Female fronted bands confessions


“Manners is about a relationship that has gone sour. Their lyrics are about how hard you fall for that relationship without seeing the same effort in return.

It’s something I had gone through a couple of years ago. ‘Manners’ became almost like a revenge. It was me saying, ‘this is how I felt, but I wasn’t able to say it at the time, when I was actually in that moment’”

-Taylor Jardine


My favourite thing about Amy Lee is that she was the touchstone that connected everything I love about music together. All the artists I love now are ones that I know about because they influenced her or can connect back to her. Everything from trip hop artists like Bjork or Portishead to grunge/90s alt rock bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, and Hole to piano singer-songwriters like Tori Amos, Regina Spektor, and Amanda Palmer, even to all the artists on this blog. I can connect them all back to her and her music. I feel like I owe my musical identity to her.


Whenever I hear bands like Avril Lavigne,Paramore,MCR,FOB,PATD,Linkin Park,Three Days Grace and Papa Roach all I hear and see is nostalgia. I remeber going in my car and my cousins would play thier songs (as for Three Days Grace,Linkin Park and Papa Roach they would play thier light/acoustic songs) but yeah thats why they’ll always be my fave and thats why they’ll always be in my heart. Forever. I’ll love them forever.