66 Things College Has Taught Me
  1. Your friends aren’t going to include you in every activity they do or at every meal they consume. They’re still your friends and they don’t hate you.
  2. If you wake up for your 8 AM class and see that your makeup from the day before doesn’t look that bad, it’s okay to just throw on a sweatshirt and fix it after class.
  3. If no one saw you wear it, did you really wear it?
  4. Yes, picking up clothes off of the floor and sniffing them to see if they’re clean is perfectly normal.
  5. Judging when to do laundry by how many pairs of socks and underwear you have left is also perfectly normal.
  6. Be at the washing machine or dryer right when your laundry is done. Other people also have tight schedules and need to get their panties washed, too.
  7. Your room is going to get messy. You’re going to get stressed out about it. Make sure to set aside 15 minutes to straighten up, make your bed, fold the shirt you threw on the ground after deciding it’s not what you want to wear after 5 minutes of having it on.
  8. Get involved. Your résumé will summarize in words everything you’ve experienced, accomplished, and done, but your personality and demeanor is an even better summarization.
  9. Work hard in the beginning of the semester when you still have your motivation and determination at an all-time high. When you’re exhausted, stressed, and skipping classes to catch up on other classes, you’ll thank yourself.
  10. Don’t be one of those students that calculate their grade to figure out what grades they can earn on the last few assignments in order to keep a B in the class. Sure, figure out what your safe house is, but don’t aim for that. You should still be aiming for the highest grade possible.
  11. If you don’t remember the last time you showered, it’s probably time to shower.
  12. Don’t spend days in the shower. Other people need the shower.
  13. Buy a shower caddy and take your shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor, etc. with you. Otherwise, your things are now for community use.
  14. People can hear you when you’re singing in your room. Or the shower.
  15. Don’t be that annoying floormate that blasts music as loud as your computer/stereo/boombox can go. Everyone will hate you.
  16. College is full of free things- tampons, highlighters, candy, other things you don’t really need. Just take it.
  17. Use binders, notebooks, folders, highlighters, colored pens, etc. You learn so much better when everything is organized and interesting to look at.
  18. Use a planner, to-do lists, keep track of your exercise, meals, expenses, and anything else you do daily. When you have a schedule or are able to cross off a task on your to-do list, you’re able to see the progress you’ve made within the 14 hours you’ve been up.
  19. Those little ID wallets are your best friend.
  20. FYI- there ARE healthy options at your school cafeteria.
  21. But I’m not going to tell anyone about your candy stash in your underwear drawer.
  22. Exercise. Your school has a gym on campus for a reason. If you don’t like the gym on campus, find a different one. In college, you realize that exercise isn’t an option anymore.
  23. Keep track of dates to remember- your parents’ anniversary, birthdays, events, exam dates, due dates for quizzes, homework, or projects. Due dates are always closer than they appear.
  24. Lay out your schedule (in detail) for the current week and the next on paper or a white board in your room, or somewhere you look everyday. This will constantly remind you of what you have to do.
  25. Go to bed early enough to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Without 8 hours of sleep (even if I get 7), I am so cranky, have a migraine throughout the day, and am the worst person to be around. I can’t study or function.
  26. Take naps and plan for them in your schedule, but keep them short. A study stated that the maximum amount of energy and rejuvenation that one is able to obtain from a nap comes from only 20 minutes of sleep. Don’t lay down (from the time you get in bed till the time you are up and ready to go again) for more than an hour.
  27. Energy drinks and caffeine in large doses is not the way to go. They are fine in moderation, but use them with caution. Sleep is the best answer.
  28. Schedule time for friends and relaxation. Without relaxation, you’re going to burn out faster than you know.
  29. Make connections. Friend people on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, connect with them on LinkedIn. These people could get you the opportunity of a lifetime if you’re still in contact with them for years to come.
  30. Be aware of your university’s and city’s parking regulations. Otherwise, you’ll be swimming in parking tickets.
  31. Go to every class. No one can take better notes for you than yourself, and getting notes from a classmate is not the same.
  32. Always buy the textbook, just do it. It’s required for a reason and when you have to look over your neighbor’s shoulder at their book every class period, it’s safe to say you have a new enemy.
  33. Bring your own pencil because, I know if I’m letting you borrow mine, I’m never getting it back.
  34. Take pictures. College is the best 4 (or more) years of your life, not high school.
  35. Post about how well you’re doing with your grades, accomplishments, job, etc. If people get annoyed with it, their either not your friend or not succeeding like you are.
  36. Indulge in vitamin C. You’re going to be sick from living with so many people.
  37. If you’re going to be out for a while, think ahead and bring ahealthy snack if you think you may get hungry. This will save money, time, and extra pounds from being added to your butt.
  38. Go to sporting events or other activities going on throughout campus. You can meet the coolest people and there are actually some interesting things to experience.
  39. Participate in community service. Not only is it a résumé builder, it’s also a confidence builder, and you’d be surprised at what easy tasks are considered community service.
  40. Take a foreign language. You may think foreign languages are a waste of time and that “this is ‘Merica, we speak English here.” But the reality of it is that no, America doesn’t have an official language, and even though most residents speak English, a large (and growing) portion of them don’t.
  41. You look absolutely ridiculous walking across campus to class in high heels.
  42. There’s always going to be that one girl that wears a dress with heels and looks like a model in your classes, even when they’re at 8 AM. There only needs to be one of those girls.
  43. Just because some days you get up and throw your hair up into a ponytail and wear yoga pants to class, people will notice the days you shower and change the grease in your hair and throw on a nice top. Look good, feel good, do good.
  44. Drink in moderation and have a trustworthy DD before you go out. No one likes a sloppy drunk and your head certainly won’t in the morning. Never drink and drive, even if it’s only been one drink. 
  45. Never take a drink from anyone.
  46. Posting pictures of you drinking makes you annoying and immature, not popular and a desired friend. Even if you are of age, posting pictures of alcohol doesn’t send a good message.
  47. Just because you had a good time and didn’t post pictures of you doing illegal things doesn’t mean that you didn’t have a good time.
  48. Nobody cares about your sex life, but it sure is a great dinner conversation when it’s so prominent that everyone knows about it.
  49. Everyone hates your daily rants and whiny Facebook/Twitter statuses. Be grateful for what you have.
  50. Don’t do drugs. And if you do, don’t parade yourself around. That doesn’t make you cool, it makes you sketchy.
  51. Save things that symbolize a good time. Ticket stubs, movie tickets, pictures, and notes all will bring a warm smile to your heart when looked at months later.
  52. At the end of the year, get all of your friends together and fill a poster with memories, jokes, and things that will forever make you laugh. These will be amazing to look at in a little while.
  53. Get a job. Your savings account is not for beer money!
  54. Get an education in something you have passion for. If you aren’t sure if you’re going to like it, shadow someone in the industry before you continue to pursue your degree. College is expensive, make sure you are spending your money on classes that will get you where you need to go.
  55. Take summer classes at a community college to save money. They are a third of the price of university credit hours for (basically) the same education.
  56. Stay in constant communication with your professors. Make sure they know your name.
  57. Become close enough to professors that, if you ever need a letter of recommendation for something, you’re able to get one.
  58. Don’t be the student that shows up 20 minutes late to a 50 minute class. You are distracting everyone, including the professor, and if everyone else can get to class on time, you can too.
  59. Don’t be the student that argues with the professor and tries to be the class badass. This is not high school and you can’t just run to your parents to fight your battles. Your professor is in charge of your grade and there are no parent-teacher conferences.
  60. Ask questions. The only stupid questions are the ones that ask the professor to repeat something he or she just said, but because you weren’t paying attention or listening, he or she has to repeat it and delay moving on in the agenda.
  61. If you don’t like your major, change it. The world isn’t over.
  62. If you don’t like your school, transfer. It’s more common than meets the eye.
  63. If you have a significant other at home or another school and you feel you just aren’t equipped for long distance, it’s alright to break up or at least take a break. It’s stressful to keep up with relationships especially if they are far away, and if you are letting it affect your academics, it’s not okay.
  64. Snooze Button limit: 3.
  65. Check. Your. E-mail. Professors, faculty, your peers, job internships,everything gets to you by e-mail. Check it when you wake up, every few hours, and before you go to bed.
  66. This is the last time in your life where you are able to be a kid, but also get a taste of adulthood… Have fun, but don’t let the innocence and immaturity of your “kid” self (that everyone still has when they enter college and has usually until after they graduate) ruin the life of your adult self forever.