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Haruka's Top 10 outfits! It's a mighty need!!!


10. Almost a normal shirt, but using Velcro instead of buttons

9.Potentially reversible trenchcoat?

8. Aviator goggles, you know, just in case someone needs to get whisked away on a helicopter or something

7. I knew a theatre kid in high school who wore this exact ensemble to prom

6. Red Power Ranger

5. A denim vest that understands anger

4. Just some normal grocery shopping clothes

3. Blessed Outfit

2. Blessed Outfit is in the wash, but spotted a similar jacket at Sears

1. One half of a god-tier butch/femme matching ensemble



It’s not done yet, but I have everything except the sonic screwdriver (thinkgeek screwed up and I won’t get it until Wednesday now).  

It’s okay that these photos suck because I’m not done with the costume yet.

Second picture is with the glasses, and I apologize for my face :) When I’m done with the costume I’ll have better pictures with good lighting.  

BUT that stupid vest is a men’s extra small because I couldn’t find anything in women’s and I don’t know how to sew (yet!), so I need a way to cinch it in the back and have it not look like crap so it fits me better.  But I got the amazing coat at Goodwill, and although it’s a few inches short it’s still the best I was able to find.  The shoes are a teensy bit to bright but they’ll do.

So yeah.


I found this coat last week at a local Goodwill!! I was super excited, it’s about 2 inches too short but I like the color and fit better than the other one I have. gonna do a little bit of alternating before D*C next year.

I left the glasses back at school, and I am searching for a new wig atm. Debating between a short scruffy brunette wig, or a long brunette wig that I can pull up like how I have my hair in the pics.

All this Doctor Who cosplay on my dash is making me determined

I don’t have the EXACT stuff to do a femme!Ten but I have enough. 

I might just say, fuck it - accuracy be damned I’ll go as femme!Ten anyway.

EDIT: Or I could go as femme!Brunette!Fivey since his outfit is like half my wardrobe anyway.

Hell, maybe even femme!Eight.

Damnit, you guys: you have me plotting again.