Watch: This awesome dad set up a free hair-school for men so that dads could learn to do their daughters’ hair, too

Also paramount? Remembering what’s important: quality time with his daughter. His tagline, which he often repeats, is, “It’s about the braid; it’s about the bond.” Based on the way he speaks to other fathers, you can tell this isn’t just another low-bar dad.

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As a half Native American person
My family and I:

don’t give a shit if you dress as indigenous people on Halloween (as long as it’s not over-sexualized or making fun)

Don’t care if you say you have a “spirt animal”

Aren’t offended when you wear tribal patterned leggings.

Don’t care if you wear feathers on your head or in your hair

As long as you aren’t DIRECTLY disrespecting my culture and people we don’t care. Cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation are very different things and apparently tumblr can’t realize that. If you aren’t making fun of people you aren’t hurting anyone.

And to all those radicals who are about to fight me: by your own beliefs you have no right… This is MY truth and all you white people are the oppressors and can’t speak for me.

I personally like it when people APPRECIATE my culture. It makes me happy that they too enjoy our culture and art and lifestyles ^~^
So you do you and like what you like.

“A princess is kind of a bad ass”: When feminist moms pick up the pen.

Sometimes there’s nothing to do but take matters into our own hands. A reader who is both a mom and a sociologist decided to do just that. After discovering that one of her daughter’s books required some “subversion,” she decided to do a little editing. Here’s to one way of fighting the disempowering messages taught to little girls by capitalist icons:


Maria Callas (1923-1977) was one of the most famous opera singers in history. An American of Greek origins, the soprano was renowned for her technique and dramatic interpretations, which gave rise to the nickname La Divina.

She was born in New York, but studied music in Greece, after which she began performing for the Greek National Opera in Athens. She impressed critics and audiences with her powerful and versatile voice. The height of her career was reached in Italy, eventually singing in all the major theatres in the country, particularly the famous La Scala.