In 2012, Louis C.K. appeared on “The Daily Show” and said that “comedians and feminists are natural enemies” because “feminists can’t take a joke.” Jon Stewart nodded vigorously and agreed. Today, Stewart is being fawned over for acknowledging, in response to Louis C.K.’s fall, that “comedy on its best day is not a great environment for women.” A friend, the comedian Zahra Noorbakhsh, texted me: Ten years from now a man will win awards for his documentary about all this.

If you believe us now only because your peers are facing professional ruin, that deserves its own reckoning. I’ll wait.

Thor is the next feminist film you’ve been waiting to see since Wonderwoman (spoilers!)

* Hela is a badass female villain who is so powerful and unbeatable they have to create a super-powered team to combat ONLY her

* Thor admits Hela is the rightful heir to the Asgardian throne (over him)…and the only reason he fights her for it is because but she’s a warmongering asshole

* Valkyrie drinks like a sailor, is drunk half the time (and not in a cute, giggly, girly way - the chick is hammered) and gives zero fucks about your sob story - plus, instead of getting the usual tragic victim backstory reserved for women, she has the guilt-ridden backstory and character arc usually reserved for male anti-hero characters

* The movie is female-gazey af - Valkyrie is fully covered in utilitarian armor the whole film, but Hulk has a naked ass shot and Thor walks around like a Chippendale dancer half the time…and the camera is super into it

* The most elite warriors in Asgard were a group of women on flying horses

* Thor admitted he wanted to join the Valkyries as a boy - when he learned they were all women it didn’t make him want to join less, he was just bummed out bc he knew they wouldn’t take him

* Nobody ever calls Hela a ‘bitch’, and nobody underestimates her scary ass just bc she’s a woman - she might be the most frightening villain Marvel has had outside of Thanos

* Though there are definitely stirrings of romantic interest between Valkyrie and Thor that may be explored in future films, she’s not the *love interest* character - Thor wants her around bc she can fight
Lego's all-female 'Women of NASA' toy set just went on sale — and it's already Amazon's best-selling toy
The "Women of NASA" toy set went on sale November 1. It follows a powerful trend of Lego selling products that are more female-inclusive.
By Dave Mosher

Lego’s new “Women of NASA” set is now available, and the product has already risen to the top of Amazon’s list of best-selling toys.

The set of 231 plastic pieces costs about $25 and went on sale Wednesday morning. Its instant popularity is not surprising to those who have been following Lego’s laudable — and presumably profitable — trend of selling toys that are more inclusive of women.

“Women of NASA” features four mini figurines of pioneering women from the space agency: the astronauts Sally Ride and Mae Jemison, the astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, and the computer scientist Margaret Hamilton.

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Her mother told her she could grow up to be anything she wanted be, so she grew up to become the strongest of the strong, the strangest of the strange, the wildest of the wild, the wolf leading wolves.
—  Nikita Gill, For The Red Riding Hood Who Was The Wolf