I don’t believe in having a strong, put together man. I believe in having a man that can rough me up if I want him to, but I think that women shouldn’t be afraid of having a man that they can call their bitch. You know what? I think that’s a problem in our society. Its a major fucking problem that we as women can’t say that they’re into submissive men. If we even THINK about considering a man that’s kind of fucking feminine, we’re accused of not being able to handle “real” men. I think that’s fucking bullshit. If I want a guy who’s able to pick me up and carry me and put me over his shoulder - good on me. But if I want a guy who’ll just let me dom the relationship, then why can’t I have that too?
—  Kristen Pfaff, one of the best bassists and people that ever lived

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Guitar Guide: Pick Slides

Pick slides are fairly straightforward. However, some problems that beginner’s face is the slide sounding tinny and lacking the musical aspect of it.

Most people don’t teach this, and its a simple fix.

Look at your strings, and the way that they are wound. You want to slide your pick against the way it is wound, rather than with it. So with some slight adjustment of the angle of the pic, your slides will improve drastically.

Using round wound strings as an example- look at your strings closely. You should see that they are wound at a slight angle. You will want to slide your pick perpendicular to that angle, rather than parallel. That should fix all problems.

Hope this helps!