am Tack. my eyse r crossé but i see okya–humaines lovf it. my haed smol n tail v longe. möm think slep stranggé but i comf. my haert go “blrrp blrrp” so i get squeeshē treat wit “medecaine” evry nighte. when möm get me, they told hr i “ferralle”, but i just bébé! i liek to bonk haed so hard they go “thonk”. möm best humaine, but also lovf other möm

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I'm in my mid twenties and today I got called a loser by a child whilst purchasing your new book. I was then removed from the store for calling said child ferral. Said childs mother then purchased your book for me. So I would like to thank you for attaining me a free book

Danggggg that’s crazy.


So I finally caught Otto who is a #ferral #cat in need of some help, tomorrow morning we are going to his #veterinarian appointment.
#ferralcat #trap #adoptdontshop
(på/i Hörby)

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So I remember reading a while back that you guys don't really go for cosplay suggestions because you prefer to cosplay characters that you personally connect with (which I think is super chill btw.) Now I recently watched Fantastic Beasts (I know I'm super slow), and I have to ask, Sylar, why did you chose to cosplay Graves? Like you so totally nailed it, but I'm really curious how you felt connected to him in order to make that choice. (Shout out to Shelia's adorbs Queenie too!)

I love Colin Ferral. His design is badass. And I’m a sucker for bad guys.

My drawing final for freshman year was a Welcome to Night Vale movie poster. 

I always thought that if there were to be a wtnv movie, Carlos would be the main character. It always seemed that the story was simply being told through the eyes of the romantic interest.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy!

Colin Farrell.

Coli– *sigh*


UGH. Fuck you and your face.

Colin Ferrell looks like that fuckboy dudebro you meet in college that ‘accidentally’ corners you at a Frat party and just as you’re gearing up to punch him in the nutsack he offers you a bottle of water (seal unfucking broken!!! Tf?!!?) and shows you his watercolor paint collection.

He’s the type of person to fuck you so good you shatter into a million pieces then he’ll sew you up and proceed to fuck off to another continent and not contact you for three years straight – come back and ask you to bear him his first born. FUCK OUTTA HERE YOURE A JOKE MY DUDE AND I CURSE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY NAME FOR GENERATIONS.


PS: я так и знала что аноша сольётся после того, как я выложила контактные данные. Бархи и Аззи были правы на счёт него Х)