Fender Mustang


This may shock you, but yr letter touched me alot & this was one of his favorite guitars when they delivered all of them the other day I felt so horrible, Kurt loved, more than anything, that kids liked his music and i just felt him over my shoulder when i read your letter-Kurt is left handed so you have to have the guitar professionally turned around or simply restring it-Good Luck


Courtney love gives fan one of kurts infamous modified aqua blue mustangs. No date was given when this happened, though i’d assume months after Kurt’s death.

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Matty new interview with Fender


heres some cheeky pics of my pride and joy guitar…..shes had a hard life in the past and to be honest she still takes a beating today but i do love her even when shes 6 foot in the air above my head …….41 years old today so i bought her new strap heres some dirty pics (and dontya just love that checking in the paint ) :P