We’re incredibly excited to announce the Tristhad Fest! As you guys know, these past years our friends at @tristhad-week​ have been holding a yearly event revolving around Tristhad. This year, they asked us to hold it here, at Hannibal Cre-ATE-Ive, and we’re so happy to be collaborating with the admins there in the organization of this fest.

To participate, you only have to write/draw/create anything at all around the theme of Tristhad - which is the union between Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy’s characters from King Arthur (2004) - and post it from April 23rd-30th with the hashtag #TristhadFest (plenty of time to come up with your contributions!).

It can be anything at all: fanfic, fanart, gifset, edits, crafts, etc, as long as it fits the theme, Tristhad. It can be romantic, platonic, merely the characters battling together… Whatever you want!

A huge thank you @meduszoa​ for the amazing art!

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Surprise! Or not! It’s the official announcement of the Fall Fest!

The festivities celebrating the King of Camelot and all his bounty will be from November 13th through the 20th!

All art, fic, manips and more are accepted so feel free to join in on the fun, no notice of entry necessary!

Due to the issues tumblr has given us during the last two fests (tags and @ notifications barely working :/)  we ask that you notify this blog of your participation through the ask box and we will reblog any content created post haste.

(Big thanks to @deheerkonijn for the banner 3rd fest in a row)