Thrift store finds! I already painted the magazine rack pink to match my bedroom decor and the picture frame will get the same treatment.

The frame will hold a piece about 20" tall by 15" wide, so I need ideas for a drawing or painting! I mean, I could do a mirror, but that seems like a waste, so I’m taking suggestions!

Meant to Be - Part Three: Awake

Part One  Part Two

Pairing: jamilton (Hamilton x Jefferson)

Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well.

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Word Count: 2071

Warnings: swearing, anxiety/panic attacks, STRONG TRIGGER WARNING: description of suicide attempt

A/N: buckle up y’all

The reply was immediate.


Alexander felt a strange rush of emotions at the sight of the familiar handwriting. All his hatred for Thomas bubbled up, and constricted his airway. At the same time, he felt a fluttering in his stomach. This was the boy that he was in love with.

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“-Are you sure that you will deal with him yourself? I doubt it somehow, that’s why i want to help you…”
“-Pfff, do you doubt in me, my friend?” Now I’ll prove to you that I can tell to this freak where to get off. I know one thing - his soft places, which I found in him in a deep childhood, haven’t disappeared anywhere. I will press him properly. Now he can’t hurt me. “

Valera and Suzz decide what to do with one dude who returned from the fox’s distant past. Speedpaint.

anonymous asked:

ut, us, uf, and sf mains plus error and fresh react to their s/o growing increasingly despondent

Nether long one, here we go. ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

He’s very concerned. His hope’s been very low for a while, but you both can’t have it be low. He’ll try to help on occasion, but he doesn’t know how to help. At all. Him finding you is what allowed him to get more hope, he can’t lose all of it along with you. He just can’t.

UT Papyrus

He’s practically panicking. Loss of hope can be deadly for monsters, so he’s going to try and help you as much as possible. “THINGS WILL GET BETTER, DATE MATE! PLEASE STAY HOPEFUL!” He’ll also be hugging you a lot more than usual.

UT Toriel

She’s wrapping you in a blanket and giving you something warm to drink. She’ll give you words of encouragement daily. She can’t handle seeing you get like this, but she’s not sure how to reverse the situation, and will still be there for you for as long as possible.

UT Undyne

“Aww, hell no!” She’s literally picking you up and carrying you to areas that she remembers you being happy. She’s forcing you to do things. She’s reminding you of the good that’s happened. No way is she letting you lose hope! “As long as I’m alive, you are to be your usual self, damnit!”

US Sans

He’s very obviously panicked. He’s somehow finding a way to be more physically affectionate. “REMEMBER THE GOOD THINGS! JUST REMEMBER THE GOOD THINGS! THEY’LL REMAIN AND EVENTUALLY COME BACK!” He’s trying to not cry, but it’s very hard for this emotional ball to not cry, so there’s tears leaking. He loves you and needs you to be happy.

US Papyrus

His reaction’s pretty similar to UT Sans. He’s a little better at the comforting words part, but for the most part, he doesn’t know what he’s doing, just what he wants.

US Asgore

He’s worried greatly, and it shows on his face. He’ll try to not make things worse and point out everything good going on. He’s just hoping to reverse the damage that seems to have come to you.

US Alphys

Her secret worried side is now apparent. She’s stuttering on occasion and trying to get you things to make you remember how good this place actually is overall. She’s not sure what to do. She’s crying inside.

UF Sans

“look, i know this world is shit, but hold onto something, kay?” He really doesn’t trust in the world, or himself, but damn, if he loses you, he’ll lose the bit of hope he’s been holding onto since meeting you. He’s not sure how much hope he has besides that, either.

UF Papyrus

“NOPE.” He’s going to force you to be your old self again. Literally force you to remember the good things and to keep your hopes up. “HOPE IS IMPORTANT TO LIFE! DON’T YOU DARE LOSE IT, YOU HEAR ME!”

UF Toriel

She’s just going into hysterics randomly. She knows how this works. If the loss of hope doesn’t just kill you, it can cause you to make big, big mistakes. She doesn’t want to see that from you, but she just doesn’t know what to do in response. So she just starts to lose it, everytime.

UF Undyne

Take Edge’s reaction, and amp it up to 11.

SF Sans

He’s crying as he screams at you. He doesn’t know exactly how important hope is to humans, and he’s not wanting to risk it. He’s not very good with motivational words, but he doesn’t want to lose you. He’ll hold onto you, not giving you a chance to be alone.

SF Papyrus

He was keeping close tabs on you the entire time. The entire time as you slowly became less and less hopeful, trying to see if you’ll get it back up on your own. When it seems it won’t be going up on its own is when he comes forward and says literally everything he can think of that could/should help you regain some hope.

SF Asgore

Pretty similar to UF Toriel, he just kinda goes into hysterics when he’s alone. He’ll still try, admittedly unsuccessfully sometimes, to say comforting words.

SF Alphys

See UF Undyne/Edge’s response.

Error Sans

Of course this would happen. He’s kinda laughing a bit to himself at first, because he warned you something like this would happen if you hung out with him. But, for whatever reason, as you drifted further and further away from him, he seemed to actually care. Unfortunately, there’s literally nothing he can do about it.

Fresh Sans

This is all wrong. You’re supposed to be cheery, right? Where’d the actual you go? Is there something there that shouldn’t be? Is something missing that should be there? He’s honestly not sure what to make of this. He’s sure he’s supposed to be more ‘worried’ or ‘upset’ about this, but instead he’s just curious.

treading water

Sequel to staying afloat which I wrote for @rebelcaptainprompts prompt #8: “agony, fingers, and shiver”

Written because people asked and I also made myself sad (oops). I’m still sticking to the prompt! :) (though it’s much fluffier at the end, I promise)

In Cassian’s POV this time, requested by @wantingtobekorra 

Word Count: 880 

She’s too light, too cold, too limp, her chest deathly still. 

His heart lurches in his throat, leaving him gasping for air, Jyn’s head lolling in his arms. The only thing pushing him forward is the fact that she hasn’t let go of him. Despite everything, her fingers are still firmly intertwined with his, blood drying on her knuckles. Holding on tight. 

So he runs.

Cassian knows he’s scaring the technician with the look in his eyes. Despair had twisted his usually calm expression into something feral. 

“I can’t let go,” he almost hisses, almost begging. 

“Sir,” the young medic says, “you can’t come in here,” they explain for the third time. “You’re wasting time,” they add. Somehow the words reach the logical, functioning part of Cassian’s brain. You’re wasting her time

So he lets go, turning away so he doesn’t see Jyn’s hand being pried away from his. 

This was the day Cassian learned the true meaning of agony. He didn’t pace the hallway in front of Jyn’s room in the medbay. He didn’t constantly peer into the little gap in the doorway to see how the medics were faring. He didn’t corner everyone who came out of that room and demand to know Jyn’s fate.

He waited, back pressed against the wall, sitting with his head in his hands, elbows on his knees. Passersby would’ve thought he was praying, but Cassian had given that up long ago. 

The deathly chill of the medbay seeps into his bones along with fear. It was his fault. He should’ve gotten there sooner, moved faster, aimed more precisely, ran more quickly. Cassian tries to shove the thoughts away - this won’t help her.

He had dealt with loss before, so many times that it felt like an old friend. He knew the steps: mourn and move on. 

Even at Scarif, he had accepted his fate. But Jyn had been with him. 

Jyn had been with him. 

And now he was alone. 

She was alone. 

Cassian’s shaking, now, and he thinks he’s shivering from the cold. But he eventually pulls his hands away from his face, and the blood smears are damp with tears.

He rests his head against the wall, looks up at the brightly lit ceiling, timing his breaths with the flickering of the lights, a sob threatening to spill from his lips. The cold’s numbed his fingers, and he balls them into fists to keep them warm. He runs his thumbs over the kunckles, deep in thought. 

Jyn’s a fighter, he thinks, and his mouth quirks into something resembling a smile. There was nothing he could do now, but hope she could make it. Hope was what kept them alive. 

The door opens eventually, and the medic from earlier eyes Cassian warily. Cassian tilts his head back down to look at them, expression showing no hints of emotion. 

“Captain Andor?” the medic asks. 

Cassian nods, a fluttery feeling in his gut. Hope was a delicate thing, and when crushed there was no way to recover. He holds it tightly, not wanting to let it go. 

“Lieutenant Erso is out of danger. She lost almost two liters of blood, but she’s been patched up and should be healthy after a few days’ rest.”

Hope soars once again, and it delicately flutters in the palm of Cassian’s hand. 

“She’ll be awake soon,” the medic continues, trying to match Cassian’s netural expression. “You can go in now, sir.” 

Cassian closes his eyes and nods. The medic moves to leave.

“Thank you,” he says and the medic gives him an apologetic smile. 

“We just do our duty, sir. I think you’d understand that.” 

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I’m pretty sure the Barry case was the Fifth Laboratory scientists practicing soul-swapping. Barry went into the armor, and some feral animal went into his leftover body. Or so Barry is guessing right now.

I mused over a certain theory after last episode’s reveal of human Barry, but I think I can put my unvoiced theory to rest: Alphonse’s body is not out there somewhere. Alphonse’s flesh was claimed in full by “God.”

Barry was just transferred by mortal men. There was leftovers.

drama-ostrich  asked:

woops i did not notice sorry but the UT/US/UF/SF brothers

UT/US/UF/SF with a S/O that acts a lot like a cat, like they will sunbathe, sleeping everywhere, will wear a collar, chase birds and so on

Alright, here we go! Sorry about taking a while.~Mod Feral

UT Sans

He’s not gonna mind. He’s honestly somewhat catlike himself. He’ll def join you in sunbathing and napping. He may even get you a new collar himself, if you’ll let him.

UT Papyrus

“BUT DATEMATE, WHY WOULD YOU ACT LIKE SOMETHING YOU’RE NOT?” He doesn’t quite get it, but as long as you’re not hurting yourself or others, he’s not really gonna try and stop you. He just really, really wishes he knew why.

US Sans

He’s not gonna make any major comments, just a quick thing about watching where you’re going and not actually harming the birds/squirrels/mice if you catch them.

US Papyrus

Similar to UT Sans, he’s joining with the naps and sunbathing, but if you do, at any point, try to ask for him to do something, he’ll be likely to respond with “sorry, i don’t speak cat.”

UF Sans

“they’re not cat-like. lot’s of animals are predators with sunbathing habits. shut up.” He’s not a big fan of cats, but he loves you dearly, so he’s denying all claims that you’re cat-like. He’ll get you a cool collar, though. Monsters getting each other collars in Snowdin is a major step in a mating, so he has no issues at least thinking it.

UF Papyrus

If he didn’t show as much of his love for you in public before, he definitely is now. He loves cats dearly, so his mate acting like one frequently is amazing. And, yes, he’s getting you an amazing collar. No hesitation.

SF Sans

He doesn’t care either way. He knows how cats work, so it’s no big. He might laugh on occasion, stating something about having both a cat and a dog now, but that’s the most of it.

SF Papyrus

He doesn’t care too much. He acts pretty dog-like on occasion, so he won’t mind you acting like a cat. As long as you still love him, he’s happy.

i really don't want to be at work tonight

i want to be home bonding with my kitties. they are so scared and skittish and i have so much empathy for them i’m practically bursting. those poor babies, abandoned and fending for themselves. i know it will take a long time for them to trust me, and i’ve got all the patience in the world for them.

i read a cat blog today about showing affection without scaring them with petting. it has lots of tips for working with scared/formerly feral/stressed out kitties.

yeah, i read a cat blog.

tygermama  asked:

so does Edie bring home 10 lothcats or does she bring home one fat lothcat who of course chooses to give birth in Obi Wan's closet? (and where does she find the lothcat? in the streets of Coruscant or the lower levels of the Temple or somewhere else?) cause Edie needs a lothcat and so do Anakin and Ahsoka *nods* (feel free to ignore this if it does work with what you had in mind)

That can totally happen.

She can keep bringing home animals, getting them healthy, and then finding them homes or giving them to rescues.

The time with the pregnant loth cat is one Obi-Wan will never forget. He may have nightmares about it forever.

Edie was delighted to find ten new loth cats instead of just the one she brought home in the morning. Obi-Wan was waaaaay less excited, but he can’t deny that Edie’s joy is a little infectious.

Maybe they’re on a mission to Lothal one time and a little sort-of-feral-sort-of-domestic herd of loth cats just decide following Edie around is a good idea because she gives them treats and pets them. Obi-Wan sighs heavily and begs the Force to tell him why it sent him ANOTHER QUI-GON JINN.

Qui-Gon is dying (theoretically) because Obi-Wan was a handful and a half to raise so he deserves every second Edie makes him exasperated.

Edie brings home a soaked loth kitten one night that she found just outside the Temple and gives it a bath and feeds it (she keeps a stash of loth cat friendly food in the lower cabinet) and Obi-Wan comes to their quarters to find it curled up sleeping in her bed with her. He can’t seem to be upset or make her get rid of it until she’s ready.

Anakin calls her a crazy loth cat lady and Edie smacks him. Ahsoka loves to play with all the creatures she brings home so she smacks Anakin too.

thantos1991  asked:

Simon, I was playing a couple of zombie games and I have come to the conclusion you would critique the games on the level of realism when it comes to a feral humanoid creature eating a human.

I likely would, but to do so well, I’d have to know the games. I’ll admit to only knowing a few.

I think my largest pet peeve is the shuffling, or the lack of adherence to physics. Physics is real. I don’t do anything that isn’t physically possible.

I would compare my movements to Freerunning but only when I can be bothered. The rest of the time, I only make noise when I mean to. I also don’t growl unless I mean to. I don’t pounce from far away. One does that from very close to. I can sit still for hours on end without bothering a fly.

And be assured that my joints are not like yours. This means that to move even close to humanoid, I have to distinctly limit myself, which means when playing human, I keep my arms even pressed closer than a human, I tend to keep my face down, hunch over, I have to torque my arms when doing tasks. The point is, when I am being “human”, I look somewhat injured or stiff. I even sometimes limp from the effort of keeping my hips in check. But when I am alone, I’m allowed to move like myself, which is often more expansive than human reach, or human flexibility.

I don’t know if that makes sense.

But very seldom do I see any horror medium that achieves this well.

anonymous asked:

i am tired of the dark stuff, ut, us, uf, and sf mains (including mettaton and gaster) plus rt sans react to finding out their s/o is a temmie or flowey for us and sf

i meant soulmate on the temmie thing

omg that’s a lot of characters.~Mod Feral

UT Sans

He’s confused at first, and then can’t help but laugh. Not because this is the bad luck one would expect for him, but because he didn’t think of a Temmie as a potential soulmate. Up till now, people weren’t even sure if Temmies got soulmates or not, so it’s kinda neat to him to get this discovery. Even if it’s because he’s the mate.

UT Papyrus

He doesn’t think twice on it. He doesn’t care what species his soulmate is, this hopeless romantic is just glad to have a soulmate. He’ll scoop the Temmie up and hug them tightly. He’s happy.

UT Toriel

This was far from what she expected when she finally went into the world again. Temmies are a strange species, so to have one as her soulmate was a strange experience, but she wasn’t gonna complain.

UT Undyne

“Nuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!” As someone that has lived near them for most of her life and always had to deal with them, she knows how annoying they can get. Maybe if she can teach this one proper grammar and such, similar to Bob, she’ll be fine though. It might end up being more like a pet, though.

UT Mettaton

He just kinda sighs and shakes his head at the whole deal. He should’ve expected this much, his life is confusing.

UT Gaster

Of course. Of course. It had to be a Temmie. Everything in Waterfall was confusing. The water being safe yet unsafe, the Echo Flowers and their big mystery, the fact that that seemed to be the only place certain monster species could exist in, and then there’s the Temmies. Too much about Temmies were a mystery that he couldn’t solve, so of course he’s got one personal to him.

US Sans

Similar to UT Papyrus, he’s just happy to have a soulmate. He wants to hug them, but isn’t quite sure how to get around to it considering they’re a plant species of monster that can’t leave the ground, but he’s happy.

US Papyrus

“kinda sucks you can’t live in snowdin.” He really doesn’t care past that. He doesn’t want to move to Waterfall, but the Flowey species can’t survive in snow and cold. He can handle all of the other issues, just not the living in Waterfall instead of Snowdin.

US Asgore

He also doesn’t care too much. He’s always liked flowers, so a flower monster is kinda perfect. He just hopes they don’t mind the non-monster flowers being taken care of as well.

US Alphys

She’s kinda trying to ignore the fact that it’s a flower. She’ll try to get along with them. She’ll try to treat them well. She’ll try. Eventually it’ll work out and she won’t need to try anymore, but boy is it an adjustment.

US Mettaghost

He didn’t expect much better. Honestly, the fact that anything gets to be with him and likes him is good enough for this ghost.

US Gaster

This is gonna be a challenge. He’s in a boat most of the time, and this monster can’t really leave the ground. If they could find a way to allow the Flowey to be anywhere that Gaster is, it’ll work fine though.

UF Sans

“ain’t this just the cherry on top of my shit life.” He really, really doesn’t like the Temmie species. Very little monsters do. But his life is such a terrible mess that it doesn’t really surprise him.

UF Papyrus

He’s gonna try and pretend he never noticed and avoid the area even near Temmie Village for the rest of his life. He doesn’t like the Temmies, and he hates their favorite ‘food’. It gets everywhere, including in his armor somehow.

UF Toriel

She’s so chill. She doesn’t even really care.

UF Undyne

She’s trying to figure out if there actually is a way to kill a Temmie. She’d rather be alone for her whole life than mates with a Temmie.

UF Mettaton

He’s pretty chill on the outside. Inside he’s so fucking done with everything.

UF Gaster

“👌✌👍😐 ❄⚐ ❄☟☜ ✞⚐✋👎 {BACK TO THE VOID}” He’s not dealing with this at all. Who cares if Temmies are mostly invulnerable, they’re also obnoxious and terrible company.

SF Sans

“WHY?” He’s a little disappointed, but at least he’s got someone, right? Yeah, no one’s gonna agree. This is just life, though.

SF Papyrus

He’s crying. Not visibly, mind you, but he’s crying. He wanted a monster that would actually be taken seriously, and instead he has a Flowey.

SF Asgore

Similar to US Asgore and UF Toriel, he doesn’t really mind.

SF Alphys

Never had she wished she could handle the cold more than she does right now. If her soulmate can’t get to her, than it doesn’t matter if they’re actually soulmates, right?

SF Mettaghost

Never before has he used his invisibility for such an odd reason or such a long time. Where is he? Who knows.

SF Gaster

He doesn’t have to deal with it. “✋🕯☹☹ ☺🕆💧❄ 💧❄✌✡ ⚐☠ ❄☟☜ ☼✋✞☜☼ ❄☟☜✡ 👍✌☠🕯❄ ☝☜❄ ✌☠✡ ☠☜✌☼☜☼ {I’ll just stay on the river they can’t get any nearer}”

ghostintheshale  asked:

6, 12 B)

6: What’s the detail you wait on bated breath for readers to notice?

UH. A whole bunch of stuff in and then the singing, I don’t even remember a lot of it now but there was SO MUCH detail and symbolism packed into that character study. 

The thing I can think of, off the top of my head, is the parallel between and then the singing and there’s a niche in his chest where a heart would fit perfectly. Between Maul’s incredibly vague recollection of being loved, of having a brother who wanted him- music in his ear and hands on his waist- and Savage’s first-hand account of how much he loved his brother before he was taken away. Before he was forced to let go, his fingers pried from Maul’s screaming toddler form while they both felt absolutely torn in two by the separation.

And the fact that in and then the singing, Maul doesn’t think Savage was his brother. He heard Savage shouting Feral in the night, and knew in his heart of hearts- despite all his hope that “Feral” was his first name, his true name, before Sidious called him “Maul”- that Savage’s brother was dead and gone, and that Maul’s had forgotten him long ago. And that they just cling together because of Nightsister magick and Sith tradition. 

Maul genuinely thinks, to the end of his days, that if the Nightsister’s green bullshit had cleared from Savage’s mind, Savage would have realized he wasn’t Feral, and walked away.

12: What’s the hardest thing to write for you?

Discomfort and embarrassment. 

I am made so sick and unhappy by secondhand embarrassment that I just- I can’t do it. I can’t. It upsets me. I was talking to @the-son-of-dathomir about this the other day- about how much I fucking admire Enemies and Alleigiances for being… uncomfortable. Not in a bad way to read, but just in a moral-dissonance sort of way. I try really hard to keep everyone’s shitty morals intact- for example, how vehement Obi-wan is about wanting to take Luke from Owen and Beru in I’m Tired, Aren’t You Tired?, because he’s A Jedi and taking kids from their families is The Jedi Way and not doing it is CLEARLY WRONG- but it’s hard.

Especially with Maul, because he’s so fucking metal all the goddamn time and I just want to give this dumb stripey boy someplace to rest. You’ll chill the fuck out and LIKE IT, Maul!