I don’t believe in having a strong, put together man. I believe in having a man that can rough me up if I want him to, but I think that women shouldn’t be afraid of having a man that they can call their bitch. You know what? I think that’s a problem in our society. Its a major fucking problem that we as women can’t say that they’re into submissive men. If we even THINK about considering a man that’s kind of fucking feminine, we’re accused of not being able to handle “real” men. I think that’s fucking bullshit. If I want a guy who’s able to pick me up and carry me and put me over his shoulder - good on me. But if I want a guy who’ll just let me dom the relationship, then why can’t I have that too?
—  Kristen Pfaff, one of the best bassists and people that ever lived

Mikasa as an (unofficial) member of No Name!