In 1975 Fiat replaced the original 128 Coupé Sport body with a new hatchback shape, known simply as the Fiat 128 3p (for tre porte / three doors). Look at these fancy seat covers! Engine by former Ferrari designer and later Abarth racing manager Aurelio Lampredi. Maybe that was the reason why even Enzo drove a 128 as his personal vehicle.


Short cars for short days, pt. 3 (see No. 1 here, No. 2 there)

When square was hip: Fiat 128 Rally, introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1971. It featured a 1,290cc engine that produced 67 horsepower, alloy wheels, sport trim and a set of rally lights. The original 128 Rally like this one here didn’t make it to the United States.