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Kim Namjoon/Reader [F]

Genre: Fluff, Drabble

Words: 740

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Gonna be kinda short my darling, BUT it was sooo cute and I wanted to at least dabble it while I took a break on my other projects! @bamjoonietae (I also made the concept in the Young Forever time line >>”)


You had just arrived on set to the outside photoshoot of the boys Young Forever photoshoot.  You had brought a few snacks with you, nothing big but just a few packets of fruit snacks to keep the boys feed for 3 seconds.  It was childish, but if the boys were anything-


-They were giant children.

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Shiro x Fem!Reader - Treat Yourself before Others

Request: Anon; Hey 😃 your writing is awesome!!! If it’s possible could you do a scenario with 25 and 22 with Shiro where the paladins have just come out of a difficult battle and everyone is just really beat up but Shiro won’t sit down until he knows that everyone is taken care of despite his own injuries and the reader is really concerned for him but she is also a little angry too. Thankyou 😄

Dialogue Prompt:
#22: “Because I care about you!”
#25: “Oh god, you’re bleeding!”

Here you go, sorry it took so long. I’m trying to juggle everything at once and it’s starting to slowly eat away at me.

Hope you enjoy.

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As soon as the door opens, my heart drops. A sickening feeling clenches in my stomach as the strong stench of sweat and blood hits me. My eyes begin to sting with tears at the horrific sight, but I blink them back, not wanting to add to the feast of worries.

“Holy shit. What happened?!” I ask as I slowly approach Shiro who stands near Pidge. I stare in shock as I look at her form.

She sits on a med-bench with her legs dangling off the edge. The chest plate of her armour is removed, revealing her undershirt with the right side almost soaked in blood. Her right arm being completely bandaged from shoulder to wrist. Her eyes barely focus on anything her head swaying back and forth.

I walk up close to her, placing a firm and gentle hand on her cheek. She leans heavily into my hand and I can visibly see her begin to lose consciousness.

Shiro seems to notice as well as he carefully lifts Pidge’s legs up. I cradle her head with both my hands and join Shiro in guiding her body to a laying down position.

“We were ambushed.” Shiro replies in sorrow as he unfolds a nearby blanket and lay’s it over Pidge.

“By a whole army?” I question as I place a small pillow under Pidge’s head, watching her eyes close peacefully.

“They somehow managed to bypass our sensors.” Allura explains whilst gently pressing an ice pack to Lance’s cheek. Lance groans in response and lightly presses his own hand to the pack.

My eyes wander across his bloody and bruised face before flicking my gaze to Hunk. I almost sob out loud from his condition.

A plank of wood is tied to his leg, holding it straight. His bandanna is replaced with a white bandage, already being stained with blood. A large gash is visible through his armour across his side.

I cringe and force myself to not gag at the horrific sight. I look down and hold my breath, holding back my tears.

“I should’ve seen it. I shouldn’t have let my guard down.” Shiro cusses.

I shake away my intrusive thoughts and look towards Shiro who approaches Keith.

Keith isn’t as bad as the other but it’s clear he’s in some sort of pain with the strained breaths he takes.

“Hey, don’t put all the blame on yourself.” I say as I slowly walk up beside him.

“(Y/n)’s right Shiro,” Keith grunts as he clasps his hand on Shiro’s which is clasped on Keith’s clearly injured leg. “Not all the blame is on you. We all should have kept our guard up.”

I sigh, shaking my head. “Shiro do-“ My eyes flick across his torso as I go to protest but I freeze up as I gaze over a dark patch.

My eyes slowly widen in complete shock.

“Oh god. You’re bleeding!”

I reach my hand out towards his torso but he flicks my hand away and steps back cautiously.

“No I’m not. I’m fine.” He protests firmly.

“Yeah I see it too.” Lance chimes in. “Shiro, maybe you should sit-“

“No. I told you I’m fine. You guys are in worse shape than me.”

“That does not mean you shouldn’t look after yourself.” Allura says.

“Come on Shiro. You need to get that checked out to make sure-“ I attempt to lead him towards a chair but he walks away from me.

“I’ve already told you I’m fine. I don’t need to be checked out.” He stops at a bench near Hunk and begins to pull out medical supplies.

“Shiro,” I start as I step closer to him. “You need to look after yourself. Please. I’m worried about you.” My voice is calm a worried held with a small tone of demand.

“Well stop worrying about me. There’s no need for it.” His answer throws me off slightly but I recover by raising my own voice with an extra firm tone.

“I can’t.”

“Why not?!” He turns around and glares at me.

“Because I care about you!” I scream at him, losing my self-control.

The room goes silent after that. No one daring to make a single noise.

Shiro and I stare at each other intensely, but I can see him growing weaker with every passing second.

Despite the threat of my voice cracking, my voice is firm and quiet.

“I care about you, so much. It tears me apart to see you put yourself in pain.” I see him begin to lose his demeanour faster as I continue to speak. “I understand you’re worried about us, but what you don’t know is that we’re also worried about you. We go through more stress every time we see you suffer in pain. If you want to help the team recover from their wounds, start by looking after yours.”

As the last words usher out of my mouth, I sprint out of the room, tears pouring down my face and choked sobs escaping my throat.

Time passes by unnoticed, silence never fully blanketing the room for more than three seconds, my quiet sobs being the only sound in the room.

I shake my head in frustration and wipe my tears before shamefully letting out another sob.

I brush my fingers under my eyes once again and shake my hands before wrapping my arms around myself.

I look out the window, staring at the never ending void of stars. I sigh, my sobs finally coming to a stop.

I take in a shaky breath and sigh, closing my eyes just as a knock sounds from the door.

“Who is it?” I call out in a frail voice.

Shiro’s gentle voice sounds from the door. “It’s me, Shiro.”

I see no point in hiding my tear stained cheeks and let out a soft breath.

“Come in.”

I hear the door slide open automatically as Shiro enters the room before closing shortly after him.

Silence takes over, awkwardness settling in soon after. I stay looking at the window, taking in long breaths before releasing them.

The silence continues for a few short minutes before Shiro decides to speak up.

“I’m sorry.” His voice is quiet and genuine. “I didn’t mean to make you upset. I didn’t intend for you to worry.”

I turn to face him, fresh tears pooling at my eyes. I stare at him as he stares at me, sad and defeated.

His armour is replaced with grey sweatpants and a black singlet. A slight bulge on his torso clearly indicates a bandage but I pay no mind to it.

“I’m always going to worry about you Shiro. You risk your life on a daily basis protecting the universe. It’s impossible for me not to worry about you.” I end my sentence with a shaky breath.

I puff out in annoyance and take a few slow breaths before continuing, my voice soft and quiet.

“I’m not upset that you got hurt. You’re a paladin, I have to get used to it. I’m upset at the fact that you’d rather risk your own well-being helping others.” I watch his face fall in regret as I take a small step towards him.

“There comes a situation where you have to put yourself above others, otherwise the longer you wait for your treatment, the more pain you’ll go through. And that will only upset the others more.”

I take a few more steps forward until I’m directly in front of him, hesitantly reaching my hands out towards his torso. I tense when I feel his warm hands cover mine and lead them to rest on his sides.

“I’m sorry.” He replies softly, wiping away at my tears. “I promise to take care of myself more. I don’t ever want to make you cry again.”

I smile softly at him and take the final step into his chest, letting his arms wrap around me as I wrap my own around him.

We snuggle into each other, bathing in the comfortable silence.

I relax into him as his clean scent intoxicates my nose.

“I love you.”

I feel Shiro tense at my words before relaxing again, holding me tighter.

“I love you too.”

Come With Me |Arthur Hastings x Reader|

A/n: This is my first ‘We Happy Few’ one shot. I’m not familiar with British slang and I apologize in advance.


~(Y/n)’s POV~

“Dammit!” I shouted from the safety of under the counter as the beaker of chemicals exploded. Glass flew in all directions, forcing me to watch my footing. “Guess I’ll just need to start from the beginning… again…”

I searched for the ingredients and realized I was missing rotting mushrooms. “Shit…”

Just then, I heard a knock on my door and nearly dropped the other ingredients. I placed them down on the table and quickly put on my mask, leaving the lab and heading to the living room. “Coming!” I yelled in a hearty tone. I opened the door and saw a face I hadn’t seen in a few days. “Arthur, what brings you to my doorstep?”

“I, uh… I need a favor,” he nervously stated.

I grab his arm and pull him inside, noticing the glances we were receiving from the passing Bobbies. I closed the door and guided him over to the couch. “Whatever it is, I’ll do it.”

“Well, that was, um, quick,” he said, baffled at my snappy response.

“Why’re you so shocked?”

“I thought you’d ask what it is before agreeing.”

“You’ve helped me tremendously, darling. It’s about time I paid you back.” I peeled the white mask off his face and tossed it aside, along with my own. “There’s no need to wear that horrendous thing in here.”

Arthur swallowed hard as my hands lingered on his face for a few more seconds before pulling away. “(Y/n), I-I need you to come with me to the Garden District.”

“When do we leave?” I inquire.

“As soon as you’re ready.”

“Smashing! I’ll grab a few things and we’ll shove off. Sound good?”

“Yes,” Arthur nods with a smile.

I grabbed a small bag with provisions and a few Sunshine pills so neither one of us would be forced to take Joy while making our way out of Maidenholm. I peered out of the kitchen and smiled at the man. “Ready?”

“As I’ll ever be,” Arthur responds, grabbing both our masks. We head to the front door just as knocking was heard. The tall man beside me glances down at me. “Expecting company?”

“Um, no. I’ve no scheduled appointments ‘til next week.” I shoved Arthur into the kitchen and told him to stay there until I’d dealt with the unexpected visitor. When I opened the door, Constable Davies leaned his head inside. “What can I do for you, Constable?”

“Just a quick rundown of the place. A handful of reports said a Downer was seen at your door. Where’s your mask, may I ask?”

I touch my face, realizing Arthur still had it. “I must’ve left it in the lab. Silly me! Anyway, no one has paid me a visit today, Constable. If you’ll excuse me—”

When I tried to close the door, the Bobby stuck his foot in the doorway. “It won’t take long, Miss (L/n).”

“It wouldn’t take even a second if you just trusted my word.”

Davies ignored my last words and entered my house. I nervously watched him as he wandered around the living room and closed in on the kitchen. When he entered the small room, I felt my heart stop. He disappeared around the corner and silence only followed.

A few minutes pass and Constable Davies emerges from the kitchen. “It seems you were telling the truth. Sorry to bother you, Miss (L/n).”

“No, it’s alright. Have a wonderful day, Constable.”

The Bobby left and I was confused as to why he didn’t check the rest of the house. I wasn’t complaining, but something’s up and I wasn’t sure what it is. The nervousness didn’t recede from my chest, it only escalated.

“You alright, (Y/n)?” Arthur asked, snapping me back to reality.

“We need to go. Now.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ve a horrid feeling that we’re gonna be jumped if we leave through the front door. We’ll use the back door and sneak out through the alley.”

Arthur didn’t argue and placed his mask on. As the gentleman he was, he gently placed my own mask on my face. I meekly thanked him and we ran out the back door. We snuck through the alley and I peeped around the corner to see my front door. Arthur stood next to me, stealing a glance, as well. We stared at the numerous of Bobbies that surrounded the front door. “Bloody hell… How’d you know?” Arthur questioned.

“Constable Davies only checked the living room and kitchen. All Bobbies are thorough when they’re searching for a Downer. Speaking of the kitchen, where’d you hide?”

“Under the table. The cloth provided cover.”

“Smart man. No wonder the Bobby didn’t find you.”

“But… I dropped my mask in front of the sink.”

I sighed in disbelief. “Arthur…”

“It’s my fault, (Y/n).”

“Nonsense! We’ll make it to the Garden District and the Bobbies will eventually grow bored. I… may not be able to return home, though.”

Arthur leaned against the building, his head buried in his hands. “Oh, god, I’m sorry, (Y/n).”

“Stop apologizing, Arthur. This city is hell and I don’t want to return. A few doctors have been seen and I’m afraid one of them might figure out I’m off my Joy. I don’t want to be injected with anymore of that stuff. That’s why…” I trailed off.

“What?” Arthur asked eagerly.

“I snuck out of Maidenholm a few months ago and found a cottage near the shore. It’s separate from the villages and it’s mostly intact. There’s food, water, and clean beds. I’ve cleaned up everything and just need to repair a few things. Are you… Are you still planning to leave?”

“(Y/n), you know I have to find Percy.”

Biting my lower lip, I nodded. “Yes, I understand.”

I kept the tears at bay as we headed down the street, passing the numerous of white facades. It was silent between the two of us as we plastered fake smiles on our faces and took a Sunshine to fool all those around us. Arthur guided me to a hatch that led to an underground shelter and the old train tracks. “Wha—how long have you known about this?!”

“About a month,” he answers casually.

“And you didn’t tell me?!”

“I-I, uh… I didn’t trust you we first met.”

“Well, at least you’re honest. Wait, shouldn’t it be I who doesn’t trust you? You’re the one who broke into my house!”

“On accident! I was trying to escape a horde of Bobbies and your place was the first I came across. I picked the lock and there you were, standing in the kitchen,” he defends himself.

I arched a brow in curiosity. “Why didn’t you attack me?”

“T-That’s, um…” I crossed my arms and waited for his full response. “Because I couldn’t bring myself to attack you.”

“The clue word is "why”. There’s a reason why you didn’t attack and it’s not because you couldn’t bring yourself to swing that damn shovel at me. I’ve heard stories of you whacking old ladies over the head with that thing to keep them quiet. Now, tell me the truth, Arthur Hastings.“

He fiddled with his fingers and glanced around the shelter as if there was someone nearby who’d overhear him. "I… didn’t attack because I thought you were beautiful. I’m glad I didn’t. You’ve been the kindest person to me since I became a Downer.”

“The reason I’ve been kind to you is because I’m a Downer myself. I stopped taking Joy three months ago and have no friends in Maidenholm. When I saw you were the Downer everyone was chatting about, I knew I had found someone just like me,” I admitted. “I’m just glad you’ve stuck around for this long. I really do hope you find your brother.” The melancholic feeling festered even more. I turn away from Arthur and cast my gaze to the ground.

“(Y/n), come with me,” Arthur said, grabbing my hand and holding it gently. “We can leave England together.”


“You’ve no one else, do you?”

“No, I don’t. You’re the only person who actually cares about me.”

“Then, come with me to look for Percy. After we find him, we can live a normal life! Isn’t that something you dream of?”

“Of course it is, Arthur. Every inch of this bloody place is either Joy-filled or depressed to no end! I’m sick of the same things over and over again! God, this place has broken me—heart and soul.” I walk over to a chair and sat down, my hands clutched tightly together in my lap. “But… I don’t have any credentials to leave this hell. The moment I return, I’ll most likely end up being a test subject.”

“What’re you talking about?” Arthur asked.

“Those Bobbies at my door weren’t just there for you. The whole lot of them have been wanting me gone for months! They believe I’m "unstable” and should be sent in for testing. I will not become a test subject!“

"What did you do to them?”

“I refused them access to my lab because they only wanted the special Joy batch I’d been working on requested by Dr. Haworth. That’s when they started all this nonsense.”

“I have credentials for both of us,” Arthur said, pulling out two pieces of paper.

He handed me one and I opened it. My eyes widened in shock. “Where did—? How did you…?”

“Sally helped me. I asked her to get two Letters of Transit—one for me and one for you,” he smiled.

“Why?” I ask, staring into his brown eyes.

“I really want you to come with me, (Y/n). You deserve better than all of this.”

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his sincere gaze. “You wouldn’t think I’d be a burden?”

“Of course not! I love you!” Arthur quickly clamped his hands over his mouth after realizing what he had just said, taking a few steps away from me. I stared in shock as his panic-filled eyes bounced around in circles. “T-That just s-slipped out.”

“You… love me?” I ask, still shocked at his declaration.

Arthur recovers and nods shyly. “Y-Yes.” He took a few steps forward and fell to a single knee in front of me. The man took both of my hands in his and held them tightly. “(Y/n), will you come with me?”

I nodded with a smile on my face. “Yes.” I removed my hands from his and gently wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling his body closer to mine and hugging him. “I love you, too, Arthur.”

Slowly, Arthur’s arms wrapped around my waist and he hoisted me up from the chair to hug me properly. Since he was much taller than me, my feet were barely touching the floor. “Oh, thank god…” He sighs in relief.

“Did you think I would say no?” I ask with a small smirk.

“Actually, yes.”

“You are an honest man, indeed,” I giggled. “Speaking of which, what do you need in the Garden District?”

“U-Uh, that was actually a lie. I-I just wanted to get you somewhere safe to ask you.”

“You didn’t need to lie, Arthur. I’d go anywhere with you, especially if it’s to escape Wellington Wells.”

“You’ve no idea how relieved I am to hear you say that, (Y/n).”

I kissed him on the cheek. “Let’s leave this wretched place, together.”

Unanswered Calls (Yaoyoruzo Momo x Reader)

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Summary: After a confession (Name) makes while gravely injured, they seem to lose contact with Momo, much to her dismay.

“Hello?…Haha, just kidding! This is just a voice message, meaning I’m currently unavailable! Sorry! Please leave a message after the beep!”


“(Name), I know you’re still recovering from the injuries you have sustained, but, please, call me back when you have time…I want to properly thank you for saving me. And…and, I really want to see you.”

Momo sighs, after she hangs up, her face painted a light pink.

“My, I hope I wasn’t too straightforward…but, I suppose it’s inevitable, (Name) just has that effect on people.” The raven-haired female mumbles before smiling.

Even when they were both students at U.A, (Name) always brought out another side to her.

Perhaps it was their dorky charisma? Or how they could always joke around? Even when they faced a difficult situation.


What was she talking about again?


“Hey, Momo! Or, should I say ‘Creati’?” (Name) calls, grinning excitedly, dressed in their hero outfit.

“(Name)? What are you doing here?” Momo questions, shocked at her friend’s sudden appearance. She was about to leave her agency to check out a sudden villain appearance.

“Uh, well, I know that this is your area, and all, but I thought it would be a good idea to help you take down that new villain that showed up. I mean, I think it’ll be nice to see how much we’ve improved, right?” (Name) responds, chuckling at the end.

“But, you really don’t need to accompany me. We could spend some time tonight afterwards.” The heroine counters, raising a delicate eyebrow.

(Name)’s expression suddenly becomes more bashful. “Well, I’m… a bit worried, honestly. Not that I doubt your abilities in any way!…I just can’t help it…I care for you, Momo.”

Momo could feel her face heat up, and her heart was beating in a way she couldn’t even begin to describe.

“V-very well.”


“-I’m currently unavailable! Sorry! Please leave a message after the beep!”


“(Name)…its been awhile. I…I don’t know what has happened to you. You have been avoiding everyone, and you never come out of your apartment. Your bills are piling up, as well. But, rest assured, I covered them. I know you would do the same for me…(Name), after we faced that villain, something happened. I don’t know if it was a blow to your self esteem, or your…confession, but we should talk about it. And…I really care for you.”


“Damn it…” (Name) curses under their breath, wiping the blood from beneath their nose.

“Portal!” Momo calls out their hero name, the worry clear in her voice.

The villain was more difficult than the two had expected. He was a speedster, who could best even Iida. Momo’s creation simply couldn’t keep up with him, resulting in (Name) acting as a human shield for her sake.

(Name) glances back at her, their face wearing a dopey grin that the female was so used to seeing.

“Don’t worry! I just gotta amp my teleportation power! Just focus on a plan, I’ll ensure your safety, got it?” (Name) promises, their stance causal but alert, their grin impish yet reassuring. Momo began noticing things about the hero she never saw before.

And, for a moment she could only see (Name).


“-Sorry! Please leave a message after the beep!”


“(Name), it’s been months since I’ve last heard from you…Are…are you avoiding me? No, not just me. Everyone. I-…this isn’t healthy for you. (Name), please call me back. I can help you. We can be together again. I also need to tell you something…And, I need to tell you it in person…please, let me be there for you, (Name).”

Tears slipped from her eyes, as dark thoughts engulfed her.

‘Please don’t leave me, (Name)…!’


Momo couldn’t help but stare at (Name) in awe, they were teleporting in the matter of mere miliseconds, countering the speedster at every attempt.

No, she had to focus. There had to be a way to subdue the speedster, a net simply wouldn’t work due to his speed and the risk of (Name) getting caught, any weapons would be useless, and as far as she could see the speedster’s movements were unpredictable, there was no strategy to them.

She knew (Name) couldn’t keep up much longer, but she also knew that she would help (Name).

And, then…

Momo was unsure about what had just happened.

One minute, the villain was about to attack her, and then (Name) was in front of her.

It was all a blur after that. She didn’t even notice Todoroki appear and subdue the villain.

All she could focus on was (Name) who was now laying on the ground clutching their chest, though there was no visible wound on them.

“(Name), what happened!?” Momo questions, as she drops to her knees to be at her friend’s side as takes off their mask to see the same (e/c) eyes she grew to adore.

“He was able to phase through my body, he’s able to speed up his particles. Pretty impressive, really,” (Name) coughs out, blood dripping down their lips. “Scrambled my insides like eggs. I guess you could say he wasn’t ‘yolking’ around.” The hero jokes in an attempt to lighten the mood.

“(Name)!” Momo cries out, appalled by the fact they were joking around at a time like this.

“Sorry, sorry. But, Momo? I’m going to be serious for once. I…I’m not going to make it. I can’t feel my blood pumping, y’know? So, I need to tell you something…I don’t want to die knowing that I couldn’t tell you my feelings.” (Name) states, their eyes gleaming with acceptance.

“No! Don’t talk like that! You’re going to be okay! Just please don’t act like this is the end!” Momo pleads, tears pricking the corner of her eyes.

It was like high school all over for Momo. She’s never felt more useless, inadequate, she wasn’t able to do anything! And, now (Name) has to suffer become of her incompetence.

“Hey, I know what you’re thinking …and, it’s not true… we just weren’t well matched with a villain like that. You’re an amazing hero, Momo, and don’t ever doubt that… You…You’ve always looked better when you feel confident…that’s probably why I fell for you…” (Name) manages to get out with a strained but soothing voice. It was like water dripping from a tap; slow but calming.

“Yaoyorozu Momo, I’ve loved you since the day you called out Aizawa, and…”(Name) lets out a sharp exhale,”I know we’re from different worlds, but I still…I really can’t help but always think of you.. I really, really love you, Peachy, even till my last breath… because you’re worth it.”

“(Name),” Momo whispers, tears cascading down her face.”I-(Name)?”

The hero’s eyes were now closed and their breathing was almost nonexistent at this point.

“(Name)! Keep your eyes opened…!Please, help is coming! Just please stay awake! Please…(NAME)!!” Momo was sobbing at this point, she couldn’t keep calm at this point. She didn’t even notice Todoroki pulling her away as paramedics arrived at the scene.

‘They have to survive, right?’


‘-leave a message after the beep!”


“(Name), please…you can’t be dead. I refuse to believe it…It’s just not logical for someone of you power to die like this…I know it’s not true…This can’t be how it ends…Please, answer! I-I love you, (Name)!…Because you’re worth it!”

‘Redialing number…’

“Sorry, this number no longer exists. For different options, please press-“


(Technically, the summary is true. Requests are open.)

Not Even Second Impressions Go Well (𝓓.𝓗)

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Fandom: Dan and Phil

Pairing: Daniel Howell/ Reader (She/her)

Requested: No, @wukindly, @wolfhard-tozier@goshdarnitthatsalongname

Warnings: Mild swearing

Word count: 1,266

Keys: (Y/n) = Your name, (D/n) = Dog’s name, (L/n) = Last name

Summary: You make a fool of yourself in front of Phil not just once, but twice, and you spend some time just chatting with him

Fate Brought Us Together, Love Brought Us Closer Masterlist//Linktree

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Full on Love pt.1

Thor x plus size/chubby fem. reader 

a/n: super fluffy. mentions of alcohol and getting drunk. Part 2 I’m hoping to add some smut, we’ll see. My first chubby/curvy/plus size reader fic! Also I prefer long hair Thor (I’m still sad over his new haircut)

Summary: The reader is new to the team. Thor can’t keep his eyes off of her.  

Originally posted by unchartedghoul

“Good morning Thor!”

“Good morning Lady y/n, you are looking lovely as always.”

“Thank you.” you said, while continuing to mix the batter you were preparing.

You shook your head, smiling. He was always such a sweetheart. You had just got out of bed, wearing only a tank top and cute sleeping shorts. You weren’t sure what Thor’s idea of lovely is, but you thanked him anyway.

“I was about to make french toast, would you like some?” you asked, as he rummaged through the fridge.  

Thor peeked his head over the refrigerator door, “I would!“ 

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Being Natasha Romanoff’s Adopted Daughter Would Include...

Characters: Natasha Romanoff X Daughter!Reader

Universe:Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None

Originally posted by veronicalocge

-          She kept you away from her work for a long time.

-          You only figured out she was Black Widow when you answered the door to Captain America.

-          “Mom who did you kill?” “No one, why?” “Captain America’s at the door.” “Nat since when did you have a kid?” “Shut it Freedom.” “Y/N, be nice.”

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The Silent Treatment

Pietro Maximoff x Female reader

Soulmate AU where the words their soulmate speaks first are tattooed on their arm.

Warnings: a little smutty, and angsty

A/n: just wanted to write something about Pietro Maximoff. (Still refusing to acknowledge his death 😅) Also I used google translate for some stuff, so like I hope it makes sense.

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true care (m) |02


→ pairing: bodyguard!Jungkook x female reader

→ genre: fake dating au, fluff/romance, angst, (future smut)

→ word count: 10,2 k

•  summary: your (endearingly) shy bodyguardhired by your fatherwould do anything for you. even though you roll your eyes at his persistence and pretend there’s no need for him to follow you to every and any place you go, there might be many more hazards in your life than you let on. and you might end up needing him in more ways than you—or your fatherwould ever think.

! warnings: mentions of guns, alcohol; mentions of toxic past relationship throughout the series

 series masterlist

↠ chapter 2: don’t question it, just roll with it

‘Next time, don’t open the door for me.’

Jeongguk listened to you when you stated the request. In the parking lot near the faculty, he moved to sit in the front of the car, not paying any mind to the doors in the back. That made your driver adequately happy.

‘What are your plans for the rest of the day, miss ___?’ Mr. Ri wanted to know.

Even if, in that moment, you couldn’t possibly foresee the unexpected end of upcoming evening, you still anticipated the day to be long and full of activities; it would be tiring, but the first stop was—‘Symphony for now.’

The driver nodded compliantly and gunned the engine.

Your bodyguard, after fastening his seatbelt, quickly plucked out his phone from the pocket of his jeans and unlocked it. Sure, you’d give him some privacy when you begin trusting him completely, but for now… the curious part of you won your inner battle and made you discreetly glance at the screen just as the driver pressed on the gas. If you weren’t mistaken, there were some pictures of the inside of the very Symphony that he was scrolling through. You had to fight the urge to giggle. Perhaps he was the one that didn’t quite trust you yet, or maybe he was being a real professional by researching and checking the place out before visiting it, trying to craft a map in his mind of where some potential danger could be lurking. Either way it had you quite amused and, admittedly, the tiniest bit of impressed.

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Living with the bond

Originally posted by twilightimaginesandgifs

Words: 3,892

This is longer than I intended! Set during Eclipse
Part three of the Embry Call imagine
Part one – Just one look
Part two – Learning to trust
This is part three
Part Four - A new wolf 
Part Five - Facing the Future
Part Six - The promise

 “Come on, come on, break it up.” Paul laughed as he nudged you and Embry apart and dropped himself down heavily onto the couch between you. Embry crossed his arms and tried to hide his pout at the loss of contact with you. Paul’s arm fell over your shoulders and gave you a squeeze. You raised a brow at him, “Smooth Paul, subtle.” 

Paul gave you one of his wolfish grins, “I thought so. I just think that you should spend more time with me. Remember me? Your favourite.”
“Well that’s a lie because Leah has always been my favourite.” You countered and Paul narrowed his eyes and squeezed your shoulder with his massive hand playfully.
“Ha! I told you!” Leah shouted from the kitchen making everyone chuckle.

Damn wolf hearing.

“Why can’t I spend time with my boyfriend?” You whined and over Paul’s shoulder Embry gave you a grin at the word.
Paul dropped his head back onto the back of the sofa and groaned, “Because it’s all you ever do. Even when you’re doing your homework he’s there.”

Jacob dropped down heavily onto your other side on the couch, none of these guys seemed bothered about what they were doing to Sam and Emily’s furniture. He gave you a playful elbow, “There’s a band playing in Forks this weekend, we’re all going, you in?”
You regarded him curiously, “As long as you promise not to sing.”
Jacob gave you a hurt look and placed his hand over his heart in feign heartbreak and Embry reached over Paul to give you a high five causing the rest of the pack to laugh at Jacob’s expense.

So it was decided and when the weekend came you spent the afternoon hanging out with Emily and Kim before Leah joined you and the four of you headed into Forks. The guys were to join you later. They had some super-secret pack stuff to finish up but they agreed that Leah was enough to protect you alone and the girl time together did her well. As the only female wolf, Leah didn’t get a lot of quality time away from the guys and, Lord knows, she needed it.

The band weren’t bad for a few greasy faced teens with ancient equipment, they were playing at a pavilion in Forks park and most of the town had spilled out to see them. Even with the smallness of the town a few food stands and trucks had shown up and you’d all been relieved to see it. The boys liked their food after all.

You’d had about an hour of quality time with your girls when you spotted Bella standing alone beside one of the street lights.
Nudging Kim beside you, you inclined your head towards were Bella was stood and Kim followed your gaze, “Well she looks as awkward as always.”
You nodded, it was difficult not to agree when Bella was stood with her arms wrapped around herself ignoring everyone and looking at the floor. Part of you felt bad for her.
“Billy told me that Charlie’s banned Edward from being in the house since she came back from going off with him and his sister.” Emily told you.
“Fang banger.” Leah spat as she joined you, her second burger of the night in hand.
“Jacob still thinks that he has a chance.” You mumbled, he’d not spoken to Bella since she’d left with Alice for Italy, though you knew he had written to her. It was odd, a few months ago you were desperately trying for Jacobs affections and now you were dating, and let’s face it hopelessly in love with, his best friend Embry and trying to help him fix his love life.
Jeez. Life was strange.

“I’m going to talk to her.” You decided and jumped down from the railing that you were sat on, “Ask her if she’s heard from Jake. You guys mind if I invite her to join us?”
Kim and Emily shook their heads, they didn’t mind at all along as it was only her and not her little undead family. Leah swallowed what was left of her burger and fixed you with a hard stare for a moment before sighing, “Fine. Only because it’s you and Jacob will be in my head next time I phase. Just her though yeah, Y/N? If those leeches come around then she has to bounce, got it?”

You laughed, “Yeah, yeah I got it. Bounce? What’re you from the 80s?”
She took a playful swing at your arm as you stepped off towards Bella, you called her name to get her attention and she gave you a surprised look at her presence, “I’m just waiting for Edward.”
You resisted the urge to tell her that you hadn’t asked and that you didn’t care – barely. Instead you smiled and kept your tone light, “Do you want to wait with us?”
She glanced behind you at Leah, who was probably glaring but that was her default setting, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
You smiled again to try to reassure her, “Leah doesn’t mean anything by it, that’s just her face. And we both know that she can hear me so she mustn’t be very scary if I’m willing to say it.”
To her credit Bella attempted a smile before her face fell again, “No, I mean Edward wouldn’t like it.”

“What’s it got to do with him?” You questioned without thinking.
She looked appalled, like you’d slapped her with your question, “He’s my boyfriend.” She squeaked in indignation.
You shrugged your shoulders at her attitude, “And Embry’s my boyfriend but if he tried to tell me where I could go, who I could talk to or what I could do then he’d get a face full of fist. And I’m his imp-” You stopped just short of the word.
You’d not admitted it out loud yet.

But Jacob must have told Bella because she caught the word and her face scrunched in on itself like she’d chewed on a wasp and she pointed at you as she snarled, “Imprint, right? You think that makes you special? Because it doesn’t, I’m Edward’s blood singer, that’s special, that’s fate. An imprint is basically just lust, it’s nothing special and neither is your boyfriend.”

Violence is not the answer.
Don’t hit her.
Violence is not the answer.
Don’t hit her.
Violence is not the answer.
Don’t hit her.

Your inner mantra failed you. All at once you were yanking her towards you by her collar. The shock stunned her and you tightened your grip on her collar and leaned in close to her face, “Do not talk shit about Embry again.”

Her panicked breath tickled your face and a thought prickled the back of your mind, that this wasn’t you. You weren’t a violent person but you couldn’t release her if you wanted too, your entire body had seized up and your breath came out ragged. It was a cold hand covering yours that brought you back to life.

His hand gently, incredibly gently given that you knew what strength he really held, unfurled your fingers from her collar and Bella dropped back a couple of steps. He ran his thumb over your hand to let you know that he wasn’t mad at you before letting it drop and you let it fall to your side. If it had to be any of the undead army of Forks then you were glad it was Emmett, he was the only one that you liked out of the bunch and before you knew what he was you’d often found yourself talking to him about books in the park. He was incredibly well read for someone who presented themselves as just muscle.
But then you had found out that he was Vampire and chasm had grown between you, one that you both knew was inevitable and one that you couldn’t come back from.

You were scared of him now.

He still tried to make you laugh though, and now was no different, “Now why aren’t you lovely ladies getting on?”
“She just went mad.” Bella snapped, she was pretty brave hiding behind the giants shoulder. Emmett looked over your shoulder than back at you for a moment but you ignored him in case it was a ploy to distract you.
“She was talking shit about Embry!” You snarled, and stepped forward making Bella jump back. Vampire guard or not she needed to stop running her mouth.
“Woah woah woah.” Emmett held his hands out to stop you, “Let’s take it steady now.” He looked over his shoulder to give Bella a look of utter disappointment, “Bella probably didn’t understand what she was saying. It’s hard to understand a bond if you’re not a part of it.”

You accepted his answer but made sure to point at Bella, like she had to you, when you answered him, “Fine but the next time she talks about Embry like that she’s going to be picking up her teeth. Got it?”
“Got it.” He promised and he fixed Bella with another look to keep her mouth shut.

You nodded, happy with his answer and turned on your heel to walk away and walked straight into Leah. You cursed in surprise and her hands found your upper arms to steady you. How long had she been stood there?
That must have been why Emmett was looking over your shoulder.
That was why Leah was your favourite, besides Embry of course, she let you do your thing but always had your back. Even when you didn’t ask her, she just appeared to help people that she loved.
She looked incredibly proud of you and for a moment you felt proud of yourself, you hadn’t had to hide behind Leah like Bella had done with Emmett.

For the next hour you had tried to push thoughts of Bella to the back of your mind but the girls wouldn’t let you, Kim and Emily also seemed shocked that you had such anger in you but that didn’t stop the jokes at your expense. The rest of the Cullen clan had arrived soon after and Edward had spent the entire night glaring at you, after he’d gotten Carlisle to check Bella’s neck from your ‘savage’ attack.
Rosalie hadn’t tried to hide her amusement at Bella getting threatened, she’d even shot you a smirk at one stage, as far as she was concerned it was a conflict between both of you as humans and that was that. There should be no repercussions from her family or the wolves, so she the blonde vampire had allowed herself the amusement.

You were distracted from the undead family’s antics by your phone buzzing in your pocket, you pulled your phone and read the text from Embry, he told you that he was on his way and you blushed at the obscene amount of kissy faces on the text. The girls must have got the same texts from Sam and Jared because they joined the queue to the burger truck with Leah. Kim gave you a thumbs up which told you that she would buy one or two burgers for Embry while you waited with the picnic blanket that you had laid out.

Emmett took the chance, while you were alone, to come over and when you moved over to give him space he sat beside you but he kept a healthy amount of space between you.
“You’d think that I’d broken her neck.” You said and nodded over towards where Bella was rubbing her neck and demanding attention from the other Cullen’s.  
Emmett grinned, “She definitely would be quieter if you had.”
You smirked and you fell into silence again until he asked, “Are we cool? You know, aside from the whole ‘I’m mortal enemies with your mate thing’?”
You laughed, “Aside from that, yes, we’re good.”
“Good,” He grinned.

“I’ve been that angry before.” You admitted and pulled at a frayed part of the blanket.
Emmett scratched the side of his pale face in thought, “It’s the imprint bond. I wouldn’t sweat it, you’re going to be as protective of him as he is of you.”
“Just without the teeth and claws to back it up?” You joked.
“I dunno, I thought that you might grow some claws back there.” Emmett laughed and you joined him. He dropped his arm around your shoulders like Paul often did and playfully pulled you as you laughed and that’s when it went to shit.

Emmett was pushed to the ground, his hands came up to defend himself from Embry’s punches and Jared caught you as you were pushed away.
“Embry stop it.” You hissed, you were in the middle of crowd, everyone was starting to look, he couldn’t lose it now.
He ignored you and went to swing down at Emmet again but Jacob caught him in his thick arms and hauled him away.
Sam snarled, “Go home now.” And Embry complied, dragged away by Jacob.
He didn’t look at you.
Sam shook his head at you and left with the others. They were gone. Even Leah, who had to go because of the Alpha’s orders, had left you sat on that picnic mat surrounded by the whole town and the leeches that they hated.

Emmett walked you home.
Not a smart move usually but you got the impression that he felt guilty about what had happened and that he was worried about Edward approaching you now that the pack was gone. He tried to shield the cracked diamond skin on the side of his face from you as you walked and in fairness you didn’t want to see that Embry had managed to get that angry.

You’d never seen him like that.

You let him stew overnight and when you woke the next morning to texts from every member of the pack and their imprints. Everyone expect Embry.
You sighed and read the other messages:

Paul: I followed you and the leech home, message me when you get back so that I know you’re safe please.
Jacob: I can’t believe you did that to Bella. We need to talk.
Kim: Hope you’re okay, me and Jared are thinking about you. You didn’t do anything wrong, Embry knows that.
Quil: He was an idiot, you were an idiot. Come back and be idiots together okay?
Leah: Can I see you? I want to know that you’re okay. Also, I may have kicked Embry’s ass.
Seth: Please come round Y/N, we want to know that you’re okay. And you need to talk to Embry, Leah kicked his ass.
Emily: You come round whenever you’re ready Y/N. You don’t have to see Embry, it can just be me and the girls if you want to talk. Xx
Sam: I’m sorry about yesterday. I hope you’re okay. Please come and see Embry, he needs you.

Your heart throbbed at the thought of Embry needing you but if he needed you that much, and if he could sense how shitty you were feeling, where was he? He hadn’t even sent you a text. You got up, ate breakfast at a leisurely pace even though your stomach didn’t feel too much up to the task, showered, got ready and headed off towards Emily and Sam’s house where you knew Embry would be sulking.

And you were right.
As soon as you set foot on their property the door flew open and Leah was running towards you with Paul on her heels, your favourite duo as always.  They stopped just short of you and started patting you down for injuries and despite yourself, you smiled.
“I’m fine, I’m fine.” You reassured them.
Leah pulled you into a hug, “I’m sorry that I had to leave you.” She whispered.
“I know that you didn’t have a choice,” You reassured her before giving Paul a hug as well, “And thank you for stalking me home.”
“Doesn’t sound great when you say it like that.” He mumbled.

They stayed outside when you went inside and Jared and Kim both greeted you warmly before leaving. Embry was sat on the couch, it was just you two now and he refused to look at you. You sat on the opposite end of the couch from him, “So, what do you have to say for yourself?”
He continued to look down at his lap, “I thought that he was flirting with you.”
His answer riled your anger instantly, “Well you know how you could have known for certain? Ask me!”

He flinched but said nothing.
You sighed, “Should I just leave? If you’re not going to talk to me then what’s the point of me being here?”
“Don’t leave.” He looked at you, finally, and you hoped that he couldn’t see the shock on your face at the state of him. His eyes where dark and heavy, his hair was a mess, he’d clearly not slept at all. Other than that he looked okay, his super wolf healing must have already fixed Leah’s ass kicking.

“I know what I did was stupid, I’m sorry.” He mumbled.
You shook your head, it was much more than that, “No, stupid is breaking something. This is insane. You realise that if you had gone any further you could have outed your packs secret to the whole of Forks? And that of the Cullen’s? You think they’d let a whole town know about Vampires?” You were shouting now, “They could have attacked and killed the whole town! And all of La Push, never mind the whole pack and their imprints because you’d have to try to stop them!” Your voice fell to a whisper, “And you hurt me Embry. How could you not trust me? How could you not talk to me?”

His eyes had welled but you didn’t let it stop you, “Emmett was just checking that I was okay after what I did to Bella, he was trying to make sure that Edward didn’t exacerbate things. Embry I lo-,” you sighed, “I love you, there I said it. But that will never give you the power to tell me who I can and can’t talk too. Especially when you know that I wouldn’t be talking to Emmett unless it was for a damn good reason. Do you want us to end up like Bella and Edward?”

He jumped up and stepped over to your side of the couch, his warm hands found your face and he made you look up at him, “I am, honestly, truly sorry Y/N and for what it’s worth I love you too.”
Your heart cartwheeled and you reached up to kiss him, his chapped lips brushing against yours. Your hands came up to his warm chest, running over hard, shirt clad, stomach muscles on the way while his hands held your face still.
You pulled back from the kiss slowly but he followed the movement and peppered your face with light kisses, your checks, nose and forehead all getting loving attention.
You giggled, “Embry stop it that tickles!”
He chuckled and kissed you more, his hands coming to your sides to tickle you slightly as your squealed and squirmed trying to get away from his evil fingers.

You fell back onto the couch and he pulled you onto his chest, you both settled and you cuddled. You enjoyed the heat radiating off of him and ran his hand up and down your back as you rested on his chest.
“Okay I’m sorry, so why were you talking to the leech?” He mumbled and kissed the top of your head.
You absentmindedly drew patterns on his chest with your finger, “He was trying to stop me beating Bella up.”
Your chest-mattress rumbled as he laughed and you looked up at him to see his face split into a wide grin, he already looked loads better than five minutes ago. “I’m so proud of you.” He laughed.
“So was Leah,” You mused, “I suppose she told you all about it.”
“She did.” He told you, “I couldn’t enjoy it at first because it made me feel like even more of an idiot.”
“No you’re only half an idiot.” You teased and he playfully swatted your hip.

After a moment of silence you mumbled, I’m not a violent person, I don’t know what happened. Emmett thinks it’s the imprint.”
“As much as I hate to say it, he’s probably right. Don’t feel bad Y/N, what you did was nowhere near as bad as what I did.” He told you.
“We’re just idiots aren’t we?” You asked and he agreed with a nod.

“So,” He said after a moment, “How about next time, before I beat someone’s face in, I get your permission?”
You laughed, “And before I threaten stupid people I’ll let you know.”
He grinned and squeezed you with his thick arms as you laughed at the way you’d both handled last night. He kissed the top of your head again and you tickled his abs making him wiggle and try to tickle you back.

Your bliss was interrupted when Sam and Emily’s door slammed open and Jacob stormed in with Sam, Paul, Leah and Quill in tow. Embry pulled up both up so that you were curled up in his lap, Jacob threw his hands up, “She’s going to fucking marry him after graduation. The fucking leech!”

“Jacob, what happened?” You asked and he scowled at you, Embry tightened his grip but it was clear that Jacob’s anger was fresh, he’d forgotten about his anger at you from last night.

“Bella chose him!” He snarled and kicked over one of Sam’s chairs, the Alpha didn’t stop him, “I put myself out there for her and she chose him! Just like you chose Embry!”
Embry’s chest rumbled with a growl, “I’m about to ask you for face beating permission.” He grumbled in your ear.
You placed your hand on his arm to calm him down before setting your sights on Jacob, “Jake you can cut that shit out right now. You know that’s not how it is.”
He rubbed his face in frustration before setting the chair that he’d kicked right and dropping himself into it, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.”
You shot Embry a smug look that screamed, see talking works. He pinched your arm in response.
“At least you know now Jacob. You can move on.” You tried to reassure him and some of the pack made noises of agreement.

He shook his head, “It’s not over, I know I can show her that it’s me that she wants. I’m going to go to her graduation party, I’ll show her.”
You and Embry shared a worried look but in a few short weeks you’d miss the time when your only worry was Jacob’s hormones.

I really enjoyed revisiting this fic! I’m SUPER tempted to carry on this Embry/Reader through to the end of the saga. It does mean I’ll have to watch the films because it’s a LONG time since I read the books! So if that sounds like something you wanna stick around for then drop me a message and I’ll add you to the tag list :)
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Detroit: Become Human Connor x Reader

A/n: THERE ARE NO SPOILERS IN THIS ONE SHOT! I’ve been obsessed with this game from the moment I started playing it, so I’ve decided to make a one shot book on Wattpad! Love you all!!!


~(Y/n)’s POV~

“Dad, I think you’ve had enough,” I said, snatching the whisky out of his hand and tossing it into the garbage.

“(Y/n), that’s a waste of booze!” My dad, Hank Anderson, shouted as he jolted to his feet.

“It’s not if I keep you from getting alcohol poisoning,” I snap back, hands resting on my hips. He waves me off and moves from the kitchen to the couch. He flopped down on the cushions as a knock came from the door. “I’ll get it.”

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Being Tony Stark’s Adopted Daughter Would Include...

Characters: Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader

Universe:Marvel, Avengers


Originally posted by fuckyeahtonystark

-          You hated him in the beginning since he barely spent time with you.

-          When he realised why you were so hostile, he started spending more time with you, and soon you took a liking to him.

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Full on Love part 2

Thor x plus size!reader

Warnings: Smut! NSFW

A/n: Can I just say Oh My God! Thank you, everyone, for all the notes and comments on part 1! I did not expect it!  I love you all! Also sorry about the long wait for part 2, it’s pretty smutty btw…  Enjoy!

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In the kitchen, Thor and you were making breakfast as usual, but you couldn’t help but notice how handsy he was being. Thor had been extra touchy-feely with you lately. His hand would touch your shoulder every time he walked behind you, and his entire body would brush against yours as the two of you prepped things together.

“Hey, hun, could you pass me the measuring cup?”

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anonymous asked:

Hi. May you please do a short fic with Sombra, Widowmaker, Tracer, or Reaper with a female S/O who has an anxiety attack? I been needing something like that for awhile, honestly. Thank you if so.

Originally posted by mercyish


At first you told yourself you would’ve been okay. Sombra had told you to wait and keep watch on her gear as she went to steal some data for Talon.

In the time it took her to come back, a guard had spotted you and tried to take you down. As scared as you were when he tightly grabbed you by the hair, you shot him down. When Sombra saw the dead guard and you huddled up next to the gear, crying and shaking, she quickly and carefully approached you.

“ y/n, honey it’s me, it’s Sombra.” she said at first, poking your shoulder. It didn’t help much as you started to hyperventilate, your hands shaking aggressively as you aimlessly tried to swat the poking away.

Sombra was quick to act and searched inside one of her bags in the gear pile. She found a small incense stick and quickly lit it, letting the soothing smell help wind you down. She placed it away enough so it didn’t overwhelm you as she gently rubbed your back.

“I’m here amiga, I’m here…” She said soothingly as you slowly snapped out of the sense of panic. When you did, you wrapped your arms around Sombra in a hug. Sombra had called for backup by then to help her gather all her gear as she held you in her arms. Carrying you to the airship since her job was done.

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Amelie Lacroix - Widowmaker

The first few years where you shared a room with Amelie were cold. Cold in the regard that she wouldn’t get close to you or speak to you much. You were usually the one doing the talking.

But as time passed and stress got to you, you stopped being the one talking. Everything gradually became too much and you concaved in yourself, turning to a shaky and sobbing mess in that little room you and Amelie shared.

Amelie had found your shaking form facing the corner of the room, like a small child put in the naughty corner. The Frenchwoman softly stepped closer to you, staring, unsure of what contact to make.

“Y/n?” she asked, waiting for a reply. When you tilted your head, she took it as a sign you were listening.

“Did something upset you?” she asked again, waiting for a decent time until you finally nodded.

For hours, the two of you chatted back and forth, Amelie wasn’t really sure why she was putting all this effort on you. But it felt warm inside to hear your soft laughs as you calmed down. The more you talked, the more she liked you.

Amelie decided to braid your hair as you two talked for almost the rest of the night.

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Lena Oxton - Tracer

Usually with most panic attacks, you have a few seconds to get some privacy before you melt down like ice cream on a hot day. This was different however.

The two of you had gone out for dinner when a group of snarky adults entered the small restaurant you two were in. Being the bigoted people they seemed to be they began to poke fun at the pair of you, mostly on Lena.

At first the two of you paid no mind at their words, but the longer they talked about Lena, the more venomous their words became.

You had enough and quickly stood up, walking over to the group, “Could you please stop that?” you asked, but only got laughter in reply.

“Or what sweetcheeks? you gonna cry?” one of the men asked, the sneer in his tone blatant.

“No. I’m going to get the manager.” you stated, one of the other men, who was clearly intoxicated, began spitting slurs at you as he snatched a handful of your hair, preparing to give you a beating.

Lena was quick to act as she rushed to help you out. Striking at the drunk man’s wrist so he could let go of you. She then proceeded to knee the man in the groin, stunning him. She then quickly put down on your table money for the food and picked you up, quickly walking out before anyone noticed your panic attack.

You could easily remember every time that someone grabbed your hair. The fear of what could’ve happened if Lena wasn’t there was mainly why you were having this panic attack.

Lena held you close as you sobbed out a jumble of apologies, trying to keep yourself together, even if it was a futile attempt. But Lena was there, hugging you close, “Shh, It’s okay love, you’re going to be okay. I got you.” She’d whisper for you as she rubbed your back, soothingly taking you out of this panic attack.

“Thank you for standing up for me y/n. That was very kind of you.” She said as she kissed your forehead.

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Gabriel Reyes - Reaper

Gabriel knew you had a distaste for city environments. In the past, he would’ve loved to be in the city, but now, donned into the look of the reaper, he hates it just as much as you. The loud noise burns in his ears and the smell of smoke is worse than the smell of gore from the omnic crisis in his opinion.

So when you two had a three month long mission in a city, he knew he’d have to look out for you alot. The first week was the most stressful one for you. People were everywhere, like maggots on a carcass, it felt crushing, restraining, and soon enough you were breathless, taking small gasps as you went through the crowd. The smell of smoke, oil and sweat crammed your nose, bringing forward the gag reflex.

In only half an hour, you were almost dead from how overwhelmed you were. Quickly, you made your way back to the apartment Talon had assigned for you and Gabriel. Slamming the door shut you ran to the bathroom and hunched over the toilet, the noise of cars honking still in your ears, buzzing as white noise. the stinky, cheesy sauce from a man’s meal had spilled by accident on your arm, the smell setting off your gut as you retched and heaved, but nothing came out. 

You cried and cried, shaking and heaving as you huddled to the toilet. You couldn’t really feel Gabriel beside you, holding your hair back and rubbing with one hand your shoulder. He soothingly hummed an odd tune but it wasn’t helping as much as the shoulder rub.

After a solid hour, it passed, and you were a mess.

“It’s going to be fine sweetheart, next time we’ll go out for food at night.” He suggested, massaging away the stress from your shoulders as he nuzzled his face to your forehead.

Monster Boyfriend (Part 1)

A monster boyfriend of all sorts. I had to split this into two parts because it was way too long… enjoy! 

You knew it wasn’t a good idea to go for a run in the dark, especially in the rough area where you lived. Still, you hadn’t been out for so long, keeping yourself tucked away in your little apartment for days. Why hadn’t you just waited for the early morning for a run, would that have been so difficult? You scolded yourself as chills ran down your spine. Your insides seemed to shift uncomfortably in your skin and you knew then that somebody was watching you. With fear twisting your gut, you knew it wasn’t a good somebody.

A car slowed down beside you, an old dingy thing with too many overgrown men squashed within its rusting walls. The window rolled down an a voice called out to you, asking what a pretty thing like you was doing out this late at night all alone. You could have asked yourself the same question. You tried to ignore him and kept a steady pace, but the car kept up with ease and the leering young man didn’t desist his taunts.

At some point, the car stopped, and all five of them got out of the car, only to surround you in a ring. You tried to push past but they weren’t having any of it. Their hands kept grabbing at you, passing you around as they joked with each other about what fun they could all have. You were certain their idea of ‘fun’ was very different to yours. You tried to hit them away but they only laughed; you tried screaming but they clamped sweaty palms over your mouth. Nobody else was around to save you, and you resented your current status of ‘damsel in distress’.

You felt queasy when one of them groped you inappropriately, and your struggles became more frantic. However, all of the men halted at the sound of a guttural growl. It vibrated through your chest, a heated caress down your spine - it was anything but human. The men shuffled uncomfortably, and the one with his hands around you used you as a shield, the pathetic wimp. The growls and snarls continued, getting louder as the seconds ticked by until one of the men screamed. He collapsed to the floor, blood pooling from a cavity in his chest where his heart used to be. The rest of the men hollered in fear and sprinted down the street, leaving you behind with the corpse of their companion. You stood frozen as a shadow swept past in pursuit of the men until it wrapped itself around the one who had touched you inappropriately. The man crumpled to the floor with several wails, until he was nothing but a bag of broken bones.

Your saviour returned swiftly, until they stood several feet away, still shrouded in shadows. You swallowed, unsure how to proceed. Taking a hesitant step forwards, the shadowed creature receded further back and you stopped, not wanting to scare them away.

“Thank you,” you whisper, your heartbeat so loud you were unsure if you could even be heard. You watch the shadow shift until it creeps closer. You keep still, letting it approach you, and don’t flinch when the creature emits another guttural growl. Yet this one sounded softer, less threatening, more like a purr. Up close, their head was far above yours, and you watched patiently as it bent down and pressed its face into the crook of your neck. It inhaled deeply, and you couldn’t help but notice its own scent of the forest.

“Is…is there anything I can do to repay you?” you ask hesitantly in the same quiet tone. It kept still, taking deep breaths in time with yours, and you hoped it was considering your offer.

A deep broken voice replied besides you, “You being close makes me happy,” and without another word, it disappeared into the shadows once again.

The following days passed without disturbance, the permanent blush up your neck and across your cheeks being a result of the familiar feeling of being watched. However, you didn’t feel threatened, only safe and protected. Your friends picked up on your odd behaviour, the smiles at nothing in particular, the staring into space, the whimsical sighing. They questioned you about it, and you waved it away as nothing in particular. You knew they didn’t believe you, but they didn’t hassle you about it.

“You’re in love” your best friend stated one day.

“I am not!” You said a little too defensively. It was true, you didn’t feel love, but simply an unreasonable amount of affection for the strange creature that had saved you. You blamed it on just being hormonal and feeling grateful that those men hadn’t done any worse than frighten you slightly.

“Fine then, but you’ve found someone. Come on, spill the beans, what’s he like?” Your friend was determined, sitting beside you and glaring to get your attention. You hesitated, you had found someone, or something, but was that reason for your reckless heart to go pining after some saviour? You mentally noted that you really needed to get out more and stop reading fantasy romances to make up for your lack of love life.

“…He’s tall. And mysterious. And quiet. But he’s got this hesitancy that’s endearing, and he looks out for me. Keeping me safe, as though I’m his top priority…” You glance out of the coffee shop window, zoning in on an alleyway across the street that is shrouded in darkness. You know he’s there, you can feel his gaze, and your mind tricks you into believing you can smell his woodsy scent. You offer a friendly smile, hoping he sees you.

That evening there was a knock on your door. Wearing only a pair of shorts and an oversized T-shirt, you opened the door of your apartment to an empty corridor. Looking both ways, you found nobody around, but upon glancing down you notice something lying on your doormat. A single red tulip, delicately placed on the ground. You pick it up and inhale its sweet scent, smiling as you know who had put it there. At least you have only one in mind who would have done such a thing - your creature.

The flowers continued to arrive, one every evening. The knock on the door sounded at exactly 8pm. One resounding knock, leaving behind one red tulip, its waxy petals soft to the touch, its scent strong and wild. After a week, you found yourself standing facing your door at 7:58pm, not entirely sure what you planned to do. If he wanted to see you, talk to you, he would have given you the flower directly. Or perhaps he was just shy and needed you to make the next move. Either way, the tension was high and a knot had secured itself in your stomach, but you were determined. On this night, you would speak to him.

The clock hanging beside the door met its mark and before a knock could sound you opened the door. And there he was, standing slouched in the doorway with his fist outstretched towards the door. You stared at him, finally being able to make out the attire he wore in the dim lighting of the corridor. His figure was covered in a hoodie and a jacket, a pair of oversized trousers hanging from his hips and pooling over his feet. His hood was up, hiding away his face. You could just make out a strong chin, too pale to be healthy, and like a mother hen, you started to worry that he wasn’t well. Instead of fussing, however, you reached down and picked up the flower, inhaling its scent as you did every day. The other seven were inside your apartment, placed in a vase of water on a windowsill of their own.

“Thank you for the flowers,” you said, looking up at him with a smile. He drew his shoulders down, shuffling from foot to foot and glancing up and down the hallway. You open the door and step to the side, gesturing inside, “Come in, please,”

He takes a moment, hesitating on the threshold and tilting his head towards you as if to ask for further permission. You nod, and he shuffles in with an odd limp, entirely covered by his clothes, from head to toe, including his hands. He stands in the middle of the room, which is the combination of a living room, dining room and study. The kitchen is off to the right, separated only by half a wall. You wander over to your collection of tulips, adding the newest member to the bunch. Turning back to the creature, you watch him silently, the movement of his hood suggesting that he was looking around.

“Can I get you some tea? Coffee? Just some water perhaps?” He looked towards you swiftly, and you could just see his jaw move in the soft lighting of the room.

“Tea, please” His baritone rumble of a voice sent shivers down your spine, and you mentally scolded your body for having such a reaction. With a determined nod, you walked past him and into the kitchen, trying to ignore how his closeness caused your pulse to quicken. He followed behind you quietly, watching you collect mugs and boil the kettle. You can feel his gaze, and glance back to see him watching you with what you think might be curiosity. His hood isn’t pulled so far forward, and his eyes reflect the harsher light of the kitchen. They are a striking green, and you have to force yourself to focus on the tea.

“Do I…make you feel fear?” His voice was barely audible above the whistle of the kettle, but you hear him clearly enough. As you pour the hot water into the mugs you shake your head, chuckling at such a thought. How could you be scared of this creature? He had shown you nothing but kindness despite keeping to the shadows.

“Do you want milk or sugar?” You glance at him to see his head shake a little, and finish off the tea, putting three sugars in your own. Passing him the mug, you watch in fascination as a white, clawed hand took it from you, holding it at the bottom and not with the handle. You were more concerned that he would burn himself than you were with the clearly inhuman hand. The claws were a glossy black, about two inches long each, and his knuckles were ridged with miniature fins. You didn’t feel startled, or scared, but rather just curious as to how the rest of him appeared. They were clearly hands of a predator, and that thought alone sent a shot of electricity through your veins. You fingers brush as you pull away, and he seems surprised that you haven’t run away yet.

You walk over to the sofa and curl up with your tea close to your lips, “I’m not scared of you,” you say simply, and when he doesn’t reply you continue, “You rescued me to start off with, and although my feminist pride feels a little dejected I must say you saved me from a very difficult situation. And then you left me flowers and kept an eye on me, making sure that I’m safe. Is it wrong that I only feel humbled by that? I don’t feel fear, I feel gratitude…amongst other things,” You muttered the last part to yourself, and looked up at him. He looked even taller now that you had sat down, and you watched with anticipation and he set his tea down on the coffee table before returning to his full height. His arms hung at his side and his pack was straight, revealing that he was probably close to 8 foot.

“I want to show you something,” he grumbled, and you sat up straighter, taking a sip of your tea before placing it with his on the table. You nodded encouragingly and heard him sigh.

With slow graceful movements, he lowered his hood, removing his jacket and hoodie. You only stared in fascination, taking in his form with hungry eyes. He had the face of a big cat, a wide and flat nose, big round eyes and an upper lip which split in the middle. Two sleek black horns protruded from his forehead, curling backwards over his scalp and flaring out at the base of his neck. His whole body was as white as his hands, with slight blue colouring where his bones stretched his skin. Long fins ran up his arms and down his sides, transparent and glowing slightly. He was toned everywhere, from his strong arms and broad shoulders to his defined pectorals and flat stomach. His hips seemed to flare outwards in an almost feminine way, which mismatched the rest of his body. You tilted your head in question, and with another sigh he went to remove his trousers. Your eyes widened, and your heart stopped in your chest - was he about to strip naked in front of you? You were too curious to stop him, and before you could restart your heart there he stood in all his ivory glory, on eight tentacles. His lower body resembled that of a giant squid who had been dunked in bleach, draining it of all colour. Completely white, each sucker ringed in the same pale blue that decorated the rest of him.

As soon as his trousers were removed he seemed to relax, settling onto his tentacles and lessening his height. His horns no longer scraped the ceiling and you could see the way his shoulders fell slack. It must have been extremely uncomfortable, mimicking the human leg with four tentacles. You momentarily felt sorry for him, then felt a glimmer of pride for his efforts at fitting in. Then even more pride burst forth as you realise what he just did, revealing himself to you, completely vulnerable and ready for judgement.

He watched you with sad eyes, as though he had already been rejected, whilst you savoured every detail of his magnificent and powerful body. You felt a flush creep up your neck as you realised a heat had started the pool between your thighs, and you once again scolded your body for being inappropriate.

“Do I make you feel fear now?” He questioned timidly, and you quickly stood up to face him. You only reached his shoulder height but looked up at him with a determined gaze.

“You make me feel no such thing,”

“But I am a monster,” he mumbled, looking down at his tentacles as they rolled over each other in a motion that reminded you of shuffling feet. You placed a hand on his chest, gently as to not startle him, but it caught his attention as you wanted. Not breaking eye contact, you gave him the most honest answer you could conceive.

“You are a monster, and a magnificent one at that, dare I say handsome,” you smirked at the end, to which he gave you a small grin of his own.

Dating Kara Danvers (Supergirl) Would include...

Originally posted by stileshowls

  • You meet on your first day as an assistant at CatCo and you quickly become good friends with her, James and Winn
  • You both develop a huge crush on each other and whenever you flirt with her she melts and becomes a blushing mess
  • You eventually ask her out after weeks of flirting and sexual tension
  • It doesn’t take you long to figure out that she’s Supergirl, especially after she saves you before a date and says “see you at seven!”
  • You confront her about it at the same time she decides to tell you
  • “You’re Supergirl”
  • “I’m Supergirl… wait, what?”
  • “Kara, you just tie your hair back and put on a pair of fake glasses, did you really think I wouldn’t notice?”
  • “…”
  • She tries to keep your away from all the stuff that she does as Supergirl
  • You end up rushing to the DEO anyway.
  • Being close with Alex
  • Take out. All the time.
  • Movie nights every Friday with Alex and Maggie
  • Kara is definitely the big spoon in the relationship
  • Lots of stroking/ playing with her hair
  • All the kisses
  • Whenever she’s really stressed you give her a massage to calm her down
  • Meeting Clark and being a bit awestruck by being in a room with Superman, but you eventually become good friends
  • Kara always holds your hand or just links your fingers together, she likes to have contact with you at all times
  • Always being starstruck by her muscles (bitch me too the fuck)
  • Most of your dates end up being interrupted by some supervillain, but she makes it up to you later ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Kara is definitely the top in the relationship, but you will occasionally switch roles
  • Sometimes she grips your hips too hard and leaves bruises and she apologises for hours after she notices
  • She still blushes every time you’re intimate
  • One time you wore underwear with a super ’S’ on them and she lost HER MIND
  • You get mad every time you give her a hickey but it disappears after a couple of seconds
  • She acts like a lost puppy whenever you’re apart for more than a couple of hours (But so are you)
  • You both love and trust each other with all your hearts and you become that couple that everyone rolls their eyes at because you’re so smitten
Bad Timing

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Poe Dameron x Reader, Female Reader

Requested by Anonymous: Okay so could you pretty please write a Poe imagine where reader and Poe’s “alone time” get interrupted cause Leia needs to see him immediately and his hair is like a dam birds nest from the reader but he claims its helmet hair and maybe some of the readers lip stick is on Poe and then hes just a fricking embrassed mess.

A/N: So, this is my first crack at writing this kind of thing so please have mercy.  Also please reblog and comment if you like this!

Word Count: 1,036

           A low moan escaped Poe’s lips as you attacked his neck kissing and biting desperately at the skin.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please write a scenario about gabe defending his timid and kinda small gf from overwatch agents that made her cry? Thank you

“No, Gabe, please-”

Your boyfriend currently had his hand around an agent’s neck, fingers digging into his flesh. Your hand reached out to try and grab Gabriel’s black hoody, only to have toned arms wrap around your waist from behind, stilling you instantly.

“Better let him do it, sweetpea.”

You struggled against the southerner, your hand coming up to brush away droplets from your tear stained, bruised cheek. Blood stained your fingers, wiping them on your skirt. To say you were annoyed at how you weren’t as tall or strong as the other agents was an understatement. It was nice to be embraced and protected by Gabe, but when it came to standing up for yourself it was kind of pathetic.

“Jesse, get off me.”
“(Y/N), you’ll get hurt if go over there ‘nd then Reyes’ll have my behind too.”

A solid thud cut your conversation short as the agent who had been abusing you was now splayed out on the floor, your boyfriend hovering menacingly over him. A group of other, younger agents had grouped around, trying to verbally defend the one on the floor.

“Anyone else?”


“Good. Get this shit outta my sight, and if I so much as hear a breath in (Y/N)’s direction, you’ll all be in the depths of hell before you know it.”

Jesse rest his head on top of yours, a deep sigh coming from his chest.

“C'mon, he’s gonna be in a foul mood.”
“I don’t care.”

You managed to wriggle your way out from your best friend’s grasp, limping slightly over to your boyfriend. Your hand gingerly touched his arm, making him spin around.

“Get her to Ziegler.”

His eyes didn’t meet yours, instead directing themselves over to McCree’s.

“I still need to teach these ingrates a lesson.”

A firm hand grasped around yours, dragging you away from the crowd. You stuttered, trying to say something to Gabe before you went through the doors to Angela’s office.

You were laid down on top of the pristine white sheets, arms crossed over your chest. No matter how many times you had said you were fine, Angela and Jesse would not leave your side until the Blackwatch Commander permmitted them to. The air hung thick with tense awkwardness. Angela was scribbling on her clipboard and Jesse seemed very interested with cleaning his hat. Your eyes were on the door, purple and blue slowly forming in your peripheral vision.

To be fair, you had taken quite a beating from the bastard. He kept on going on about how you got special treatment because you were ‘sleeping with the Blackwatch Commander’, to put it nicely. Your personality meant you’d tried to fight back, only to be given a black eye, cut cheek and lip and a sprained ankle. If Gabriel and Jesse hadn’t come along when they did.. You don’t know. Tears still streamed down your cheeks, no matter how hard you tried to stop them. You felt useless. Being in Overwatch and not even able to defend yourself.

You perked up when the doors opened and in walked Gabriel. Both Angela and Jesse stood up sporting strained smiles.

“How is she?”
“Fine. Bruising along the cheekbone, a few cuts here and there and a swollen ankle. Nothing some rest won’t heal.”

Gabriel nodded. The pair took that as their cue to leave, reassuring looks passed in your direcrion.

You uncrossed your arms and fiddled with your fingers, eyes now downcast from his intense gaze. The bed dipped slightly from his weight where he perched, his large hand covering both of yours.

“I’m sorry, Gabe.”
“Why are you sorry? You did nothing.”
“Exactly. I did nothing. I work at Overwatch and I can’t even fight back.”
“That’s because you’re not an agent. You’re my assistant.”
“Still, getting my ass kicked in front of everyone isn’t-”
“(Y/N). What he did was cowardly. It was an easy win for him until I came along.”

You sighed, head drooping down further.

“Let me train you.”

Your head perked up, him now reaching up to caress away a tear.

“If you’re worried, let me train you. I’m not always going to be here to protect you.”

Your eyes looked into his chocolate pools. He wasn’t joking. You nodded hesitantly. He squeezed your hands in reassurance.

“I hate seeing you hurt.”
“I hate being hurt.”

 A gentle kiss was placed on your forehead. He loved you, and you loved him.

Delirious (Tony X Daughter!Reader)

Character: Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Sickness


Request: Tony stark x daughter request? Where she’s sick with a really high fever and completely delirious and keeps saying crazy shit. As concerned as tony is he can’t help not to laugh at some of her antics so he takes video. When she’s better he shows her the video and they both share a laugh over it.

Originally posted by taylorannshazamm

“Y/N, time to get up.” Tony announced, opening the door and then leaving. This was usually enough to get you up.

He waited in the kitchen for about twenty minutes, and you had not emerged. He expected you to come out by now for something to eat and drink, or to hear your music playing, but he heard nothing. He went back into your room and saw you still in bed, not moving since he last saw you. “Y/N?” He asked coming over. Worry filled his mind as he knelt down. He put his hand around your wrist and felt for a pulse, and sighed with relief when he felt it. “Y/N, come on Hun.” He said, going to stroke your hair out your face, but paused and pressed his hand against your head when he felt how warm your skin was. “JARVIS call the school and tell them that she can’t come in today. Also call the Doctor.” He requested.

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