There is clearly something wrong with the film industry’s portrayal of women.


FeministFrequency: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: The Fight Continues

“Once we grieve, then we fight.”

Feminist Youtuberlar

1)Laci Green

Laci Green, feminizm, cinsel yönelimler, cinsel kimlikler, seks gibi konularda video çeken bir youtuber. Bu içerikleriyle anti-feministlerin hedefinde olan youtuberlardan sadece biri.

2) feministfrequency 

Anita Sarkeesian tarafından yaratılan bu kanalda popüler kültürün (daha çok bilgisayar oyunlarının) kadınları nasıl objeleştirdiği, değersizleştirdiği ve araçsallaştırdığı tartışılıyor. Kanal ilk videosunu yayınladığı günden beri anti-feminist erkekleri çıldırtmaktadır.

3) Marina Shut Up

Bu kanalda yine feminizm, cinsellik, cinsel kimlik ve yönelimler, anti feministlere cevap niteliğinde videolar bulunmaktadır.

4) Kat Blaque

Trans bir kadın tarafından yönetilen bu kanalda daha çok LGBT+ ve ırk konularına değinen videolar bulacaksınız.

5) Arielle Scarcella

Lgbt+ konularını pc ekranlarımıza taşıyan başka bir kanal.

Not: Videolar ingilizcedir. Eklemek istediğiniz youtuberlar varsa ekleyin bu posta.

Trolls drive Anita Sarkeesian out of her house to prove misogyny doesn't exist

Earlier this week, feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian posted the latest in a series of crowdfunded videos called Tropes vs. Women, devoted to aggregating and analyzing games that portray women as…

so I just found this…

just…read it…. (or don’t if you’re sensitive to these kinds of topics) 


I’m sure we’ve all seen Anita’s “Tropes vs” video at this point, this offers a counterpoint. There’s nothing I can say about this that hasn’t already been said in this video. I agree 100% with this one.


The 2012 Oscars and The Bechdel Test by feministfrequency

You’re most likely privileged if you believe that a person preemptively defending themselves against potentially violent, abusive attacks makes them “weak.”

You’re most likely privileged if you are more offended at the idea of you not being able to verbally abuse a person than at that person actually being abused.

You’re most likely privileged if you can post a video calling a woman a “damsel” because she no longer wants to be bombarded with rape threats and death threats for daring to express an opinion that criticizes cultural misogyny.

You’re most likely, TheAmazingAtheist.


Let’s have a little chat.  You mean to tell me that because a woman carries herself in a more provocative manner and perhaps accentuates her femininity, that she’s a bad person? That she needs to change? That even when a fictional character does that, that they’re automatically shallow female characters? 

That if a woman might need a bit more saving at some point, or might not be the strongest character, that it’s sexist?

That a manic pixie dream girl saves and rescues is a bad thing and that her jovial way of life makes her unrealistic and offensive?

That, my gosh, if there is only one woman in a group of men, it’s sexist? So, my high school best friend group, who were a group of guys plus me, was sexist?

And also, that if a woman character is ‘smart’ and nothing more, that it’s offensive as well, because that’s all she is?

Ok, so taking all of this into consideration.

Mina from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is an offensive trope.

Velma from Scooby Doo is also offensive because she’s only smart and not pretty.  Growing up, FeministFrequency, I was not a pretty girl.  I was  a smart girl though, so I was damn grateful to have a character crafted purely on her brains.

For goodness sake, Zelda is not weak!! So, excuse me, princess.

It was not offensive when Barbara Gordon became paralyzed and had to craft a whole-new identity for herself.  Did it ever occur to you that people with handicaps might want something of a role model and icon? Because, “The Killing Joke” did not turn Babs into a 'Woman in the Refrigerator" but proved that anyone can overcome adversity.

Extremists are incredibly close-minded.  You see what you want to see in these characters, and completely disregard their merit.  Because something can be contorted and manipulated into something ugly, does not mean it was 'ugly to begin with.

You slut shame thousands of real-life girls in your videos, and make the rest of us deeply offended.

You don’t see things for how they are, but you see them how you want to envision them.

I was offended by your videos, not the tropes they apparently analyzed.

So please, FeministFrequency, if you were a real feminist, you’d appreciate some of the characters, the strong, quirky, funny, smart women, you blatantly detest and insult.

Not all of us want to be strong, independent, tough-ass, women all the time.

Anita Sarkeesian and Hitman
Anita Sarkeesian spoke about Hitman: Absolution at The Conference 2015 in Sweden. You can find the relevant fragment at …
By Adrian Chmielarz

Feminist Frequency duo has never engaged in any debate with their critics, and never addressed any reasonable or horizontal critique of their videos. When they fail to defend their work even when they cherry-pick and misrepresent something that gamers got wrong, now it is clearer why.

If you think Tropes vs Women in gaming insults video games and gamers then, I’m sorry, but you are not understanding what she is saying.

This is what her video did.

  1. Pointed out a commonly used trope in stories, in this case, video games
  2. used many different examples
  3. said she wasn’t insulting the games, saying she even played when she was young

This is what he video did NOT do

  1. Insult the games
  2. insult people who play them

So for anyone stating that she just sat there and insulted games and then “backtracked” by stating she plays them. She wasn’t insulting anything. she POINTED OUT a trope commonly used in games, and used examples so she wouldn’t have been talking out of her ass with no proof. Are there games where women don’t play the damsel in distress? Yeah! But that wasn’t the point of the video. the point of the video was to talk about a trope used in many games.

Now, chill out. I like video games just as much as the next person, and even if I didn’t agree with that Feminist Frequency is talking about, she’s still entitled to her opinion. 


This is the greatest video. I really suggest everyone watches this because WOW. This is what I mean when I say over sexualized


“Women want to distance themselves from the extreme and false representations [of feminism] they are seeing in TV, movies and talk shows”

*STANDING OVATION* Anita does it again with this incredible look at Straw feminists in media. What*s a straw feminist? watch this. Too lazy? Do you know that annoying feminist character in legally blonde who who you want to punch in the face because she wants to change semester to Ovester? She is a straw feminist.

I genuinely don't understand the hate that Anita Sarkeesian gets

 Like she even starts all of her damsel in distress videos with a little disclaimer saying “hey, you can enjoy games, I enjoy and played many of these that I list in my videos, but you can still see a flaw in them that’s worth discussion”

 Some people attack her brutally as if they’re the guardians of video games that she is sullying with slander. Some men and some women who cry back “how dare you demonize my beloved industry! You didn’t even list the games that have strong female characters GAWD!” … that’s because it’s not relevant to her point. And other people have tried to say “omg Anita, they’re just doing what will make money”  she’s not oblivious to this fact, her videos explore where the damsel in distress trope begins and how it’s been perpetuated over time, and why it’s successful. But it’s not as though her argument is some aimless bitchfest that all games are evil because women are rendered weak. She does actually point out glimmers of hope in the legend of Zelda series and talk about how some female characters could be improved. I mean it would be great if she did a video on say Dragon Age or Final Fantasy series and many other games listing off the complex and strong female roles but she’s just saying “these things are problems” and I think it’s worthwhile pointing out when something is wrong.

 And what really gets me is people tried to slam her down back when she only had the first video up, disregarding that she was going to do a series that covered every point she wanted to make in a thoughtful way that left no stone unturned in her argument. The final video pointing out the problematic issues of some dude in distress role reversal and actually offering an idea for a game that would be fun, would involve motivation and would do away with the damsel in distress idea.

 The only thing that I almost understand hating her for is that she disables comments on youtube. And I feel that way because people could offer their own helpful input that way or support what she’s saying if it were an option. But I get why she did it, I mean she was being harassed her head photoshopped on gruesome images of brutality and sexualised with people calling her every name under the sun. Some may say “well if you can’t handle hate don’t go online” but why should she have to put up with that kind of online abuse? There may have been other approaches but she chose her own and it was a way that she could continue her project without having to worry about that.