Meet the female motorbike gangs blazing a trail for India's women
Over the past few months, more and more women in India have started riding their own bikes (rather than riding pillion). They’re doing it as a hobby and usually to prove a point; whether that’s around solo travel, strength, ability or simply to fulfill a long held dream.

“Riding a motorbike - in a country where women are often told to stay within four walls, or be accompanied by a male member of the family when out, on the pretext of their safety - may seem like a far-fetched idea.

But the trend is fast catching on. India Bike Week, the country’s biggest yearly biking festival which started in 2013, has seen the participation of women riders shoot up in the four years.

The girl biker gangs, apart from being a safe space to grow and learn, help develop female camaraderie while discussing and bending gender rules together.

As with any activity women undertake – despite being told it’s ‘not for them’ by society – the female biker club members feel ready to take on the world.

By busting the myth of feminine fragility- and of female dependence on a men for mobility and protection - it provides women with independence.

Bandodkar says: “A woman on a bike is the best thing to happen for women’s empowerment. Because even one woman on the road can inspire many others - and the chain reaction will lead to liberation.”

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Request: Prospect

Request: could you write an imagine with Juice and the reader in which someone flirts with her during a party and Juice gets extremely jealous so he admits that he is in love with her?

I tried something different here, I hope you enjoy it. 

Originally posted by diaryofmay

Juice creased his brow as he turned to look at Jax, “Are you… Are you serious? A female charter?”

“Yes”, SAMCRO president nodded, looking at his younger brother, “These girls have been trying to have their own space for a long time and Indian Hills seconded this, they’re gonna support the girls. They’re gonna be the first SOA female charter”

“Yay!”, Tig raised his hand, “I mean, you didn’t ask but I vote Yay”

The Sons around the table just smiled at their brother’s comment as Chibs supported their president, “Aye Jackie, if you’re sure about this then we should do it. I know those girls and they’re good, they can do it. Club is in a good place and we can help them”

“I agree brother”, Jax looked from his Sergeant at Arms to his brothers on Chapel, “Let’s vote then”


It had been months since they had voted for the female charter. They had gone on a run to Indian Hills and met the girls. Chibs was right, they were good, hard-working and, in Tig’s words, also hot bikers. A female charter was a big change, something new to the Sons and they were frequently checking on them or getting updates from Indian Hills’ guys. Chibs was the one who got their first prospect, Y/N Y/L/N. He had met Y/N’s father when he moved to Charming and knew her family. She was perfect for the female charter, but Chibs asked if she could stay with them for a few months until she was ready to move to Indian Hills. 

“I hope you watch over her too Juicy boy”, Chibs blurted one morning as they walked to the garage, “I love that lass like a daughter, I respect her old man. You were my prospect, you know how this works”

“I do Chibs, I do”, Juice nodded and he really wanted to make his sponsor proud, but after meet Y/N he realized he couldn’t do it. There was something about her that attracted him, Juice was falling for her, the new prospect. He was supposed to be like a brother to her, Chibs was expecting that and Juice tried, he did tried…


Yes, another charter was coming to Charming and yes, they would throw a big party. Usually, Juice would be excited, but this time he wasn’t looking forward for it at all. It would be Y/N’s first big party, a lot of people she didn’t know and who didn’t know her, who she was, though she had a leather kutte on. A kutte that looked so good on her in Juice’s opinion.

“Promise me Y/N”, Juice continue to talk as Y/N worked behind the bar, putting beers on the fridge, “If anything, anything at all happens you come talk to me or Chibs okay?”

“Yes, I promise Juicy”, she smiled, calling him the way Chibs used to do, “But nothing will happen. I think this kutte gets me some respect don’t you?”

“It should”, he grunted, “But assholes just ignore it sometimes”

“I. Will. Be. Fine”, Y/N winked and patted his cheek before walk away. Juice sighed and closed his eyes, still feeling her touch.


It was always the same. Clubhouse was crowded, everybody had a drink on their hands and were smoking, dancing or talking to friends. Juice tried to relax, drink, talk to the Sons from Reno and look at the girls, but his mind and eyes kept going back to Y/N. She had been walking around, smiling and greeting people and of course, all eyes were on her. Juice was jealous and getting worse every minute, with every smile and every man who looked at her. He tried to stay outside, pretend nothing was going on, but he lasted only a few minutes before go back inside to watch her. He was just glad Chibs was distracted or he would notice something was happening.

Juice leaned on the bar and ordered a beer, looking for Y/N on the crowd. He finally found her, leaning against the wall and talking to a random guy. She was smiling and Juice clenched his jaw as the guy rested his hand on Y/N’s waist. That’s it, he crossed the room fast to stand between them.

“Get lost”, Juice barked as the guy frowned at him.

“Juice?”, Y/N called him but he didn’t look at her, not breaking the eye contact with his opponent.

“Who do you…?”, the man started but Juice got closer, intimidating him.

“I said…Get lost!”, Juice hissed again, “Leave her alone”

Y/N stepped between them quickly, resting her hand on Juice’s chest to stop him before they got into a fight, “Come on Juice, come with me”. He let her guide him to the back of the club and push him inside his bedroom. “What is going on?”, Y/N raised her eyebrows as they faced each other.

“What is going on!?”, Juice raised his voice, “How can you let him touch you like that? I told you to be careful, to talk to me if something happened!”

“Nothing happened!”, Y/N came closer, trying to calm him down, “We were just talking”

“You were talking”, Juice sighed as she caressed his arms, “He was undressing you with his eyes, in his mind and touching you”

“That is called flirting”, she smiled but he didn’t think it was funny at all. Juice was jealous, he couldn’t live like that anymore, “What is wrong Juice?”

“I don’t like you flirting”, he admitted, “You have no idea how sexy you look in your kutte, all men were looking at you”

“They were not looking at me Juice”, Y/N rolled her eyes, “You don’t have to act like my big brother”

“I’m not acting like your big brother at all baby girl”, Juice lowered his voice as he got closer to her, watching Y/N’s eyes widen, “I should be doing that though, that’s what Chibs expects, but…”

“What?”, she was looking up at him, mouth ajar and chest heaving, her voice was barely audible. 

“I’m more like your jealous boyfriend”, Juice grunted before press his lips on hers. He pulled Y/N closer by her kutte and she did the same, tugging on the leather. “I’m in love with you”, he confessed in a whisper when they pulled back.

“Juice”, Y/N whispered.

“I know”, he cut her off and closed his eyes, clenching his jaw, “I know. We shouldn’t”

“I don’t care”, Y/N smiled as Juice looked at her again, “I can give up on the kutte if this is a problem and if you want me”

“I do”, he smiled too and wrapped his arms around her waist, “But you shouldn’t give up. We can make this work right? I think we can, I hope we do”

“We will”, Y/N threw her arms around his neck and kissed Juice again, “What am I now? A prospect? An old lady?”

“I don’t know”, Juice laughed and lifted her on his arms, making Y/N squeal, “I just know you’re my girl now”

“Yes I am Juice”, Y/N cupped his face as Juice gently laid her on his bed, “I am your girl”


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