Female fronted bands confessions


My favourite thing about Amy Lee is that she was the touchstone that connected everything I love about music together. All the artists I love now are ones that I know about because they influenced her or can connect back to her. Everything from trip hop artists like Bjork or Portishead to grunge/90s alt rock bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, and Hole to piano singer-songwriters like Tori Amos, Regina Spektor, and Amanda Palmer, even to all the artists on this blog. I can connect them all back to her and her music. I feel like I owe my musical identity to her.


Whenever I hear bands like Avril Lavigne,Paramore,MCR,FOB,PATD,Linkin Park,Three Days Grace and Papa Roach all I hear and see is nostalgia. I remeber going in my car and my cousins would play thier songs (as for Three Days Grace,Linkin Park and Papa Roach they would play thier light/acoustic songs) but yeah thats why they’ll always be my fave and thats why they’ll always be in my heart. Forever. I’ll love them forever.


Even though Icon For Hire is more poppy than most bands I listen to I really love them because of their lyrics about positive mental illness recovery and going against system and being a fighter. I find their albums really inspiring when I’m struggling with my depression and anxiety. Their music understands emotional pain but also challenges you in the best way to prevail over it. I feel like they are even better on their newest album now that they are unleashed from their label. Whenever I talk to people dealing with mental illness or emotional suffering I like to remind them that we are strong because we fight uphill battles in the dark and we survive–and I feel like Icon For Hire’s music embodies that.


Also another thing about Bebe Rexha: She plays guitar, she loves Twenty One Pilots and Fall Out Boy, and I scrolled down all the way her Instagram and I saw her post a few pics of her in Green Day shirts and Metallica shirts (she follows them and she also likes Good Charlotte. I know this cause I scrolled down her entire Instagram and Twitter pictures and following various times.) Plus she has actual talent. She is the only good pop artist.


I know im going to get ALOT of shit for this but I don’t care.
Taylor Momsen is my idol. 
I look up to her because she is so fearless and badass and just owns the fucking stage when she performs. She also has an amazing voice that can take on many styles as shown in all 3 albums released so far.
Also you cant forget this:
She is one of the top females in a mostly male dominated genre. 
If these things don’t make her an insperation and an idol what does.


Ariel Bloomer, lead singer of Icon For Hire, is such an inspiration and so incredibly kind. She connects with her fans really well by making herself accessible through her Etsy Store and her Youtube Chanel and writes songs that help people struggling with depression, abuse and anxiety. I really wish the band had more fans - they deserve it.


This may be an unpopular opinion, but lately I’ve been getting into Delain, and their two latest releases (The Human Contradiction and Moonbathers) seem very hit or miss. I do love the songs that are hits, but I feel like Delain’s best album is April Rain. Maybe the other two albums will grow on me some more, but that’s how I feel right now.