fistfulofgammarays asked:

If you're still taking library meme asks, 10 and 22?

10. Favourite graphic novel.

Wandering son / Shimura Takako

I haven’t got the eyesight or spatial awareness to really get into graphic novels, but Wandering Son is utterly beautiful and I make an effort just because I care about the characters so much. The first volume was also made into a lovely, if slow-moving, anime. 

22. A recurring interest/theme.

Hmm. There’s a lot. And they all have fairly equal emphasis. So:

  • Dead greek dudes and people who talk about them. 
  • people called Njal (as told by Snorri)
  • ‘Classic Kidlit’ (Jean Webster. Susan Coolidge, Francis Hodgson Burnett, Louisa May Alcott,, Joanna Spyri, and into authors shaped by the end of WW2–so stuff by Eva Ibbsotson, Diana Wynne Jones, K. M. Peyton, Ruby Ferguson…) 
  • Female driven fantasy (notable mentions to: Tamora Pierce, Sharon Shinn, Juliet Marrilier and Isobelle Carmody in particular) 
  • Animal stories (James Herriot complete works; Ruby Ferguson’s Jill books*, all the Gerald Durrell…)
  • Urban Fantasy - Now With Ladies: Tom Pollock’s novels; Seanan Macguire’s Toby Daye series; Max Gladstone’s Craft Sequence
  • Old Greek Poetry
  • Angry Lesbian Poetry
  • Nicola Goddamn Griffith
  • Dictionaries! (Oxford Concise, Attic Greek, Homeric Greek, Ionic Greek, Latin, Old Norse, French)
  • A Shitton of David Crystal
  • New Who
  • Review books that were terrible and  I can’t get rid of them… christ I want that part of my shelf back. 
  • More yuri than is good for me

but more specifically:

  • Swordfighting Ladies and Roses. (plus some other flowers)

Me and my car, Juliet, decided that we would try our hand at modeling! I may not be the thinnest, and I may not have her ridiculously modded, but I enjoyed it and am very proud of the results! :D

Favourite Female Driven Show: Bob's Burgers

Bob’s Burgers is awesome on so many levels. It’s hilarious, smart, and compared to other shows of its type, shows some pretty great family dynamics. 

Written by Wendy and Lizzie Molyneux, the show is also driven by its female characters. Not only are the women full of their own distinct personalities, but what I think is most important is that femininity is never shown as weak, lesser, or something to be made fun of.