Space Australian Medicine

Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, something truly nasty escaped Earth. They call it giardia, a microscopic organism that their Planetary Protection Officer called “pretty dumb” and “not too bad, really, a week of digestive upset and then it’s over.”

Yes, Earth has a Planetary Protection Officer. They have a Planetary Protection Office, and have had one since they were sending probes around their own solar system. Doctor Ma-et had found it a bit silly, like a child concerned about the cleanliness of their toys, until she learned that the job of the Planetary Protection Office had always been protecting other worlds from Earth.

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Happy Easter~! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

♥Shu: How annoying… Happy Easter. Can I go back to sleep now? What is this? An egg? -Shu grabbed your clothes, not letting go of you- Heh, did you want something from me? Is that why you gave me a present?

♥Reiji: Happy Easter. Don’t eat too much chocolate, yes? I don’t want you complaining about stomach ache later…

♥Ayato: Happy Easter, Chichinashi! Eh~? No, I don’t want chocolate, for now. I want your blood! We can eat the egg later!

♥Kanato: Aggh… Happy Easter. Now, where are my easter eggs? You didn’t forget them, right? Nee, Teddy… She forgot the chocolate egg. What should we do with her?

♥Laito: Where is my Bitch-chaan?~ Ahh~ I have something really sweet for you, to celebrate Easter~ And no, it’s not an easter egg, nfufu~

♥Subaru:… Happy Easter, dumbass. Here.-He gave you a big easter egg- Damn, it’s not what you think! One of the guys gave it to me, a-and I don’t want it! Yeah, that’s why!

♥Ruki: Happy Easter, Livestock. Usually we don’t celebrate this human festivity, but Kou was really getting on my nerves this time wanting to celebrate it.

♥Kou: But Rukiii~… It’s fun! Can’t you see all these easter eggs I got from my fans? I guess I can give one to you, M Neko-chan… Buuuut~! I want to bite you in exchange, heheh~

♥Yuma: Happy birth-SHIT-Happy Easter, Sow! Tch, I was distracted! AHH, stop making fun of me!

♥Azusa: Eve… I got something… For you…-he handed you a homemade easter egg. But when you tasted the first bit, your tongue burned so hard, tears started filling up your eyes- It’s spicy… Just the way you like it… Fufufu~… Happy Easter, My Eve…

♥Carla: Happy Easter, woman. -sighs- There, I said it. Now you, Shin.

♥Shin: This is so stup- -Carla hits him- Ah! Okay, okay! Stop it, Nii-san! Happy Easter!!

Yuuram in Novel 2

Novel 2. ch.1
-Yuuri describing Wolf -

An angel and a demon are standing in the open doorway: the master of this castle, Lord Gwendal von Voltaire, making his entrance to the Love Theme from The Godfather, and a Vienna Boy Choir OB-style pretty boy, Lord Wolfram von Bielefelt.


Lord Wolfram von Bielefelt, on the other hand, is my twin in stature and physique, but angelically handsome. If you didn’t know he was Mazoku, you’d think he was God’s greatest masterpiece. Glittering gold hair, white skin, long eyelashes, and emerald-green eyes. But that damn arrogance of his makes him sound like a yapping Pomeranian.


Novel 2. ch.1

- Settling things -

I prick up my ears at these dirty goings-on of the adult world, but Wolfram roughly jerks my head back. His lake’s bottom green eyes meet mine.

Target: lock on.

“How dare you vanish from right in front of us after saying that you would become this country’s king?! I was going settle things with you properly after you were safely done with the coronation ceremony!”

“Se-settle? I told you, I’m fine with a tie!…or no, if you still find it that hard to swallow, then let’s just say I lost, okay? ‘Cause ultimately that duel was like one of those things where an exchange of blows forged a friendship, you know?”


“You were pretty strong, and I gave it my best too, so why don’t we just leave it at that? We don’t have to go into all of that stuff about duels and revenge again.”

“That’s not any kind of…hey, Yuuri! What is the meaning of this?! You’re not wearing the gold bird I gave you, but you have Conrart’s pendant…?!”


“You can’t deceive me, Yuuri! You’re too lacking in prudence. Well, yes, I guess…you’re somewhat good-looking…just a bit…so you can’t help but be a temptation…”

Novel 2. ch.2

- Ship -

You’re late!“

Why is Wolfram sitting so regally on the double bed?!

I’m guessing that the gob-smacked look on Conrad’s face means that he didn’t expect this either.

"From the looks of it, this room is normally reserved for newly-weds. I presume Your Ma…my young masters are still in their prenuptial period…?”

“…I have no idea who’s responsible for this mix-up either.”

The next while is devoted to Wolfram being violently seasick, and so the afternoon passed.


Wolfram, who stalked us to the ship and smuggled himself on board, ended up in front of the toilet as soon as we set sail. Now he’s bedridden and refuses to eat or drink anything, even water. He can’t even quarrel with me. With his ruffled gold hair straggling down blanched cheeks and eyes lightly closed, he looks like an angel who’s fallen to earth and in despair because he cannot return home.

Novel 2. ch.3

-Just so you know, Japanese people never say anything when you sneeze-


“Gesundheit!” I answer on cue in a conditioned response to Wolfram’s cute little sneeze, which sounds like something a manga character might make, as I rummage through my luggage and toss everything out of the clothes chest.

Novel 2. ch.4

-Closet scene-

Even though Wolfram could not have guessed at my feelings, his hand falls on mine. We huddle together in the cramped space of the too-small-to-be-called-a-walk-in closet, shivering.

No, I’m the only one who’s shivering.

Wolfram is a soldier, after all. Even if he’s not used to playing such a dangerous game of hide-and-seek, it can’t be his first time.

“…Are you okay, Yuuri?”

“O-of course I am!”

I grip the hand touching mine, closing my eyes, and hang my head.


“Don’t worry about it.”

He’s not laughing at me, is he?

It’s just…it’s not just that I’m frightened, not even that I’m scared stiff—it’s this silence, this tension, that is unbearably painful…

My roommate seems to read my mind. He whispers, “Like Conrart said, don’t do anything rash if we’re found. They’re not going to kill you if you don’t resist, 'cause you’ve got such good looks.”

“Then you’d better not do anything either. You’re several times cuter than me. No one would kill someone as pretty as you.”

“No way. I am a warrior of the Mazoku; if I don’t fight, I can’t be allowed to live.”

“That’s stupid.”



“Wolfram! Don’t, there’re too many of them!”
“Shut up!”
“I’m begging you, Wolf! Stop it…that’s an order!”
He freezes and without looking at me allows the sword to drop.
(…after getting caught…)

“I hear you’re on your honeymoon, an’ want to be sold together.”
Unwinding his turban, Wolfram asks me, “Honeymoon?”
“Don’t know anything about it,” I reply from my position on the floor, not yet recovered from the shock of the sailor uniforms.

Novel 2. ch.5

- Maou-

He lifts his eyes when he reaches the approximate center of the deck and stares sharply at the man right in front of him with the one black eye not obscured by contacts.

“…Yuuri?” Wolfram calls, forgetting his alias, but Yuuri doesn’t seem to hear.

Taken aback, he grabs Yuuri’s hand. With the exception of his index finger, it’s icy cold.

Novel 2. ch.6
-Random inner monologue-

The third son is standing in the doorway, still in his bathrobe. His beautiful eyebrows are knit in an exaggerated frown.

Novel 2. ch.6

-casual yuuram- 
“(…)His Excellency looks like he’s still deep in dreamland.“

Pretty boys, like pretty girls, have low blood pressure. Wolfram rubs his eyes adorably and pulls the rough blanket close.

"Wolfram, you’ll be late for school if you go back to sleep. You can nap in first period math class.”

Novel 2. ch.6

—Yuuri teaching Wolf the Lamaze technique to stay awake—

The boat starts listing slightly. Wolfram is starting to doze off next to me.

“Wah, Wolf, don’t fall asleep! We’re turning, we’re going to start going around in circles—!”


“Not hrmm! Row! Row, come on! Pull-and-push, pull-and-push, heeheefuu, heeheefuu.”

Novel 2. ch.7

-Equally tired-

Conrad and Josak nonchalantly raise the white porcelain teacups to their lips, but Wolfram and I are both shaking right down to our fingertips and don’t even have the energy left to slurp our drinks.

Novel 2. ch.7

-happy times-

“I’ll go with you tomorrow.”
He can’t give me any real help even if he comes with me. Even Conrad, who could make short work of any sword master, couldn’t move a finger to help me. But Wolfram is indifferent to my private waffling. He folds his arms and says rather happily, “Since you’re a total henachoko.”
“Stop calling me a henachoko!”

The selfish prince with the angelic features and clear emerald eyes that remind you of the bottom of a lake. Abbreviate half-ironically, and you get selfish Puu.

Wolfram always goes right to the point. He throws himself straight into any challenge.

He bores into both my mitt and my chest, but it’s kinder and gentler than a lie.

“What? What are you grinning about?”
“…I was just thinking, it’s been a while.”
“What has?”
“You calling me a henachoko.”

“That’s because you left the country. You left your people and your land to the care of others. You have no sense or consciousness of being a king. What’s wrong with calling a henachoko a henachoko?”

Novel 2. ch.7
-Closetting -

“Okay, then why don’t I dump you? 'I’m sorry, let’s call it quits?’”
“Don’t you dare! It would be a blow to my self-respect!”
“Oh, oh riiight, then why don’t you reject me? 'I refuse your proposal.’ I think my pride would be able to handle it just fine. I was the one in the wrong, so no help for it.”
“I can’t do that!”
“Why not? Is there some kind of rule about that? Some sort of religious reason?”
“Shut up!”
Wolfram stands straight up and opens the corner door without another word.
“Aaah, Wolf! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was wrong! I’m apologizing, so don’t lock yourself up in the closet!”

Novel 2. ch.7
-Equally frustrated-

Wolfram, who has no interest in human festivals, goes to bed immediately after finishing his wine.
I feel like getting drunk and airing all my grievances too, but I’m not going to smoke or drink as long as there’s still any possibility that I haven’t reached my full height yet. Instead, I lie in bed tracking the moon’s course.

Novel 2. ch.8
-Angel of Love-

So the whole party proceeded to the hospital in the morning and ended up dashing frantically about until noon.

But even though we’ve run ourselves to the ground, nobody has set off on their last journey yet—in fact, no less than three people revived. We’ve had gratitude heaped on us, and people have even started calling Wolfram the Angel of Love. But for us it’s something of a mixed blessing.

Novel 2. ch.8

I pounce, trying to grab it from Wolfram, and land on top of him. This is the exact moment when—
“Listen to this, Young Master…oops.”
“Am I interrupting your fun, by any chance?”
Josak closes the door again.
“No, no, wait! We weren’t having fun, we were not having any fun of any kind, you’re taking it the wrong way! This is a massive, majorly massive misunder—ow!”
I’ve bitten my tongue.
“My my, Young Masters, it’s the middle of the day, so if you’re going to have a dalliance, you should at least lock the door. You really shouldn’t tempt your elders like this,” Josak teases in the voice he uses when disguised as a woman, and enters the room.


Novel 2. ch.10
-Sneaking into Yuuri’s room for the first time-

“Wolf…what are you doing here?!”

“What do you mean, what am I doing?”

Wolfram, lying on his stomach and dressed like a madam after her bath, kicks his legs.

“I sneaked over for a night crawl.”

“Night crawl?! A-as in, when a g-g-g-guy secretly crawls into a bed…”

“For a rendezvous?”

“Yeah, rendezvous…no no no no, that’s not what I mean! The guy crawls into a woman’s bed…!”

Now he’s got me going at his pace.

Wolfram half-rises, scowling, a hand placed imperiously on his hip. He looks like pretty boy who’s hit the mat after a knockdown, for those with the taste for it.

“If I had to wait for you, you’d never come to a decision.”

“Um, incidentally, what sort of a decision are you looking for…?” My voice trails off as he sways his hips closer.

The Mazoku ex-prince’s face brightens, and he pulls me down by the arm.


“Are we any closer to a decision yet?”


I’m terrified just thinking about what sort of decision this might be. I’m not going to lose my life or anything, but I do feel like there’s something else I’m going to lose. I desperately extract myself, fly into the bathroom and lock the door.


“Wait wait wait! I gotta take a bath first, okay?! You don’t wanna do anything with a sweaty guy either, right?!”

Do…? I blanch at my own words.

My head and nose both prickle, and I stagger, suddenly dizzy.

“Yuuri! Hey, open the door!”


Unable to keep upright any longer, I sit down on the rim of the tub


anonymous asked:

What are the different ceremonies that Nevo's subjects/followers perform in his honor, besides the sacrificial one that Mikhail stopped that one time?

It depends on the place and the culture attatched to it, since not everyone treats Nevo the same. There is one ceremony/festival however that is shared throughout. Not exactly in Nevo’s honor but as a festival to the nightmare creatures in general.

Once a year, on April 30th, there is a festival that the humans and nightmare creatures share. Walpurgis Night (Or Walpurgis nacht, depending on location) Basically Night of the Witches.

They take more of the Finnish approach to it; having bonefires, champagne, strawberries, other good food throughout the night, carnival games, and party it up. In the morning, there is picnics outside in the parks with sparkling wine and also good food, most of the times those that attend havent slept through the festival at all. 

Nevo coordinates the main festival and once it’s off and running, he has the day off as king entirely just to do whatever he wants. It’s his favorite time of year. After some time, he brings Vanya to it and while it’s odd at first, they legitamately have a good time.

perhapsalittlestrange  asked:

Do the S and M boys enjoy Valentines day or do they find it unnecessary?

Since they are vampires, it’s not something important to them. But they would care a little more if they had a s/o I guess.


♥Shu: I don’t really care about it… Buying gifts and flowers, it’s too troublesome.

♥Ayato: Do you really think I would be into that?! I’m not a romantic guy!

♥Reiji: I don’t have time for this kind of celebration…

♥Kanato: It’s a stupid human festivity… But, receiving a lot candies must be nice. Right,Teddy?

♥Laito: I don’t really care about this day… But I think it has it’s advantages, nfu~

♥Subaru: Tch, it’s bullshit… It’s a waste of money.


♥Ruki: We are vampires. We don’t meddle in that kind of affairs.

♥Kou: The only good things about Valentine’s Day are all the gifts I receive from my fans! But aside from that, I don’t care much about it ~

♥Yuma: Tch, who invented that thing?! It’s ridiculous to see all those humans getting crazy over it!

♥Azusa: Hm… I think… You should express your love… Everyday… Not only on Valentine’s Day. It’s kind of selfish…


Someone wants to say Happy Birthday to @daisymeggie and @svenjarn since both your birthdays are coming up 😂😂❤️ life is like a peach 😂 😌☝🏻 @michaelmweatherly (at Grimaldi Forum)

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League of Legends - Rakan’s Big Day

Summary: Vastaya magic and Fae magic do not mix well, as Xayah and Rakan soon find out when the charmer is hit by one of Lulu’s most powerful spells during a match.

[Inspired by @tinypancakes super amazing and cute Giant Rakan fanart! I’ve always had a thing for making my favourite characters BIG so having one of the best champs of all time turn into a giant lovebird? That’s right up my alley!]

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The Gorge (and other ignorant sermons)

If blood were oil,
          than the Earth might as well
          be hemorrhaging.


Eat, eat, EAT! is the norm now
          so that I can sell you,
          but can’t see you beyond my belly.


Perhaps we hear the world “whelp”
          in between the festivals of
          human slaughter.


The world is dying, no doubt,
          and we haven’t another one to kill
          quite yet.


We’re all dying too;
          in assumption that we’re destined deity,
          a’gorged our platefuls ignorant.

     - L.C.

Winter Headcanons!

- Woodie is the kinda guy who picks up a candy cane and immediately gives it to wendy or webber. kids gotta get their sugar
- Woodie helps put alotta the ornaments on the upper most parts of the tree, like the tree topper. hes tol.
- Wolfgang is the secret candy theif. yanno the ones. that steal a candy in the advent calendar that was supposed to be yours. for shame.
- willow is VERY PASSIONATE about the tree being pretty and will go to arms with any no-good tree plan-ruiners
- Wilson is also a secret candy thief. For. Shame.
- Wickerbottom is like. the super organizer. shes the mom at christmas. the one who keeps a detailed list if who gives who what, a who deserves gifts or not.
- in turn the survivors all give her cute lil presents
- Wendy secretly likes the lights up on the trees
- wx very secretly likes to shove sugar cookies into his mouth bc that is less indulgent sugary substances that those festive fevered humans have. win.
- nobody is more concerned that woodie will die of hypothermia than wes is. hes walking around in a tank top. in the snow. stop.
- woodie is very adamant that turkey is served at Thanksgiving AND Christmas. it falls on deaf ears.
- webber keeps putting ornaments on wigfrids helmet.
- webber is the MOST PASSIONATE about getting woodie to sing a carol.
- no. he only sings for lucy.
- hes not gunna sing
- but, webbers giving him puppy eyes. like. 6 puppy eyes
- its official, woodie is singing a christmas carol and its webbers fault.
- Christmas time is the prime time to get piggy backs from woodie. hes never grouchy.

Pumpkin Festival

Fall Collection

The Fall Collection is various scenarios inspired by the Autumn season and Holiday, Thanksgiving will come at a later date when it’s much closer to the Holiday.
They will be split up into two editions, Couple and Family, and all of them will be sweet to spread some Autumn seasons cheer!


Grunting softly, you attempted to heave the overgrown pumpkin over to the Carving table. While watched amused Subaru as he lightly snickered at your fruitless struggles.
Succumbing to failure, you stood straight up and placed your hands on your hips while panting roughly. With your cheeks a light hue of pink from the pointless exertion and the slightly nipping chill in the autumn air.
Looking over at Subaru who stood smirking while his scarlet eyes danced with delight. Who arched an eyebrow questioningly, already knowing of what you were about to say.
Puffing your cheeks out, “Can you get the pumpkin for me?” You questioned while
looking off to the side as he chuckled and easily lifted the pumpkin and placed it on the table.
“Heh, Little Lamb your so weak but it’s cute.” Subaru teasing laughed as he took your gloved in his and leaned down to brush his cold and pale lips against your warm ones. Which turned your cheeks crimson as he nipped at your bottom lip warningly with his fangs while he pulled away and whispered huskily so only you could hear,
“It makes me want to dominate and devour you slowly.”


Swaying to the softly playing music that played from the speakers that surrounded the dirt dances floor. Which was aglow with little twinkling lights that were wrapped around the thick trunks of the trees. While you rested your head on Laito’s chest as you nuzzled close to him. With his arms wrapped gently around your waist as you clutched onto his jacket loosely.
“Mi Amour,” Laito whispered in a low voice, “look up.”
Tilted your head back, your eyes grew wide as you watched the several various colored pumpkin lanterns lift away into the midnight sky. With one of them glowing due to a vivid green flame,
“Do you see that one with the green flame, my flame, I created that one for you, my Amour.” He told you as your swaying stilled and you just stared at the green glow growing smaller as he floated further and further away.
“How about we sneak away and catch it.” Laito suggested as he laced his fingers through yours, leading you away from the human festival and into the surrounding forests. As he then wrapped his arms tightly around your waist and the two of you began to slowly lift off the ground.
Tightly wrapping your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist, you squeal in a mixture of fear and excitement.
“Nufufu~ how about we kiss among the stars first.”


Feeding Kanato a small bite of pumpkin, sugar cane, and chocolate chip ice cream that had been freshly made by the elderly women who ran the Handmade Sweets Booth. When a bit if the thick cream got in the corner of Kanato’s lips,
“Kanato,” you gestured to the corner of his lips with the plastic spoon, “you have a bit of ice cream on the side of your mouth.”
“Then you can lick it off then.” Kanato told you with a mischievous smirk while your cheeks adopted a pale pink shade. While you scooted closer before leaning in and quickly licking the ice cream off the corner of his soft lips. When he quickly cupped your cheek and moved his head so that he was kissing you lightly. With his lips still in a playful smirk as he wrapped his arm around your waist and you dropped the plastic spoon onto the table.
Running his tongue slowly across your bottom lip, you parted your lips allowing Kanato’s tongue to explore your mouth while you explored his which tasted of the hand spun ice cream you had been feeding him.
Pulling away, with a thin string of saliva connecting the both of you, before it broke as your cheeks turned a darker shade.
“Heh, instead of you feeding me, how about I feed on you?” Kanato whispered questioningly against your lips, as he added, “I can feed from these soft lips of yours.”


Squatting in the kiddy blow up pool, with little golden fish mindlessly swimming around your bare feet. While the both of you attempted to scoop them up with the netted scooper, only to have them dart away each and every time.
“Hah, sugar tits did you get one yet?” Ayato questioned you cheerfully as he caught one. Which he watched flop around in the net before putting it into the water in the plastic bag that was offered by the man who ran the Fishy Booth.
Pouting in frustration, you huffed, “No.” rather sharply causing Ayato to snicker.
“Heh Yours Truly will help you then.” Ayatollah told you proudly as he moved around behind you, wrapping an arm around your waist as he grabbed your hand.
“Slowly.” He whispered softly, as he moved your hand slowly up behind a fish. When he suddenly nipped at the outer shell of your ear just has the both of you caught a fish in the nap.
“Ayato!” You exclaimed with cheeks turning a pinkish tint. While Ayatollah chuckled at your flustered face as he delivered the goldfish into the bag with the other one.
“When we get home Yours Truly is going to take you from behind just like this.” Ayato devilishly growled with a smirk as your cheeks turned a crimson red along with the booth owner who overheard.


The game was who could find the better gift for the other one. Where within the hour you would meet back up under the overgrown oak tree which was decorated with piles of craved pumpkins positioned around the base. With the only reason you held any confidence in winning this game being that you had gone to the Pumpkin Festival website and ordered a pair of autumn teacups, one for him and one for you. And all you had to do was pick it up.
Reiji was already waiting for you holding a black case in his hands as you walked up holding a simple white box.
“I had already ordered you a gift before hand.” You admitted to him as you carefully handed him the box.
“I can say the same as well.” Reiji smiled while his magenta eyes twinkled with joy as he handed you the black slender box and watched you open his gift first. Which was a thin heart shaped locket with delicate and completed designs of tiny roses blossoming. It opened when you lightly pressed the button on the top, showing a teardrop snap of your birthstone with the inscribe, ‘My Darling’.
Your eyes began to water as you looked up to see Reiji had already opened his own gift and was admiring the expertly made tea cups which appeared to have been created from leaves.
“The gift is beautiful.” The both of you said at the same time, your cheeks flaming up a dark crimson as you realized Reiji gave you a compliment.


The ride moved slowly rising you into the night sky, yield a view of the glowing festive below and a blanket of trees. Which were paralleled by an endless sea of stars, that were joined by glowing lanterns. With the crescent moon did very little to light the sky, the two of you sat silently in dim twinkling lights that were woven carefully around the cart’s bars.
Classical music leaking from Shuu’s headphones, as you just stared at the sight before you with your head resting on Shuu’s chest and his arms wrapped around your waist. While Shuu just stare at you, studying your facial features, from the way your lips slightly parted to the wonder in your eyes,
“How can you just stare at me when there is so much beauty all around us?” You questioned Shuu without looking away from the sight before you.
“Because,” Shuu’s voice was softer than normal, huskier and hungry, “these sights have been around for centuries and I have tired of them, but I can never tired of looking at you, whose beauty outshines anything I have ever seen. Though it’s shame some of your beauty is hidden by clothing I’ll have to fix that when we get home and make you sing for me.”


‘A Dangerous Journey’ (part funded by Comic Relief) warns young African women of the dangers of being coerced and tricked into prostitution by traffickers who use scare tactics perpetrated by native doctors and false promises.

The campaign was launched in the House of Lords in October 2012. The film won the Gold World Medal at the 2013 New York Festivals and the 2013 Human Trafficking Foundation Media Award.

What she says: I’m fine.

What she really means: If Mina Ashido is such an athletic star, then why does she share the same petite body type as all the other girls? She placed in the top of her class during the physical assessment and 19th in the sports festival against super humans and all she can do is spray acid. That’s beyond impressive and she just deserves better.

So I was at the Toronto pride parade today and there was a A truck that looked like Optimus Prime and like
What if the autobots go to a pride parade like a political guests and are just amazed at what a huge festival humans throw for the name of love and choosing who they are are as individuals despite all the hate and struggling they went through
Honestly I think they would love it, like what a human thing to celebrate love

thecomradekitty  asked:

(Christmas starter)⛄🎄 it's Christmas night and he walks alone in the middle of sea of peoples,hedonism and madness called Manhattan,Dark didn't care about human festive, he just wants to buy plushie for his little brother so he will shut his mouth and stops his whining about Christmas, but seems like all of the goddamn stores already scavenged, so he decides to take a break from his witch hunt for doll,and sit on a bench while smokes

Lindsey was sitting on the bench as well, thinking about the horror that was Christmas shopping. When Dark sat down looking troubled, her heart couldn’t help but go out to him. “you okay there mister?” She asked softly.