“Stop making it about race”

“Not all white people are racist”

“All lives matter”

“Reverse Racism exists”

Honestly my mom just said this shit and I’m going to repeat it in hopes it’ll save some lifes

If you are black and you are driving and the cops put on their sirens to pull you over and you’re in a secluded area DO NOT PULL OVER! Take out your phone and call 911 and tell them what is going on, that you are black and you’re terrified of pulling over your car with no witnesses around. Tell the 911 operator you are pulling over to the nearest gas station. (Gas stations have cameras / Keep that 911 operator on the line at all times DO NOT HANG UP)

The rest is up to prayer honestly.


Run the Jewels drop some major truth a year after Ferguson

“Riots work.” At least, that’s according to Run the Jewels. In a video exclusive to the BBC, Killer Mike discussed how the events that unfolded on the streets of Ferguson last year forever changed the city for the better. And Ferguson’s own law enforcement actually agrees.

If you were not prepared to be put into compromising positions, you shouldn’t have been a police officer.

If you couldn’t see a black teenager in a hoodie without killing him, you shouldn’t have been a police officer.

If you couldn’t handle a black teenager refusing to come to your office without body slamming her into the ground and then dragging her, you shouldn’t have been a police officer.

If you couldn’t stop from shooting at a young black man who was accused of robbing a convenience store (which he didn’t), you shouldn’t have been a police officer.

If you couldn’t contain the situation without shooting when a black mans tail light was out and you felt threatened after you pulled him over, you shouldn’t have been a police officer.

No more excuses.


Michael Brown surveillance footage sparks fresh protests in Ferguson

  • A group of protestors congregated outside of a liquor store in Ferguson, Missouri, on Sunday night after a documentary containing previously unreleased footage of police shooting victim Michael Brown aired at South by Southwest.
  • According to CNN, Stranger Fruit, which debuted at the Austin, Texas, festival on Saturday evening, featured footage of the unarmed black teen entering Ferguson Market and Liquor Store 11 hours before he was accused of robbing it in 2014.
  • Brown, 18, would later be gunned down by police for the purported crime in an instance of police violence that devastated a community and sparked nationwide riots.
  • Director Jason Pollock, previously told CNN that he thinks it likely that Brown did not rob the convenience store, but rather was involved in a drug deal with clerks who worked there. Read more (3/13/17 10:11 AM)

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Darren Wilson called black people “n*ggers” on duty, lawyer denies it was derogatory

  • Former Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson referred to black people as “niggers” while on duty, according to a December court filing obtained by the Washington Post.
  • The filing — part of a civil suit brought by the family of Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager Wilson killed in August 2014 — contains 173 sworn “admissions” from the former officer. 
  • Several of these include concessions that Wilson and his fellow police used the racial slur at work.
  • “You have used the word ‘nigger’ to refer to an African-American on at least one occasion,” Wilson was asked. “Admitted,” Wilson replied, through his attorney.
  • Wilson’s attorney, Greg Kloeppel, stated in an email to the Washington Post that Wilson only used the term when repeating or reporting what was said to him by a victim, witness or suspect during an investigation. Read more (3/14/17 11:25 AM)

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