James Potter:

- Annoying Pureblood Rich Kid 

- barges into Lily’s compartment on Hogwarts Express with his annoying rich kid buddy 

- offers friendship 

 - simultaneously insults her poor kid best friend and is therefore rejected 

- proceeds to make himself a nuisance for the next 5 years 

- Obsessed as heck w Lily but only calls her by her last name

- every time she’s around feels the need to show off 

- makes the fool of himself every time she’s around instead 

- good at Quidditch though

- hangs about with his gang of Cool Kids 

- picks on her friend partially out of jealousy, partiallly due to the whole Gryffindor vs Slytherin shit 

- begins realizing the errors of his ways around year 6 

- somehow betters himself as a person, loses the ego 

- becomes a truly sympathetic character at about year 7

Which I believe we can all agree sounds extremely familiar, so to sum this up…  

look joanne you can’t just draw all these parallels, put jily on a pedestal as the ultimate Soulmate Bond, and then somehow expect me nOT TO SHIP DRARRY

All I’m sayin’.  

Dramione conversations no. 7
  • Hermione: Oh good! You're back! I need you to explain something to me.
  • Draco: Don't nag woman and besides *sees parents sitting on the couch* Uhm. Father? Mother?
  • Lucius: Son, we came as soon as we got your letter. I must say, Miss Granger is a good actress.
  • Narcissa: Indeed! It seems like she doesn't know she's your fiancé and you're getting married soon!
  • Hermione: You see?! Talk Malfoy.
  • Draco: Well uhn - you're my fiancè?
  • Hermione: