Space Australian Medicine

Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, something truly nasty escaped Earth. They call it giardia, a microscopic organism that their Planetary Protection Officer called “pretty dumb” and “not too bad, really, a week of digestive upset and then it’s over.”

Yes, Earth has a Planetary Protection Officer. They have a Planetary Protection Office, and have had one since they were sending probes around their own solar system. Doctor Ma-et had found it a bit silly, like a child concerned about the cleanliness of their toys, until she learned that the job of the Planetary Protection Office had always been protecting other worlds from Earth.

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Wait wait wait hang on

What if aliens don’t have weather?

I mean, the temperature changes now and then as their seasons change, but they only have two or three seasons, and the temperature changes are so subtle (by human standards) that a human would hardly even notice them.

And then one day a galactic exploration vessel lands on Earth for a few days for their resident human to go home and celebrate something called “Christmas”–some sort of odd festival where humans allow a strange recluse in red garments to invade their homes and leave behind offerings (or at least, that’s what their human claims).

And they step out of the GEV onto the landing pad, and all of the sudden all the “earth virgins” recoil and cry out in alarm, frantically clutching the doorframe with all four tentacles and saying, “What is that?! What IS that?!!” because the atmosphere is releasing frigid particles of SOMETHING across the terrain, and they’re utterly TERRIFIED because the only time they’ve ever seen atmospheric phenomenons anything like this was when their homeworld nearly ended.

And Human-Megan looks at them and starts laughing–that strangely unsettling noise that makes their blood run cold–and says, “What, you guys haven’t seen snow before?”


“Oh yeah, you probably haven’t, huh?” she muses, stepping further into the white terror as her comrades shrink back in confusion and fear.

Then she tilts her head back, closes her eyes, and stretches out her hands, allowing the substance to settle all across her body. It settles throughout her flaming red hair, on the tips of her eyelashes, and all across the deep green of her uniform. After a moment, she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue, letting flakes of the frigid substance land there, and her grin becomes so wide that something WARM settles in the chests of her shipmates, something simultaneously alluring and relaxing–

“I love snow,” Human-Megan murmurs, her eyes still closed. “Every Christmas my cousins and I would climb out on the roof and make snow angels up there. And if we were lucky and it kept snowing for a while, we’d lie down and see how buried we could get before my mom made us come down for breakfast.”

“So it’s…not dangerous?”

“Hell no,” Human-Meg replies, a bit loudly. “It’s the best. Come on, come see.”

So they do. Slowly, they ease out into the freezing air, cringing and recoiling at first as the so-called “snow” begins to speckle their scales with white. But when they realize it does them no harm, they begin to study it, cupping it in their tentacles, even tilting back their heads and tasting it as Human-Megan does.

Earth’s weather, they agree, may be strange and terrifying, but they can’t deny how contagious Human-Megan’s enjoyment of it is, and soon all of them are messaging their mates and offspring to regale them with tales of “snowmen” and “snowball fights”, and absolutely gushing about how weird and alluring Earth weather can be.

Happy Easter~! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

♥Shu: How annoying… Happy Easter. Can I go back to sleep now? What is this? An egg? -Shu grabbed your clothes, not letting go of you- Heh, did you want something from me? Is that why you gave me a present?

♥Reiji: Happy Easter. Don’t eat too much chocolate, yes? I don’t want you complaining about stomach ache later…

♥Ayato: Happy Easter, Chichinashi! Eh~? No, I don’t want chocolate, for now. I want your blood! We can eat the egg later!

♥Kanato: Aggh… Happy Easter. Now, where are my easter eggs? You didn’t forget them, right? Nee, Teddy… She forgot the chocolate egg. What should we do with her?

♥Laito: Where is my Bitch-chaan?~ Ahh~ I have something really sweet for you, to celebrate Easter~ And no, it’s not an easter egg, nfufu~

♥Subaru:… Happy Easter, dumbass. Here.-He gave you a big easter egg- Damn, it’s not what you think! One of the guys gave it to me, a-and I don’t want it! Yeah, that’s why!

♥Ruki: Happy Easter, Livestock. Usually we don’t celebrate this human festivity, but Kou was really getting on my nerves this time wanting to celebrate it.

♥Kou: But Rukiii~… It’s fun! Can’t you see all these easter eggs I got from my fans? I guess I can give one to you, M Neko-chan… Buuuut~! I want to bite you in exchange, heheh~

♥Yuma: Happy birth-SHIT-Happy Easter, Sow! Tch, I was distracted! AHH, stop making fun of me!

♥Azusa: Eve… I got something… For you…-he handed you a homemade easter egg. But when you tasted the first bit, your tongue burned so hard, tears started filling up your eyes- It’s spicy… Just the way you like it… Fufufu~… Happy Easter, My Eve…

♥Carla: Happy Easter, woman. -sighs- There, I said it. Now you, Shin.

♥Shin: This is so stup- -Carla hits him- Ah! Okay, okay! Stop it, Nii-san! Happy Easter!!

Prompt Number 50: “People are staring.” Requested by @burningupasunjusttosayhello aka @lux-i-fer ! Omg, I LOVED writing this! Just a warning, it’s so long it’s basically its own little fic. Sorry it took so long for me to write love! I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and if you’re one for listening to music while reading, this song is the one at the end of the fic. ;) You’ll know which one I’m talking about once you read this! Thanks so much for making this request!

Chloe glowered at the small invitation sitting on the top of her desk, silently willing it to burst into flames and vanish into a minuscule pile of ashes. It wasn’t that she hadn’t been expecting the annual LAPD ball, it was the same month each year; but rather, she had been expecting to already have a date to take to it. However, no such luck abounded. Marcus had decided to end their relatively short-lived relationship only a week ago, and to add insult to injury, rumor had it that he’d already asked the cute rookie to the ball. Perhaps she could ignore the ball this year, just as she had the year before; she could attempt to feign sickness at work the next day or make up a story about how she couldn’t find childcare for Trixie. She let out a grumpy harumph as she realized that a room full of cops and detectives would be able to see through her lies like they were nothing, and then the pitiful glances she’d been receiving lately would only increase tenfold; at least last year she had an actual, legitimate excuse for missing the event.

No. She was not going to make up some elaborate story that half the department would be able to see through. She was going to suck it up and go, regardless of how potentially awkward and uncomfortable the event could become considering her lack of a date. She didn’t have long to imagine all the ways that the night could go wrong before a bubbly, british accent cut over the soft drone of the precinct. “Detective!” Lucifer greeted her with an ungodly amount of enthusiasm that, of course, only he could muster up on a Monday before eight in the morning. He offered her one of his trademark smiles that was really more of a smirk as he placed a ceramic mug down right next to her keyboard. “I brought you coffee.” He explained needlessly, and Chloe couldn’t help but smile at the hazelnut colored beverage now sitting before her; if anything could fix her already lousy day then it was plenty of liquid caffeine.

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natalia: brooke, i was reading a book on human religious festivals the other day, and i read that it is diwali tomorrow. will you be attending the festivities?

brooke: diwali? well… i mean there’s not a big hindu crowd here, and mom always kinda kept the party small when i was little…

natalia: there is going to be a gathering in the next town over, i think you should go! it is important for a person to cherish their spirituality.

brooke: well, i… yeah, okay. i’ll go. could be fun, and mom did say she always wanted to go to one of those big diwali bashes…

The Killers Interviews Masterpost

The interviews are organised by year. If you notice any discrepancies please let me know. Likewise, if you notice there are any interviews missing and/or incomplete, send me a message (and a link if possible) and I will update this post accordingly. I will also update this post with new interviews as they happen. Last updated 06/08/2017.


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Yuuram in Novel 2

Novel 2. ch.1
-Yuuri describing Wolf -

An angel and a demon are standing in the open doorway: the master of this castle, Lord Gwendal von Voltaire, making his entrance to the Love Theme from The Godfather, and a Vienna Boy Choir OB-style pretty boy, Lord Wolfram von Bielefelt.


Lord Wolfram von Bielefelt, on the other hand, is my twin in stature and physique, but angelically handsome. If you didn’t know he was Mazoku, you’d think he was God’s greatest masterpiece. Glittering gold hair, white skin, long eyelashes, and emerald-green eyes. But that damn arrogance of his makes him sound like a yapping Pomeranian.


Novel 2. ch.1

- Settling things -

I prick up my ears at these dirty goings-on of the adult world, but Wolfram roughly jerks my head back. His lake’s bottom green eyes meet mine.

Target: lock on.

“How dare you vanish from right in front of us after saying that you would become this country’s king?! I was going settle things with you properly after you were safely done with the coronation ceremony!”

“Se-settle? I told you, I’m fine with a tie!…or no, if you still find it that hard to swallow, then let’s just say I lost, okay? ‘Cause ultimately that duel was like one of those things where an exchange of blows forged a friendship, you know?”


“You were pretty strong, and I gave it my best too, so why don’t we just leave it at that? We don’t have to go into all of that stuff about duels and revenge again.”

“That’s not any kind of…hey, Yuuri! What is the meaning of this?! You’re not wearing the gold bird I gave you, but you have Conrart’s pendant…?!”


“You can’t deceive me, Yuuri! You’re too lacking in prudence. Well, yes, I guess…you’re somewhat good-looking…just a bit…so you can’t help but be a temptation…”

Novel 2. ch.2

- Ship -

You’re late!“

Why is Wolfram sitting so regally on the double bed?!

I’m guessing that the gob-smacked look on Conrad’s face means that he didn’t expect this either.

"From the looks of it, this room is normally reserved for newly-weds. I presume Your Ma…my young masters are still in their prenuptial period…?”

“…I have no idea who’s responsible for this mix-up either.”

The next while is devoted to Wolfram being violently seasick, and so the afternoon passed.


Wolfram, who stalked us to the ship and smuggled himself on board, ended up in front of the toilet as soon as we set sail. Now he’s bedridden and refuses to eat or drink anything, even water. He can’t even quarrel with me. With his ruffled gold hair straggling down blanched cheeks and eyes lightly closed, he looks like an angel who’s fallen to earth and in despair because he cannot return home.

Novel 2. ch.3

-Just so you know, Japanese people never say anything when you sneeze-


“Gesundheit!” I answer on cue in a conditioned response to Wolfram’s cute little sneeze, which sounds like something a manga character might make, as I rummage through my luggage and toss everything out of the clothes chest.

Novel 2. ch.4

-Closet scene-

Even though Wolfram could not have guessed at my feelings, his hand falls on mine. We huddle together in the cramped space of the too-small-to-be-called-a-walk-in closet, shivering.

No, I’m the only one who’s shivering.

Wolfram is a soldier, after all. Even if he’s not used to playing such a dangerous game of hide-and-seek, it can’t be his first time.

“…Are you okay, Yuuri?”

“O-of course I am!”

I grip the hand touching mine, closing my eyes, and hang my head.


“Don’t worry about it.”

He’s not laughing at me, is he?

It’s just…it’s not just that I’m frightened, not even that I’m scared stiff—it’s this silence, this tension, that is unbearably painful…

My roommate seems to read my mind. He whispers, “Like Conrart said, don’t do anything rash if we’re found. They’re not going to kill you if you don’t resist, 'cause you’ve got such good looks.”

“Then you’d better not do anything either. You’re several times cuter than me. No one would kill someone as pretty as you.”

“No way. I am a warrior of the Mazoku; if I don’t fight, I can’t be allowed to live.”

“That’s stupid.”



“Wolfram! Don’t, there’re too many of them!”
“Shut up!”
“I’m begging you, Wolf! Stop it…that’s an order!”
He freezes and without looking at me allows the sword to drop.
(…after getting caught…)

“I hear you’re on your honeymoon, an’ want to be sold together.”
Unwinding his turban, Wolfram asks me, “Honeymoon?”
“Don’t know anything about it,” I reply from my position on the floor, not yet recovered from the shock of the sailor uniforms.

Novel 2. ch.5

- Maou-

He lifts his eyes when he reaches the approximate center of the deck and stares sharply at the man right in front of him with the one black eye not obscured by contacts.

“…Yuuri?” Wolfram calls, forgetting his alias, but Yuuri doesn’t seem to hear.

Taken aback, he grabs Yuuri’s hand. With the exception of his index finger, it’s icy cold.

Novel 2. ch.6
-Random inner monologue-

The third son is standing in the doorway, still in his bathrobe. His beautiful eyebrows are knit in an exaggerated frown.

Novel 2. ch.6

-casual yuuram- 
“(…)His Excellency looks like he’s still deep in dreamland.“

Pretty boys, like pretty girls, have low blood pressure. Wolfram rubs his eyes adorably and pulls the rough blanket close.

"Wolfram, you’ll be late for school if you go back to sleep. You can nap in first period math class.”

Novel 2. ch.6

—Yuuri teaching Wolf the Lamaze technique to stay awake—

The boat starts listing slightly. Wolfram is starting to doze off next to me.

“Wah, Wolf, don’t fall asleep! We’re turning, we’re going to start going around in circles—!”


“Not hrmm! Row! Row, come on! Pull-and-push, pull-and-push, heeheefuu, heeheefuu.”

Novel 2. ch.7

-Equally tired-

Conrad and Josak nonchalantly raise the white porcelain teacups to their lips, but Wolfram and I are both shaking right down to our fingertips and don’t even have the energy left to slurp our drinks.

Novel 2. ch.7

-happy times-

“I’ll go with you tomorrow.”
He can’t give me any real help even if he comes with me. Even Conrad, who could make short work of any sword master, couldn’t move a finger to help me. But Wolfram is indifferent to my private waffling. He folds his arms and says rather happily, “Since you’re a total henachoko.”
“Stop calling me a henachoko!”

The selfish prince with the angelic features and clear emerald eyes that remind you of the bottom of a lake. Abbreviate half-ironically, and you get selfish Puu.

Wolfram always goes right to the point. He throws himself straight into any challenge.

He bores into both my mitt and my chest, but it’s kinder and gentler than a lie.

“What? What are you grinning about?”
“…I was just thinking, it’s been a while.”
“What has?”
“You calling me a henachoko.”

“That’s because you left the country. You left your people and your land to the care of others. You have no sense or consciousness of being a king. What’s wrong with calling a henachoko a henachoko?”

Novel 2. ch.7
-Closetting -

“Okay, then why don’t I dump you? 'I’m sorry, let’s call it quits?’”
“Don’t you dare! It would be a blow to my self-respect!”
“Oh, oh riiight, then why don’t you reject me? 'I refuse your proposal.’ I think my pride would be able to handle it just fine. I was the one in the wrong, so no help for it.”
“I can’t do that!”
“Why not? Is there some kind of rule about that? Some sort of religious reason?”
“Shut up!”
Wolfram stands straight up and opens the corner door without another word.
“Aaah, Wolf! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was wrong! I’m apologizing, so don’t lock yourself up in the closet!”

Novel 2. ch.7
-Equally frustrated-

Wolfram, who has no interest in human festivals, goes to bed immediately after finishing his wine.
I feel like getting drunk and airing all my grievances too, but I’m not going to smoke or drink as long as there’s still any possibility that I haven’t reached my full height yet. Instead, I lie in bed tracking the moon’s course.

Novel 2. ch.8
-Angel of Love-

So the whole party proceeded to the hospital in the morning and ended up dashing frantically about until noon.

But even though we’ve run ourselves to the ground, nobody has set off on their last journey yet—in fact, no less than three people revived. We’ve had gratitude heaped on us, and people have even started calling Wolfram the Angel of Love. But for us it’s something of a mixed blessing.

Novel 2. ch.8

I pounce, trying to grab it from Wolfram, and land on top of him. This is the exact moment when—
“Listen to this, Young Master…oops.”
“Am I interrupting your fun, by any chance?”
Josak closes the door again.
“No, no, wait! We weren’t having fun, we were not having any fun of any kind, you’re taking it the wrong way! This is a massive, majorly massive misunder—ow!”
I’ve bitten my tongue.
“My my, Young Masters, it’s the middle of the day, so if you’re going to have a dalliance, you should at least lock the door. You really shouldn’t tempt your elders like this,” Josak teases in the voice he uses when disguised as a woman, and enters the room.


Novel 2. ch.10
-Sneaking into Yuuri’s room for the first time-

“Wolf…what are you doing here?!”

“What do you mean, what am I doing?”

Wolfram, lying on his stomach and dressed like a madam after her bath, kicks his legs.

“I sneaked over for a night crawl.”

“Night crawl?! A-as in, when a g-g-g-guy secretly crawls into a bed…”

“For a rendezvous?”

“Yeah, rendezvous…no no no no, that’s not what I mean! The guy crawls into a woman’s bed…!”

Now he’s got me going at his pace.

Wolfram half-rises, scowling, a hand placed imperiously on his hip. He looks like pretty boy who’s hit the mat after a knockdown, for those with the taste for it.

“If I had to wait for you, you’d never come to a decision.”

“Um, incidentally, what sort of a decision are you looking for…?” My voice trails off as he sways his hips closer.

The Mazoku ex-prince’s face brightens, and he pulls me down by the arm.


“Are we any closer to a decision yet?”


I’m terrified just thinking about what sort of decision this might be. I’m not going to lose my life or anything, but I do feel like there’s something else I’m going to lose. I desperately extract myself, fly into the bathroom and lock the door.


“Wait wait wait! I gotta take a bath first, okay?! You don’t wanna do anything with a sweaty guy either, right?!”

Do…? I blanch at my own words.

My head and nose both prickle, and I stagger, suddenly dizzy.

“Yuuri! Hey, open the door!”


Unable to keep upright any longer, I sit down on the rim of the tub



Yuuram in Novel : 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17

perhapsalittlestrange  asked:

Do the S and M boys enjoy Valentines day or do they find it unnecessary?

Since they are vampires, it’s not something important to them. But they would care a little more if they had a s/o I guess.


♥Shu: I don’t really care about it… Buying gifts and flowers, it’s too troublesome.

♥Ayato: Do you really think I would be into that?! I’m not a romantic guy!

♥Reiji: I don’t have time for this kind of celebration…

♥Kanato: It’s a stupid human festivity… But, receiving a lot candies must be nice. Right,Teddy?

♥Laito: I don’t really care about this day… But I think it has it’s advantages, nfu~

♥Subaru: Tch, it’s bullshit… It’s a waste of money.


♥Ruki: We are vampires. We don’t meddle in that kind of affairs.

♥Kou: The only good things about Valentine’s Day are all the gifts I receive from my fans! But aside from that, I don’t care much about it ~

♥Yuma: Tch, who invented that thing?! It’s ridiculous to see all those humans getting crazy over it!

♥Azusa: Hm… I think… You should express your love… Everyday… Not only on Valentine’s Day. It’s kind of selfish…

Deity!Seventeen AU - Hoshi, God Of Festivities

Author’s note- I’ve actually planned out an entire au for like,,,which gods all of seventeen would be, so if you wanna see more for any reason just send me an ask for who you’d like to see lmao

  • Hoshi is one of the most well known gods
  • Each god has a festival dedicated to them during a day in the year, and Hoshi’s is the most grand
  • Think Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  • The streets get completely decked out in decorations and lights, people set up food stalls and knick knack tables, along with game booths and more
  • He usually just improves the overall mood of any celebration, like even for a little kid’s tiny birthday party he makes sure that each person involved is having as much fun as possible
  • He’s one of the gods most heavily associated with humans and because of that he’s one of the most revered/loved
  • Even if he doesn’t show himself often, people can often sense his presence when he’s watching over a celebration because it can go from boring and borderline awkward to downright jovial
  • And now to you
  • You had always liked the annual festivals for the gods
  • They always had special food and games and when you were younger you had memories of winning prizes and goldfish from the lil game stalls (you still had some of the stuffed animals lining your shelves in your room)
  • But,,,at the same time,,festivals were meant to be spent with many people
  • So while you had always loved the festivities,,this year you were…,disappointed
  • Because of some Typical School Drama, you had found yourself friendless, which was a kick to the teeth on its own, but now you couldn’t even attend the year’s biggest event because you were too scared of seeming like a loser by going by yourself
  • You had actually planned for this to be the one time in your life you missed Soonyoung’s festival,,even though it had always been your favorite, simply because you didn’t want to embarrass yourself
  • But your parents downright refused
  • They wouldn’t accept any excuse for you to miss you favorite time out of the year,,,,so, that’s how you found yourself in the town square, alone just outside of the crowd and surrounded by glowing lanterns and laughter
  • And okay it was…,, just a bit heartbreaking
  • Here you were, at the festival that you had made so many good memories at every year,,but you almost wanted to cry because you were all alone and apart from everyone else who were having fun and enjoying every aspect of the party with their loved ones and friends
  • Meanwhile, Soonyoung had sensed something was up
  • He’s a god of festivities so of course he naturally has a perfect read of the emotions swirling in the air around him, especially at the festival dedicated to him
  • And he had been enjoying himself for the most part; he didn’t directly attend his own celebration in human form seeing as Jihoon had told him it was an exceedingly bad idea (Jihoon: if you show up in your physical form you’re gonna end up getting yourself drunk and making a repeat of the festival in 1838   hoshi: but that wasn’t that bad-   jihoon: you caught a food stall on fire. Four times   hoshi: ,,,fine), so he decided to just watch over it
  • And then,,,apart from all the emotions of joy and fun,,,there was something else
  • Disappointment, withdrawal, and overwhelming sadness,, all emanating from you who had resigned themself to a bench just outside of the town square
  • And in true hoshi spur-of-the-moment fashion, he decided to say screw it to Jihoon’s warning and made his way to you
  • You had been scrolling through your phone, refreshing the same four apps and your mood only worsening because apparently every single social media page was overflowing with pictures of the festival. The same festival in which you were alone at and you weren’t going to cry about it even though your eyes were definitely burning and you really wanted to cry because hell this was pathetic-
  • But then suddenly someone was sitting next to you and leaning forwards so they were in your line of sight
  • And even worse it was a cute boy and fuck your eyes were probably red and hell you looked so stupid maybe he wanted to tell you it was pathetic that you were here all alone and you knew that he wouldn’t and that it was just your mind fucking with you but what if-
  • But he simply asked if you were enjoying the festival with a soft smile on his face
  • (you weren’t sure what it was about him because usually that question in this scenario would,,,upset you more because cmon of COURSE you weren’t enjoying it but. Somehow you felt comforted)
  • So you just answer with a shrug and look down at your feet, saying,,,well not really because..,,, its no fun when you’re alone
  • And you nearly jump out of your skin when he grabs your hand and pulls you to your feet, flashing you a beaming smile as he starts pulling you back towards the crowd and hes like well good thing you aren’t alone anymore!!! Cmon what do you want to do? let’s buy some food!!
  • Part of you is really freaked out because wtf you don’t even know this guy why are you letting this happen ??? but another part,,,,a much larger part,,,is kinda happy??? Like this guy had seen you were upset and was trying to cheer you up and his eyes were so genuine,,,,,,plus he was really cute
  • He was also buying you food how could you say no
  • Somehow being around him was making you forget about all the drama that had hung over you before
  • But wait shit you dont even know his name whoops better ask for that
  • And so u ask and,,,when he replies with Hoshi ur like okay thats really cute omg but like internally because you’d prolly jump off a bridge if you said that out loud
  • Him: thank you!!! I’d say your name is cute too but i don’t know it
  • You internally: time to jump oFF A BRIGE
  • You externally: its y/n haha :))) didn’t mean to say that out loud but y’KnOw
  • Next thing you know hes ruffling your hair and hes like i was right!!!!! It is a super cute name good thing we match huh?
  • Ur 100% blushing
  • And Hoshi just leads you around the festival, keeping conversation flowing so easily that you wonder for a moment if this is actually happening because?? Here’s this absolutely gorgeous boy seemingly with a heart of pure GOLD and hes??? Listening to you attentively and following up your dumb jokes and jesus christ he’s so extra but in like,,,the good way
  • like ,,,at one of the game stalls he was just like BET YOU 20 BUCKS I CAN WIN THE GIANT HAMSTER PLUSHIE and ur like BET YOU 20 BUCKS YOU CANT
  • And of course hoshi doesn’t like losing so he might have used his godly powers just a bit,,,and you’re like damn oh well a bet’s a bet and you’re digging money out of your pocket and normally he’d GLADLY take money but
  • ,,,this time he couldn’t accept it because hell he was trying to help you have fun and he wasn’t accepting offerings rn, so he was just like nono that’s fine actually here have the hamster-
  • And youre like but we made a bet
  • Him: hmm,,,,right,,how about you give me a smile instead?
  • The GREASE
  • But Hell u were NOT expecting that and you feel your face getting hot and hes just like woahhh cuTE and you’re like HUSH GIVE ME A SECOND
  • And after going around the festival,,, Hoshi buying you snacks you looked at for longer than a second,,winning you cheap game stall prizes and even a bag of goldfish,,,you couldn’t help but think that somehow this had become one of the best festivals you’ve ever been to
  • Not a moment had passed where you weren’t having fun or smiling and you knew that it was all thanks to Hoshi
  • And so you were just a bit reluctant to head back home, even when the last firework show had ended and your mom told you to start heading back over text,,,you just wanted this to last forever
  • But you tell hoshi that you have to head home,, and he does look a bit sad but hes like ill walk you home!! And you joke like what do u just wanna see me more lmao and hes like yeah of course???
  • Cue you almost choking on air because Hell what the Fu k that was too genuine sounding what is this????? Feeling??? No none of that in this house
  • You cough to hide the flustered noise you made,,,and then you were walking in the direction of your house, a bag of goldfish held carefully in your arms and with Hoshi walking next to you and talking excitedly about his friend Woozi
  • You: woozi? That’s a cute name
  • Him: yeah but hoshi’s cuter isnt it
  • You: i dunno-
  • And ur like yes yes hoshi is a cuter name,,in fact this fish is gonna be called hoshi
  • Soonyoung is screaming inside like wtf,,,,this human is so cute,,,and he kinda starts feeling bad that he probably won’t ever see you again,,
  • Unless-
  • (somewhere in the distance, Jihoon has begun screaming)
  • Out of nowhere, he just bursts out IM A GOD
  • You: sure sure ur a god of the game booths like you won every single-
  • But hes like NO IM SERIOUS im sOONYOUNG and ur like lmao alright but hes like pouting because wth!!!!!
  • And you just adjust the goldfish bag and ur like sure id believe you if you did something godly lmao
  • And of course you were just joking because cmon,,,,you believe in the gods but seriously?? The god of Festivities taking a human form just to cheer you up? You weren’t that special-
  • But then he coughs to get you attention anD WHAT THE FUCK IS HE FLOATING
  • You trip over your own feet in fuckin shock because wait are you SERIOUS the actual god of festivities sHOWED HIMSELF TO YOU TO CHEER YOU UP WHAT
  • And hes just casually like i told you!!! And you can’t really retort because there’s your house but you also wanna fuck with him,,,like just a bit because,,,,,it was really funny when he was upset that you didn’t believe him
  • So you’re just like ok so you can float??? Big Whoop only a Real God could summon forty pounds of gold right here right now
  • You: god??? More like con
  • He’s screaming inside but you just nudge his shoulder and say jokingly “hey ill believe you’re a god if you go to prom with me”
  • But it turned on you because he was like OKAY SURE like rIGHt away and youre like wAIt-
  • He just asks for when it is and what to wear and ur,,,,gonna ride this good luck train because hell you weren’t gonna have a friend to go with anyways so?? Why not ?? plus ur kinda like,,,its not like hes gonna actually do it anyways like??
  • He’s probably gonna forget about you after he goes to wherever gods go,,,right?
  • Anyways,,you go into your house and before you close the door he just says “see you later!!” and ur like haha sure ok bye
  • And ur mom is like :))) did you have a good time??? Aren’t you glad you went??? Ur like oml FINE OK i had fun GOD MOM
  • Before you go to bed you pull out your old fish tank and clean it out before putting ur new buddy in,,bc ur fish is a KING he won’t be rotting away in some BOWL no he deserves a fully filtered tank with a bunch of decorations ((take care of your fish properly kids))
  • But,,,,it wasn’t the last time you saw Soonyoung
  • Because like two days later??? You hear your mom say that your friend was downstairs and ur like lmao what friend but whAT the fuck soonyoung is in your LIVING ROOM
  • And okay you’re DELIGHTED because you may or may not have missed him even though you only knew him for a few hours,, so ur like fuck it this god is my friend now lets go play mario kart
  • His godly powers might be able to win rigged fair games but he has no power over the domain of video games
  • Translation: he got really upset because you beat him 6 times in mario kart and 3 times on wii sports
  • And without realizing it,,,it kinda became normal for you to hang out with him?? Like sometimes he wouldn’t even go to your front door like normal and you’d just hear knocking at your window and at first you almost had a heart attack,,but now you’re just like oh its Soonyoung
  • Your favorite part of the day becomes learning the latest Divine Drama
  • Soonyoung: so Jeonghan was teasing Chan so Chan got upset and called Seungcheol but then Jeonghan just ended up teasing Seungcheol and so Seungcheol called Jihoon-
  • You: omg he did NOT
  • Soonyoung: he DID-
  • Sometimes you’ll leave stupid lil gifts at Soonyoung’s shrine like a little trinket at a garage sale that reminded you of him and he always gushes about it to the other gods like loOOK my human friend got me a THING do any of your followers do that???? No????? Well guess im just the best-
  • He also occasionally shows up to walk you home from school bc he’s impatient and wants to talk with you bc cmon you’re the most fun human he’s met-  well,,, fun in the sense that he knows you, and he doesn’t know many other humans as well as he knows you
  • And plus you always laugh at his jokes and the other gods don’t
  • But,,,as the days tick closer to prom which,,you were actually getting quite excited about because hell you actually??? Had a trustworthy date because Soonyoung reminded you constantly that he would show up,,so you couldn’t help but believe him
  • Alas, Jihoon has started catching on to Soonyoung’s feelings towards you,,and he’s seen gods that have fallen for humans before and it usually ends one of two ways
  • One: very very good, everyone ends up happy and theres a new god in the land
  • Two: very very bad, either the god has to watch the human die or the god has to abandon the human and it hurts both parties involved
  • And though Jihoon might pretend not to worry about the other gods,,,he doesn’t want to see Soonyoung hurt
  • So,,,though he doesn’t want to,,,as the god of reason he felt required to pull Soonyoung aside,,
  • And Jihoon explains like,, Soonyoung i know you like this human a lot but,,please think about what you’re dealing with
  • Soonyoung’s just like i know what im dealing with im dealing with a lovely person
  • Jihoon just sighs,,,,like no i mean seriously. Before you leap, think-  are you going to get tired of this human as soon as another interesting one stumbles along? Are you going to accidentally involve this human in matters they can’t control? We’re gods, Soonyoung, and though it’s fun to be around humans, it’s dangerous. So think about what you’re going to do before either of you get hurt
  • And soonyoung just,,,sobers up completely and he can’t help but,,,realize that he was just a bit caught up in you…
  • He couldn’t imagine hurting you?? Thinking back to when he first met you,,it broke his heart to have learned why you had been crying all alone at his festival and,,,,he really, really didn’t want to be the cause of that, ever…
  • So he decided; he would stay away from you for now,,,but if he still missed you after the time passed, he would see you again
  • But even then he didn’t realize that he was making choices before thinking
  • When Soonyoung didn’t show up at your house for a few days, you thought nothing of it
  • He was a god with duties to fulfill; you understood that and so you weren’t upset or anything when he was gone for a few days. Of course, playing video games and doing homework alone was less fun without him there,,but you could manage
  • You trusted him to keep his promise to go to prom with you,,and you even allowed yourself to get fully excited. You had even picked out a dress that was actually expensive,,and even tho ur not like,,a cheesy person….
  • Interally ur like,,,,,i hope  he thinks its pretty but right after that ur like wtf is this????a drama?????
  • Regardless, no amount of internal irony or cynicism can stop you from excitedly waiting at your meeting spot the night of the prom,,,just a little bench that you two would eat lunch at together on weekends
  • And you were all dressed up, your hair styled up all fancy and your makeup done by someone way more equipped with liquid eyeliner than you’d ever be,, and you can’t help but smile as the clock ticks closer and closer to the time you agreed on
  • Then 7pm hits, and hes still not there, but you don’t worry because hey even gods can’t make it on the dot right?
  • Then….7:30….8……9
  • As each minute ticks by, you feel the pain in your chest grow,,,of course when you had first met him, you had expected this outcome, but after all the time that had passed you had really grown to trust him
  • When the clock finally hits 10, you swallow the lump in your throat and head back home, holding back your tears so that you could at least tell a decent lie to your parents that you had fun with your friends
  • Meanwhile
  • Soonyoung had been thinking, more than any carefree god of partying usually would, about you
  • Because,, while he understood Jihoon’s warning…he really didn’t like staying away from you
  • He missed hearing you rant about your teachers and the stupid questions people asked in class, he missed how you would fall backwards whenever you laughed really hard and how, if he told the perfect joke, your laugh would turn loud and goofy. He missed how you would pretend to be annoyed when he whined about how you weren’t paying attention to him,,,he just missed you
  • Jihoon: :)
  • Soonyoung: what’s with that face. Why aren’t you disappointed.
  • Jihoon: you actually made a decision on your own,,, just wait until seungcheol hears this-
  • Soonyoung: JIHOON PLEASE NO
  • Everyone fears Seungcheol’s Dad Mode.
  • But, as Soonyoung prepares to run back to you and apologize for his absence,,Jun stops him
  • Because, guess who has a charm in their house for Jun?? Of course you would, your family believed in every god no matter how small,,,,and so,, Jun knew what happened
  • And hes just like Soonyoung,,my man, what time is it
  • Soonyoung: time to tell y/n i like them??
  • And jun is like oh my god i meant literally
  • Soonyoung’s like oh its 11- OH MY GOD PROM JUN HOW BADLY HAVE I FUCKED UP
  • The moment Jun just shakes his head, Soonyoung is ready to Die because usually Jun LOVES rubbing mistakes in people’s faces,,,,not even like in the mean way because usually they’re minor,,,,but if he’s not even gonna say
  • well,,,Soonyoung makes it to your house in record time and oh hell he can definitely feel that something is very, very off
  • He’d always been able to sense when you were upset, he just never knew it would hurt so much to realize that he had caused it,,,because if he listened hard enough he could hear you crying through the window
  • And its fair to say that you were only upset more when you hear a familiar knock at your window
  • All the hurt that had built up in you at every hour that had passed sitting alone in the dark turned to anger the moment he showed up
  • And you hated feeling angry,,you hated feeling all the negative energy running under your skin because it made you want to punch a wall but you never would so all it did was turn to bitter tears and more anger
  • So,,when you got up and went to your window only to see soonyoung….you closed the blinds
  • Or,,you try to but he sEEs your plan and his hand just slams on the window anD HES LIKE Y/N PLEASE DONT LET ME EXPLAIN-
  • And ur like what?? Ur gonna explain why you ditched me? Dont worry i understood your message anyways
  • His heart? Shattered into a million pieces
  • But,,,ur weak and too kind for your own good, so you open the window anyways because its probably cold outside
  • Soonyoung just tumbles in on hes knees and hes like liSTEN YOU DONT HAVE TO FORGIVE ME BUT LET ME EXPLAIN ILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU 1000%
  • You just wipe your eyes and nod bc even though you’re really, really upset,,you still know deep down that Soonyoung doesn’t have a mean bone in his body,,,,and usually if he does something rude its always on accident,,
  • And then he just SPILLS everything that’s happened in the last week; what Jihoon warned him about, how he got worried about hurting you (you: you already did that   him: I  kNow im so sososososososososososo-   you: soonyoung-   him:SOSOSOSOSOS O SO SORRY) and how he decided to stay away from you just so that he would have some time to think about what choice to make clearly
  • Before you can even get a word in he just jumps to his feat like listE N ILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU wanna go to a restaurant??? Ill buy you food we can go to the fanciest one in town gO get ready lets go!!!
  • He just looks so ready to GO ur just like okay,,,,just a minute,,
  • You gotta make it look like you haven’t been crying for the past half hour,,,and for a moment you can’t help but smile because when you look back he’s bouncing on his feet and staring at the clock on your wall and,,,soonyoung always displays his emotions so clearly its endearing,,
  • Before you know it soonyoung has your hand, dragging you down the streets and talking a mile a minute,,,
  • And ur just like soonyoung,,,soONYOUNG and he pauses in the middle of his sentence about the super fancy restaurants like ???
  • You make him stop walking bc ur lowkey exhausted because everything is happening FAST and you’re like hey listen i see what your goal is but how about we get some cheap fast food instead and just hang out??? Like normal??
  • Its like you just gave him a puppy like his face just LIGHTS UP and you see his Signature Hamster Smile
  • So you buy like two handfuls of chips and junk food from the nearest convenience store and Soonyoung says theres this really nice clearing in the woods to hang out in and he can tell Joshua to leave the two of you alone
  • And thats how you find yourself sitting on a log next to a pretty little pond in the middle of the woods with a god next to you who is. Currently struggling to hold the armful of snacks you guys bought at the 24 hour convenience store buy your house
  • You can kinda tell that Soonyoung is walking on eggshells around you,,,like his jokes don’t poke fun at you and he makes sure to give you any snack u ask for when he would usually make you play rock paper scissors for dibs,,
  • Okay you can’t help it because the thought he was putting into his actions was. Really endearing but at the same time you kinda want old rambunctious soonyoung back
  • So you push him slightly with your shoulder and you say, “Okay Soonyoung, I’m still a bit upset but I forgive you okay? Just explain a bit more ask to,,,like,,..why you avoided me??”
  • Once again, he acts like you just gave him the fucking world n for a moment you wonder if its okay for a god to be so easily impressed but you brush it off as he starts explaining
  • And its basically him repeating the speech Jihoon gave him and you’re nodding along until he’s like well I decided to say screw the rules like i mean i know it’s kinda weird for a god to fall in love with a human but hey whatever right-
  • You’re entire mind just kinda,,, fizzles out
  • In love??? God in love with a human?????? What?? //taps mic// hello?? What the fuck??
  • Soonyoung notices that you froze and he just blinks at you, not really understanding what he said to make you freeze up
  • You: s-soonyoung you s-said-
  • Soonyoung: that im in love with you? Yeah
  • And hes just like well if you don’t like me back then we can pretend i never said anything but,,, im just sayin I’m a god and i can read emotions pretty well so i know you like me back :)
  • You push him off the log and he almost cries when his cheetos fall into the dirt
  • ~~dating a LITERAL GOD~~
  • You wanna have a significant other that’s your best friend at the same time BOOM. SOONYOUNG
  • So its partially the same to how it was before; he still comes over and tries and fails to beat you at video games, he distracts you from school work (but only because he could tell you were starting to get stressed) and he still teases the everloving shit out of you
  • But at the same time, he kisses u. A LOT
  • Like Soonyoung is the world’s GREASIEST boyfriend ever,,,like he uses fucking pickup lines and youre like soonyoung we’re already dating and hes still like BECAUSE YOU’RE THE ONLY TEN I SEE
  • (you love it but you’ll never say it outloud)
  • He actually takes you to meet all the other gods?? Like he can’t take you to the god’s dimension because you’re human and all but he can call them down to meet u
  • Jihoon is like oh hey, you’re the human that soonyoung always talks about
  • Soonyoung is like jihoon SHHhshHSH but its too late youre already like :)))) oh so he talks about me?
  • Truth is Jihoon 100% plans on getting back at Soonyoung for worrying him so he makes sure to explain in detail all the things soonyoung told him about you
  • “Oh yeah one time he came back and i asked him why he was smiling and he said, and i quote-” soonyoung is fuckign writithing on the floor like JIHOON PLEASE NO “AND I QUOTE, ‘Jihoon you wouldn’t understand you don’t know what LOVE is like’”
  • You never let it go. You tease soonyoung about it constantly and he grumbles about how he would kill jihoon if gods weren’t immortal-
  • But every time he can never stay mad at you because you always kiss him on the cheek and he can’t help but smile
  • Sometimes he likes to play around and be like “youd COWER in the face of my true powers” but at the same time hes like “Y/N LOOK LOOK LOOK” while he makes a bunch of tiny glowing orbs that look like multicolored fireflies just because he wanted to impress you
  • Whenever you’re upset he can obviously sense it and he always tries his best to cheer you up, and if its something that a simple joke won’t fix, he’s always good at listening
  • Like,,,you don’t know if its the whole ‘god’ thing or not but he just always makes everything feel a bit less serious, like your world won’t end with a mishap
  • As a whole, dating god of festivities Kwon Soonyoung is happy and fluffy, with a side of lovely Godly Drama that he always spills to you as soon as it happens

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What are the different ceremonies that Nevo's subjects/followers perform in his honor, besides the sacrificial one that Mikhail stopped that one time?

It depends on the place and the culture attatched to it, since not everyone treats Nevo the same. There is one ceremony/festival however that is shared throughout. Not exactly in Nevo’s honor but as a festival to the nightmare creatures in general.

Once a year, on April 30th, there is a festival that the humans and nightmare creatures share. Walpurgis Night (Or Walpurgis nacht, depending on location) Basically Night of the Witches.

They take more of the Finnish approach to it; having bonefires, champagne, strawberries, other good food throughout the night, carnival games, and party it up. In the morning, there is picnics outside in the parks with sparkling wine and also good food, most of the times those that attend havent slept through the festival at all. 

Nevo coordinates the main festival and once it’s off and running, he has the day off as king entirely just to do whatever he wants. It’s his favorite time of year. After some time, he brings Vanya to it and while it’s odd at first, they legitamately have a good time.

The Sakamaki Brothers with their little sister during Halloween (Shuu, Reiji, Ayato)


- “Why do I need to go with you?”

- “Because big brother Reiji told me it’s dangerous to go outside by myself.”

- “Ask the others.”

- “But…”

- How annoying

- They were having this conversation for half an hour already

- His annoying little sister keeps on asking him to accompany her

- She wants to celebrate the Halloween by trick or treating to the neighboring village

- He stares at his little sister who is now wearing a bear costume

- He thinks the little girl can be used as his pillow since she looks so soft and fluffy

- Shuu stares intently at his little sister and she did the same

- ‘Why is it me who needs to come with this little girl?’ He thought

- “It’s you who I want to come with me…” The little girl suddenly said as if she read what Shuu is thinking

- “How troublesome you are.” Shuu commented

- Shuu slowly moves his body on the sofa and face the little girl

- “Fine. I’ll come with you.”

- “Reallyー”

- “But be sure to quickly finish whatever you wanted to do.”

- “I still want to continue my sleep.”

- The little girl quickly nods her head

- She is now pulling her big brother Shuu towards the door

- With heavy steps, Shuu let his little sister guide his body wherever she wanted to go

- While the little girl is knocking on the door of the houses happily, she is not aware of soft stares from his big brother Shuu


- Reiji hears a soft knock on his door so he opens it and saw his little sister

- She’s wearing a fairy costume with glittery wings

- Reiji looks at her intently before he asked her

- “What do you want?”

- “Can you… accompany me to our neighboring village?”

- “No.” Reiji told her sternly

- “Whatever you wanted to do there will never help you to be a fine lady.”

- The little girl is now in the verge of tears

- Seeing this, Reiji sighs loudly

- “Tell me. Why do you want to go there?”

- The little girl explained to him about the Halloween traditions that humans are celebrating and she wants to experience it for once

- “Humans sure have a lot of unnecessary celebrations.” Reiji said to himself

- The little girl is now nervous while her big brother Reiji is somehow lost in his own thoughts

- Noticing the teary stares that the little girl is giving him, Reiji let out a small sigh

- “Fine. I’ll come with you. It was actually a good timing for me to observe this kind of festival these humans are celebrating.”

- The little girl is now smiling happily

- When they arrived at their neighboring village, Reiji told her to do whatever she needs to do while he will just observe everything from afar

- The truth is, Reiji can’t stand to see the little girl from crying.

- If he himself didn’t have a chance to enjoy his childhood, atleast he’ll protect and do whatever he can to make the little girl’s childhood into a pleasant memory someday


- “Chibi, what the hell are you wearing?”

- Ayato was shocked when he saw his little sister

- The little girl is wearing a pirate costume, with an eye patch on her left eye. Then the little girl runs toward him

- “Your Highness, can I asked you a favor?”

- “What is it?” Ayato asked her doubtfully

- “Can you come with me? I’m going to celebrate the Halloween!” The little girl said excitedly

- Ayato is confused. What is that?

- The little girl explained that her human classmate told her that it is the time where a lot of children will knock on your door and they will yell the words “Trick or treat” so the owner of the house will give them some treats

- “Why would they give you a treat after you just threatened to trick them?”

- The little girl can’t answer him.

- All she knows is that it’s a fun celebration

- Because Ayato wants to know the answer, he agrees to come with his Chibi

- When the little girl is doing her small business, Ayato is just observing her quietly

- When she finished, the little girl walks towards Ayato and told him that they can now go home for her basket is now full of sweets

- Ayato still doesn’t know the answer to his question, but seeing his Chibi smiling happily, maybe he’ll just forget about his question

- But since his own question keeps on bothering him, maybe Ayato will just ask Reiji about it

Winter Headcanons!

- Woodie is the kinda guy who picks up a candy cane and immediately gives it to wendy or webber. kids gotta get their sugar
- Woodie helps put alotta the ornaments on the upper most parts of the tree, like the tree topper. hes tol.
- Wolfgang is the secret candy theif. yanno the ones. that steal a candy in the advent calendar that was supposed to be yours. for shame.
- willow is VERY PASSIONATE about the tree being pretty and will go to arms with any no-good tree plan-ruiners
- Wilson is also a secret candy thief. For. Shame.
- Wickerbottom is like. the super organizer. shes the mom at christmas. the one who keeps a detailed list if who gives who what, a who deserves gifts or not.
- in turn the survivors all give her cute lil presents
- Wendy secretly likes the lights up on the trees
- wx very secretly likes to shove sugar cookies into his mouth bc that is less indulgent sugary substances that those festive fevered humans have. win.
- nobody is more concerned that woodie will die of hypothermia than wes is. hes walking around in a tank top. in the snow. stop.
- woodie is very adamant that turkey is served at Thanksgiving AND Christmas. it falls on deaf ears.
- webber keeps putting ornaments on wigfrids helmet.
- webber is the MOST PASSIONATE about getting woodie to sing a carol.
- no. he only sings for lucy.
- hes not gunna sing
- but, webbers giving him puppy eyes. like. 6 puppy eyes
- its official, woodie is singing a christmas carol and its webbers fault.
- Christmas time is the prime time to get piggy backs from woodie. hes never grouchy.