when i think of hugh jackman being wolverine for 17 years. it just reminds me that at the same time, halle berry was storm and anna paquin was rogue. those are 17 years we could of had a female driven superhero film and marvel did not do it. they didn’t even try. it’s 2017 and marvel’s had 17 years to give us better representation and they’ve done nothing 


It’s definitely a girl-power show. It’s very female-driven. How cool is that? Not only is our show headlined by strong, powerful females, but it also doesn’t pit them against one another. All of these women don’t hate each other for no reason. … There [are] friendships and alliances and teamwork. B and V often stand up to Cheryl and her bitchiness, which comes in and out, but they both understand that Cheryl is a lot more damaged than she likes to present to the world. They take everything she says with a grain of salt because they know it’s not personal. Josie and Veronica also have a special relationship, which they explore in Season 1 as well. But it’s never catty with these women.

male comedians do the bare minimum to be likable woke and bae and they get fuckin op-eds written about their genius, but to be a girl in any notable comedy scene you either need to be SNL alum, know an SNL alum, be on a show that you don’t actually have creative control over, or do standup

& that’s not even talking about how even the small sliver of comedian ladies that are in relevance are overwhelmingly white and straight, and also the fact that even if you are a comedylady you’re probably just getting berated CONSTANTLY online, & you don’t have these long ass pieces being written about your genius because for-some-fuckin-reason female-driven comedy is looked at with unprecedented critical eye


Klaus perceiving Caroline’s sublimated feelings

Fuck the people complaining about the sex in What Does the Fox Say.  I finally have a comic of mature adult looking lesbians having sex instead of yuri girls looking like kids for male audiences to fetishize.  People have made the word lesbians “dirty” that females can’t be open about their sexuality?  Why can’t we be excited that there’s sex in comics actually targeted towards older females AND lesbians?  

“Where’s the plot?” Are you not reading the sex scenes?  Their relationship is actually growing, communicating, and developing in those scenes but you’re too busy focusing on “lesbians actually having sex instead of blushing over holding hands and not having an existential crises over liking the same gender.”

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED.  A predominately lesbian females story driven relationship for a mature audience with good art and I’m not letting you prude bitches take that away from me.  Y’all need to stop shaming sex positive women.

(this is directly towards the uptight bitches @ dynasty scans forum who think you can’t communicate through sex lmao)


awesome female meme | (1/5) female driven show | Buffy the Vampire Slayer

In every generation, one slayer is born… because a bunch of men who died thousands of years ago made up that rule… So I say we change the rule. I say my power should be our power… From now on, every girl in the world who might be a slayer will be a slayer. Every girl who could have the power will have the power. Can stand up, will stand up, every one of us. Make your choice. Are you ready to b e  s t r o n g ? 

Female-driven stories are part of TV in a way that they used to be part of movies. Even before it was respectable, a great film actress could make a home in TV and get much more to work with — especially after a certain age. But having a female be the lead of an action series threw some people. That has definitely changed. What women are able to do in front of the camera has improved a great deal. There’s more options, more stories being told, more truth. Behind the camera? It’s not going as well. Equal pay? [Long maniacal laugh.] With Buffy, I obviously wanted to make a feminist show, but I wasn’t really interested in talking about politics. I wanted to see something that I felt I needed to see. I felt this girl wasn’t being represented. I wanted see a woman taking charge and men who were comfortable with that. That’s my thing. That’s my kink. At the same time, I was making a horror show.
Let’s Talk about the Wonder Woman Trailer

OK…I’m already PISSED at the way people are responding to the TRAILER.  Like the movie is not even out yet and its getting bad hype…why?  Because apparently it isn’t feminist.  Like let’s break this down into why this movie is amazing AND feminist:


2) Its Wonder Woman’s origin showing her on an island of women warriors run by women who are all strong and fierce and intelligent.  I saw that much from the trailer.  They train and fight like men, even better than men, and their main weapon can only be wielded by the fiercest warrior, who isn’t a man.

3) Wonder Woman chooses to leave her island to save her people and help the world as a whole.  I’ve heard that she just ‘follows the man like a puppy’ but…when?  Like in the trailer we see Steve crash on the island I believe during WWI which means that a pilot would 99% of the time be a man.  And he comes to the island and tells her that bad shit is coming that will mostly likely kill her people, who she one day will rule over, and destroy everything she loves.  WHO WOULD NOT LEAVE TO GO HELP SAVE THEIR PEOPLE?  And she kind of has to go with Steve since he is her only link to the outside world, the only one who can help her.  Her decision is not based on some ‘O I love him the minute I see him I must go and become a good little housewife’ its based on the knowledge that her land and people are being threatened and she will save them.

4) She is NOT a damsel in distress.  She wasn’t one in Batman v Superman and she certainly doesn’t look like one now.  She looks like she is going in to kick ass and save her people.  I’m sure at some point in the film we will see one of those ‘haha a little lady thinks she can fight’ moments but you know what? She is going to fight them and kick their asses. 

5) This movie is full of men at one point and I believe, based solely on the trailer, Diana is going to outshine them all, including Steve.  Even if they rush a romance just because its in the comics and is canon I think it will just show how strong she is because he will most likely die in the movie and drive her to do more, to continue helping the world as a heroine, turning the ‘woman dies to drive man’s plot’ on its head which I love to see because it is a rarity.

Sorry for the rant but I’m so excited for this movie and I don’t want it ruined already by people who can’t let DC/superhero fans, have anything nice.

Female-Driven Genre-Fiction Wishlist:

  • Girl teams, all girl teams.
  • Female characters of color who actually represent their culture.
  • Less self-sacrificing, martyr girls more girls and women who do things for themselves without feeling bad about it or people judging them for it.
  • Mothers who do things other than parent and cook.
  • Mother and daughter characters who don’t hate each others guts.
  • No more “I’m not like the other girls”.
  • Girl characters who are good at math and science.
  • More poor female characters, who come from nothing, and exploring how that effects their heroism. And I don’t mean like middle-class poor, I mean, like having to chose between food and paying bills poor.
  • Girls who don’t like each other, but can still respect each other.
  • No more girl heroes/villains whose tragic backstory is getting raped.
  • No more female characters of color dying or sacrificing themselves for white female characters.
  • More fat girl characters in fantasy and other genre fiction who are the ones kicking-ass and taking names and being haled the hero. That are defined by something other than their weight.
  • More girls of various body-types other than “lean.”
  • More disabled characters in stories that aren’t necessarily about their disability.
  • More unattractive girl characters.
  • Girls that are not looking for relationships or losing their virginity.
  • More non-binary female characters.
  • More LGBTAQ+ female characters.
  • “Strong” female characters who actually do things other than fight all the time and have a personality.
  • More “strong” female characters whose “strength” is something other than fighting.
  • No more stories sold as “feminist” in which only the leading character is female and everyone else is man, and only other female characters are minor or antagonists.
  • No more using “like a girl” or being a girl as an insult.
  • Stop making female characters be “bitches” just because. Unlikable characters are still supposed to be likable, meaning: love to hate, hate to love. Just look at Scarlett O’Hara, she’s a godawful awful person, but she’s a fantastic character.

Feel free to add yours.

Frequency is now on Netflix, please check it out because Netflix success will determine if it gets renewed or not

  • Strong female lead in an action role (she’s a police detective)
  • Has a male best friend that she’s never been romantically involved with. Great portrayal of a married man having a close, platonic friendship with a woman
  • Story revolves around her working with her father, something that is rarely seen in female driven drama
  • Executive producer is Jeremy Carver, we’ve already had one Supernatural cast member as a guest star and if the show gets renewed I’m sure we’ll see more
“Let's find out what the ghost wants.” Why Captain America: The Winter Soldier is Gothic Fiction

“Going after him is a dead end. Like you said, he’s a ghost story.”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of the most popular marvel movies and probably the most popular in female driven fandom circles. It features a lot of pretty actors and thrilling action but probably it’s greatest success is in the narrative satisfaction of its plot, a twisty intriguing mystery that has seen the film repeatedly compared to 1970s political thrillers. And sure, why not? There’s Robert Redford, there’s Washington DC, there’s the contemporary fear of the surveillance state.

But I think this explanation of the appeal of the the plot of CATWS misses a big chunk of why it works so well. The emotion and personal horror of the story. Elements which owe more to an older genre: the Gothic.

Gothic Literature was hugely popular in the 18th and early 19th century and although the genre can be hard to define, so many elements of gothic fiction are present in CATWS it’s hard to ignore. CATWS is the Mystery of Count Udolpho, it is Dracula, it is Jane Eyre, it is The Turn of the Screw. It is a story about a pure, virginal ingenue protagonist trapped in a strange world of intrigue, horror and patriarchal authority.

In Jane Eyre Mr Rochester has a secret in his attic that causes all kinds of mysterious happenings. In Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde a man’s body changes and he becomes a monster he can’t control or remember being. And in Dracula Lucy Westernra dies, but a mysterious deathly force stalks the night. Meanwhile her friend Mina Harker is falling under the influence of the same demon that took Lucy and turned her into that very monster.

Gothic fictions are romantic ghost stories. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a deeply romantic ghost story.

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Leona Chin, one of my biggest role models in the automotive industry. Not only is she beautiful, but her knowledge and passion is what I believe more women should strive to have rather than a pretty face alone. - doridoridame