his feelings towards her and a true miracle, something almost impossible, Wanda gave him a chance , someone like him (and there was no one else like him, he thought sadly), could never give her a family, a normal life, not without drawing attention to his appearance or if many didn’t consider him a man, much less Wanda’s man, and could not give her children. As much as it hurt to admit it, he couldn’t and shouldn’t be with Wanda.
At 7:30 a.m., Vision set about scanning the Bartons cupboard, fortunately they have tea and honey, so he prepared one for Wanda and went to the room while he took out his suitcase one of the gifts he had for her and slipped it into the bag of her sweater.
When he reached the room Wanda was still sleeping with her back to the door while she hugged Cooper, again he saw the image of Wanda watching over the dreams of her children just like he did with her, but he discard the image immediately since he must leave those thoughts to the side.
Sitting down as quietly as possible on the shore where Cooper and Wanda huddled, Vision ran his hand down her cheek; he thought that even asleep she looked beautiful, then he took his hand away and gently shook her shoulder to wake her. She turned to his side and looked at him with a smile.
“Morning Shade.”
“Good morning Maximoff.” Vision smiled back at the same time he gave her the usual tea. He was going to speak when suddenly a thunderous noise from the door raised the children and Wanda almost threw her tea.
“Happy Birthday Girl!” Clint shouted as he slammed the door open with his palms, letting them all see behind him.
“Hey Wanda! How you feel that you will not have a toast today because you’re not legal yet?” Tony asked.
“Well, I don’t think it’s legal to give alcohol to a 90-year-old men, so … Steve answered.”
“Is it what I think it is? or did our good captain have just offered alcohol to an 18-year-old girl?” Sam asked
“19, Sam and I’m not a girl.” Wanda answered, taking a little more of her tea as she smiled sincerely.
Vision felt relieved to see that Wanda didn’t flee the room or was angry with him for doing this.
“I believe that Vision came forward early and already put something Geneva in that tea.” Nat say as she leaned against the wall.
“Oh no!Vision in my kitchen? Please tell me you didn’t burn anything.” Clint asked while everyone else laughed.
“I don’t burned anything Mr Barton, I have learned very well these months. Vision responded.” As Wanda and Sam laughed.
Wanda returned the tea to Vision while he got out of bed while Lila, Cooper and the others hugged Wanda.
“Okay everyone! We have a cake to make. Laura said as they all began to come down.” Until Vision and Wanda were left alone.
“So, a weekend to catch up with the Bartons?”
“Wanda sorry, just …”
“Vision calm down, I love the surprise. And I know was your idea because no one else knew about my birthday.”
“Well technically it’s not your birthday yet, but I’m glad I did something that you liked. Now I have your first gift do you want to see it?”
“First? Vizh just bring us here and you have given me even more. Wanda answered without removing her smile from her face.”
Vision brought the box closer to her hand and Wanda opened it. It was a sapphire drop necklace and earrings, Wanda lacked sapphire on her small collection so he thought it would be a good gift.
“These are beautiful Vizh, thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”
Wanda took his hand. They held their hands before, but no more time than the necessarily.
“Now let’s go before the boys eat the cake dough.” Wanda say.
After breakfast and cake baking, they stayed most of the day in the courtyard. Rhodes and Sam were on the grid trying to turn it on after Clint told them they couldn’t do it (actually he wanted them to do all the work) Vision was exploring, Tony said he would fix a tractor so no one came near to annoy, Wanda and Steve play with the children while Laura was talking to Nat.
When Wanda got tired of playing the spies she sat with the little Pietro next to Clint.
“Hey kiddo, how’s it going?”
“Just how it should go.”
“You’re fine? Are you comfortable?, because you know we can stop this and…”
“I’ve never had a party like that, and now I’m the center of attention on my birthday. I have a new family, they have given me beautiful gifts, and all day it was only me, me and me and still not feeling well, I still lack my other half.” Wanda said, starting to break her voice and removing a couple of tears from the eyes.
“You don’t have to try to be strong, none of us are going to judge you if you cry a little, if you cry, they will give you space and they return with you when is the moment, seriously we care, you still have a long way to go, you have much to live, you know that you wouldn’t be here carrying this baby and I wouldn’t be here watching how you become of one of the most valuable women on the planet if it was not for your brother. He would be very proud of what you have done for others and for you. I will never reach the life to thank him for his sacrifice. So, let’s celebrate the opportunity to be here, for Pietro.”
“For Pietro” Wanda answered.
“You want a beer?”
“Nope, I’m fine.”
“Good answer.”
Nathaniel cuddled in her arms and she began to stroke his small hair.
“So what happens between you and Vision?”
“Nothing happens between Vision and me. He’s my best friend.” Wanda blushed
“You talk a lot about him when you were here, What’s going on?”
“Nothing is going on, I’m just help him to feel a little more normal.”
“You feel something for him.” Clint said it as fact not a question.
Wanda just snatched his beer from him, taking a sip, sipping that she immediately spat.
“See? It’s easier for me tell it than you to accept it.”
“Is not easy, probably he doesn’t feel the same.”
“Probably you wrong.”
“He’s just being nice because we’ve been helping each other for months.”
“Not even the best friend makes tea with honey in the morning in a unknown house, or convince Captain America to give all the Avengers a free weekend, or is he the first to see you on your birthday, nor does he look at you as if you were the winner ticket of the lottery.”
“Yes but…”
“Heee! We did it!” both heard Sam scream in the distance.
“Yeah? Well, is 6 p.m. it’s almost dinner.” Clint shouted back.
“There are no buts Wanda, both deserve to be happy.” And with that he got up to help the boys with the grill.
In the distance she saw Vision, Clint was right. But she no longer wanted to lose another person, didn’t want to go through the uncertainty and pain of not knowing if she will be there forever with those she love.
“How’s everything, Wanda?” Vision asked in a sigh so that little Pietro didn´t wake up.
“Very well in fact,” she answered with a smile.
After the meal almost dinner, the day began to reach its end. Tony joined them after taking a shower, the cake at first glance looked great, they sang Happy Birthday to Wanda and they sent the kids to bed, it was almost 8 pm when almost all the Avengers were a little drunk except Laura, Wanda, Vision and … Tony ?.
“Wanda, can we go for a walk?” Tony asked, pointing to the entrance.
The sincerity in his gaze, the imprecision of words at his request or guilt in his eyes, Wanda never believed he saw Tony Stark that way.
“Sure.” She says giving a glance at the others, the only one who was watching was Vision who prompted her to go with him.
Outside, she and Tony walked silently into the woods.
“Here.” Tony pointed to a place with blue lights.
Wanda’s jaw jumped a little in surprise when she saw it.
Tony had made a koi garden, the pond lit up with faint blue lights and then orange, emitting smoke around, smooth marble stones to sit on, the garden was surrounded by white lights in series, as if were fireflies, it was not cold since the thermo regulator of the pond also emitted heat around, all this fed from a classic reactor of his Iron Man costumes and the ceiling looked like a bone-colored cloth. Tony went to the reactor that was in a corner and pressed a button that made the ceiling transparent, only the lights of the stars, the pond and the lights around it could be seen, it looked really beautiful.
When she saw him, tears fell from Wanda’s face.

                                                              In memory of
                                                          Pietro Maximoff
                     The best brother, a good friend and the bravest Avenger.
                                         We will always carry you in our hearts.

The plaque was right in the middle of the Pond where the fish were swimming peacefully. It was written in Sokovian.
“Wanda, I know that the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made in my life have destroyed much of yours, and nothing can compensate for that, and I can’t make you forgive me. I did this for you and for Quicki as a peace offering, I want you to know that if there is anything in my hands that I can do to help you get ahead and that you are happy, I will not think twice.”
And suddenly Wanda came up to him and hugged him. It was a hug not very long but quite reassuring for Tony, it was not the emotion of the moment: Wanda no longer hated him.
“We all make decisions Tony, you took yours, Pietro took his own and now I too, the important thing is do what we think is right. I forgive you in the name of my parents, and now forgive me for putting me in your mind.”
Tony nodded. And suddenly between two trees Vision entered the garden giving a smile to Wanda.
Tony approached Vision and clapping his shoulder, “thanks buddy.”
“You’re welcome. All this look great.”
“He helped with the translation.” Said Tony this went by the same place where Vision came.
“This was your idea?” Asked Wanda
“No, actually I just help him with the translation of the plaque, the garden was completely his idea.”
“You know sokovian?” Wanda asked sitting on the marble as she patted the place next to her.
“I learned.” Vision replied in Sokovian as he sat down beside her.
“Sometimes I think that what happened with Pietro was my fault, we had to escape Hydra when they went to rescue the scepter because we have the chance, but I knew it would be a good opportunity to do something to Tony, I got into his head and then he created Ultron and Ultron snatched me my brother. I know Tony didn’t want Ultron be what he was and I also know that Pietro decided to cover Clint and that boy, and none of that would have happened if we had left the base when we had that opportunity, I convinced Pietro to stay, is my fault.” Wanda finished sobbing at Vision’s shoulder.
“All this you say, is the sum of casualties, causalities and possibilities. You could not anticipate the events that happened later. Murphy’s law says that what has to happen will happen. By this I also mean that we were all to blame for all the events. After Dr Banner, Thor, Mr Stark and I, attacked Ultron, I had to follow him and destroy him while the others destroyed the others Ultrons. But I focused on not letting them go through the air, a task that was Rhodes, it was not until everything happened that Banner took Ultron out of the quinjet and you found it. What happened was not your fault.” Taking her hand, Vision kissed the back of the hand.
“You’re always so good and so perfect.”
“You are that too.” Vision stood up and stood in front of her, staying at her height as he squatted down.
“You know, by my calculations, it’s 11:00 pm 19 years ago, 12 minutes after Pietro. Happy birthday Wanda Maximoff.”
Wanda stood up and as if foreseeing her next move, he stood up with her and hugged her, Wanda brought her hands to his neck and he rested his hands on her hip, stared at him as he lowered his head to her, she kissed his forehead and then his cheek he didn’t close his eyes, he did not want to miss any details of that moment.
Wanda laid a hand on her cheek as they both looked at the pond, Tony had worked very well.
“I have another gift for you.“ Vision told her as he handed her an envelope that Wanda hadn’t noticed before.
Wanda released him to open the envelope, but Vision still held her in one of his arms.
Wanda couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing, she didn’t know how, but Vision had gotten a picture of her family and another of Pietro as a baby.
“You made me very happy today and this gift is even more perfect, thanks Vizh, for everything.” And she hug him again resting her head on his shoulder.
“You’re welcome, I will do anything to make you happy.”
"Now I know.”
Wanda hugged him harder.
They spent a few more moments there, each in their thoughts, wishing they had said and done more than they did, but Wanda did not want to be carried away by the emotion of the moment and he did not want to say and do something that the two were going to regret .
For now, they just wanted to enjoy the moment. For now it was what they had…

Sonya confesses her love for Mary but where is the lesbian princess??

(I hope y'all like the title, this is the prompt for @cresiendo ;)

Sonya awoke that morning with a plan and confidence in her brain. She’d known since last week what she was going to do, and she hopped out of bed and into a simple cream gown with light beading on the sash. She pulled on her fur cloak and ran down to the dining room, grabbing a bit of breakfast.

Natasha was the only one who knew of Sonya’s plan today, and her job was to make sure that no one else found out about what Sonya would do, and also to comfort her dear cousin in the instance Mary rejected her affections. If Mary did accept her affections… Sonya didn’t know what she’d do. Be overjoyed?

Sonya stepped into the sleigh waiting for her and told the driver to go to Bald Hills, the estate on which the Bolkonsky family lived. During the silent ride, Sonya rehearsed what she would say. First, she’d hand Mary the letter she’d written. “Don’t open this until after I’ve left,” she’d start. “I have to tell you something, Princess.” Then she’d go on and on about how beautiful, kind, sweet, courageous, lovely, brave, and strong she thought Mary was. She was sure that Mary wouldn’t crush her feelings too badly. Or, so she hoped.

Arriving at Bald Hills, Sonya was greeted by a footman.

“Hello, sir, is the Princess Marya Nikolaevna Bolkonskaya in today?”

“Ah, Madame Rostova! I am afraid she and her father have gone out for the day, quite odd, I know, but they won’t be back until Sunday.”

“May I ask where they’ve gone?” Sonya’s fluttering heart was starting to flicker, her nervousness taking hold. What if she never told Mary? What if she never got her confidence back up at this level and Mary never found out how she felt and Sonya had to live as an old maid for the rest of her life?!

“Yes, they’ve gone to St. Petersburg, on a family issue. I could send for a troika to take you there, if the matter you’ve got is urgent? I see you’ve a letter, would you like it delivered?”

Sonya clutched the rice - paper envelope in her hand, crinkling the paper slightly. “I’d rather deliver it in person, thanks. A troika would be lovely.”

The footman led her inside and he sent for a troika, and soon a jingling of bells and the sound of whinnying, a horse whip, and the shouts of a man were heard outside the house.

“Why, who’s that? That troika is awfully quick…” the footman opened the door, and there was…

The (in)famous troika driver, Balaga? Natasha? And… no, that couldn’t be. Anatole Kuragin?!

A wide grin broke onto her face, and Sonya jogged to the troika.

“What’re you lot doing here?”

“Rostova! We’ve come to help you with your endeavors of love!” Balaga answered, helping the diminutive girl into the troika, and starting off at 12 miles an hour.

“Kuragin, what are you doing here?” Sonya eyed him suspiciously.

“Any endeavors involving a previous betrothed of mine, or an almost - betrothed, I must see how it pans out. It’s simply charmante!” He said in his splendid French accent. Most everyone knew he had almost ended up marrying the Princess Mary.

“Ah, well, I suppose that’s all right. But you can’t say anything to her! It’s all on me. I’ve got to do it,” Sonya said defiantly.

Anatole nodded his head, and stared out at the fresh snow falling outside. Sonya settled in next to Natasha, and soon fell asleep.

Before the group knew it, they’d gone through all of Petersburg and hadn’t found the Princess. Sonya was ready to give up, when she saw the familiar hunched body of the Prince Bolkonsky!

“Balaga, stop!” She shrieked, hopping out of the troika and running to the carriage where the Prince was entering.

“Sir, you must forgive me, but will you give this to your daughter, immediately?” Sonya had looked around and had not seen Mary at all, so she figured giving the letter to her father was her best bet. “It’s important and confidential. Promise me you’ll deliver it, oh, please?”

“A Rostova, I see. You and your childish friendships. I will deliver this to my daughter if you promise this will be the only letter you’ll send. She gets enough mail as it is from her other friends. Got it?” The harsh words of the prince stung Sonya, but she held fast to her confidence.

“Thank you, Prince. I appreciate all you do.”

And with that, Sonya turned and ran back to her troika, adjusted her fur cloak, and passed out on Natasha’s shoulder.


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