Fernanda Ramirez


Consider the following:

- Fernanda was introduced the issue directly after Viv suggested she might be into girls

- They get along really well instantly

- Fernanda cooks Viv food she enjoys

- Viv gave Fernanda her phone number

- There is no sense of personal space in this team up at all

- They have a bunch of parallels (dead mother and brother, continuing a proud legacy etc) that means they’d understand each other

- Fernanda hugged her, and Viv hasn’t even hugged her official teammates yet

- This team up allowed Viv to work through some of her issues and her relationship with her father, which means she improved more in this one issue than the previous eight with the Champions - clearly this needs to continue

- Having Fernanda on the team means Viv would have to stop wearing those terrible red outfits because the colours would be confusing

- I’m just saying - a teammate who a Vision dates? Red Locust and Scarlet Witch parallel?


The new issue of Champions introduced a new character called the Red Locust and I already love her. She’s got a a cool suit, a heroic heritage, and she’s a fan of the Champions team too. 

She’s also a homage to a Mexican superhero TV show called El Chapulin Colorado

How neat is that? 

I hope we get to see more of her.

This can’t be a coincidence.

So, this week, we were introduced to the Red Locust in Champions #9.  She’s cute, but then SHE SAID THIS!

‘saving Runaways’. 

The week before that, we got THIS:

A New Runaways series announced.

This can’t and SHOULD NOT be a Coincidence. 

Especially because well-meaning heroes are one of their classic nemeses.

  • Viv: Every time you talk, I get this warm, fuzzy feeling inside me. It's really nice, but it's bothering me, so please stop.
  • Fernanda: Warm, fuzzy feeling...?
  • Fernanda: Oh my gosh. Viv, do you have feelings for me?
  • Viv: What the hell is a feeling?