On 28th November 1969, twenty-two-year-old Betsy Aardsma was studying in the library, researching for a paper and sometime between 4:45pm to 4:55pm she was stabbed once through her left breast. This severed her pulmonary artery and pierced the right ventricle of her heart. It’s believed that whoever did this to her, did so from behind, especially since there were no signs of defensive wounds on Betsy’s hands. 

Immediately Betsy slumped over onto the ground while two men were seen exiting the library, telling a clerk at the front desk that ‘somebody better help that girl’. These two men have never been identified. 

Later, after being transported to the hospital, Betsy was pronounced dead at around 5:19pm. Incredibly, the paramedics had no idea that Betsy had been stabbed, since she was wearing a red dress and her wound produced little blood. Instead, they just assumed she had experienced a seizure. 

Now, for 47 years, Betsy Aardsma’s murder has gone unsolved but Pennsylvania State Police are still actively seeking any information.


i’m tired as hell. as you might know already, i sleep a super much of a lot and it’s actually starting to worry me.
why? well, idk realy. but since yesterday basketball practice are during the morning so i’m getting back home by 11 a.m. then i (obviously) shower and put my pj’s on (pj’s 24/7). since yesterday, i’ve been sleeping all freaking day long! and if i’m up, i’m tired! maybe it’s an early death syndrome.
so, right now i’m at my aunts house and i had a crepe– dude(s) i’m laying on the couch trying to hold in the urge to puke my delicious crepe out and avoiding to snore as i sleep with my eyes open!
yeah, that’s about it.

-your pantless (favourite) hero, carl