unusedwhippedcream asked:

How did you first make Ferris :0

ahh yes :D throwback to 63 weeks ago on Instagram when me and 13 other of my internet friends decided to make an oc (original character) group called Hella Rad Warriors, and I wanted an angsty guy with a sad backstory and white hair, thus Ferris was created <3333 but I literally destroyed his life omfg I’m so awful to him tbh, yet love him the most hehh ;U;

& incase if anyone’s curious, here’s the first ever drawing of him that I’ve done :D -


A selfie, more magical girl anime dreaming, and a family portrait w/ Comrade Ferris* & Spoons The Cat**.

*Formerly Business Dog. He’s renounced Capitalism.
**AKA Garbage Forever Man AKA King Satan AKA Butts Junior