so let me tell you about this costume. there are a lot of things wrong with it, but a lot of things i am proud of.

  • The cape was made by my mother and myself (mostly my mother, my sewing skills are poor). She put her heart and soul into it. The cape fabric and lining were the priciest buy. (~$51.00)
  • .The jacket was a lucky Goodwill find. (~$8.00)
  • The skirt pictured is not the one I initially wore at Katsucon 2011, but the skirt I altered looked awful, and wasn’t worth the price. ($12.63)
  • The boots were an eBay find and I am still very much enamored with them. ($26.40)
  • The wig is from Taobao. (~$11.00)
  • The buttons on the the cape are from Joann Fabrics (~$4.00)
  • The fleur de lis patches are from ebay. ($11.31)
  • Gloves are from eBay. ($9.10)
  • Everything else is pre-owned, aside from the tiara, which was a gift.

TOTAL: ~$133.44 (wow, that’s pretty great for a Hetalia cosplay! uniforms are expensive!)

Sold my jacket, tiara, and cape for $60, a little less than half the cost I went through to make it. But that’s fine! I enjoyed this cosplay while I had it, and despite how much I miss it, I find solace in the fact that I sold it to a nice owner, a friend of mine. However, the only pieces I sold were the jackets, the cape, and the tiara. So I technically only sold $59 worth of stuff.

Why not cut the price for the individual items? Because I went through a lot of emotional turmoil and emotional elation with this costume, and a decent amount of money.

This was the first time in the three years of my career that I cosplayed a full-fledged canonical girl character.

And I felt beautiful.

It didn’t matter how inaccurate it was, or how much pain and finances I went though, because when I put this on at the con, despite how ugly the original skirt looked, I went out into the con center and felt like the belle of the ball. All my life I’ve felt like I was a little out of place, that I was average at most, but nothing special in the looks department. But when I got to be a girl, in an outfit I worked so very hard on, I felt amazing.

I had cosplayed a girl in the past, briefly, but nothing so accurate to canon, and nothing I had put so much effort into.

The fact that I worked so hard on it, despite its flaws, made me proud to be seen in it.

Don’t give up on a costume even if it seems impossible! Try your hardest, scour every inch of the internet for a good quality deal at a suitable price, if you have to! And no matter how bad you think it looks, I bet it looks great. And I know you’ll feel great after putting all that effort into it.

Ignore the elitists and just have fun in costume! That’s what we’re in this for, right?

The skirt in the picture is actually my overbearing grandmother’s skirt. I had to secretly put it on, because she tends to have a shit fit if I touch anything that’s hers. Even if I had known about this lovely skirt, I wouldn’t have been able to take it the Katsucon, no matter how much I begged and grovelled.

The tiara was a gift from a friend I made on the way back from Katsucon. She literally lived from hotel to hotel with her mother because they were constantly attending beauty pageants. We shared some of our own stories, and I mentioned how I wasn’t able to get a tiara or crown in time for the con, and she literally gave me one of her tiaras that she won in a competition. At first I refused to accept it, but she insisted she had too many already. Looking around her cluttered room, I could definitely agree. That gift meant a lot to me.

Here is a video with the cape included. I was exiting the last remnants of my Hetalia otaku stage, so I hope you’re as embarrassed for me as I am for myself in this video.

That wig was a beautiful monster. Trimmed it to make it into a Lithuania wig, which has also been sold.

You never know what stories you’ll bring home with your costume. (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

Bug!Au FRUK England xFem!France Part 1 (Pictures and Fic)

(I will try writting a bit to explain my story, like a mini fanfic I guess, I’m sorry if I don’t have the proper grammar, I trying my best to explain myself, Why the world can’t just talk in spanish :,V? hahahaha) 

On a very lively field, a Caterpillar named Arthur lived there. Arthur was a pretty grumpy caterpillar… his BIG eyebrows made him look more grumpier and he wasn’t happy with this…  “Big eyebrows aren’t beautiful! not like Mr. Bonnefoy! Mr. Bonnefoy is truly beautiful, I’m sure that I will become a butterfly like him!” That’s what Arthur always said to himself. Arthur really admired Mr. Bonnefoy, a very handsome and elegant butterfly with big and glamorous wings, Arthur wanted to be like him but…

“Is OBVIOUS that you can’t become a butterfly, Artie~! Your big eyebrows are the proof!”

Marianne said.

“You are a pest, Marianne! You don’t know what are you saying!” Arthur really hated Marianne!

Marianne was another Caterpillar, she enjoyed to remind Arthur that he can’t become a butterfly like her uncle Francis Bonnefoy

“Just accept your destiny, Artie! Accept who you are, your big eyebrows are the proof!”

Marianne hummed and she left with her Uncle. what a pest! Arthur thought.

“I will show her that she’s wrong! I will become a true butterfly!”

Arthur said to himself and he started to fabric his coccon. Arthur really put his heart to make it perfectly, the days passed and his coccon was ready

“Are you still trying?” Marianne teased.

“SHUT UP! I will shut up your little mouth, Fatty!”

Arthur said and with this he locked himself inside of his coccon. Marianne just huffed but she was a bit worried…. 

Days, weeks passed…. it was spring,
Feliciano, a small and lazy bee, was fooling around like always but something catches his attention.

“Oh, what is that? isn’t a flower…”
The small bee said as he got closer to check a strange coccon, but, Feli was pretty naive… what is a coccon?

“Oh, I think is moving!” Feli said really amused, what’s wrong? this isn’t a flower for sure!

“Oh!! It’s opening! Ve!” Feliciano was really surprised! The coccon started to rip and something was coming out!

“FINALLY! I’M A BUTTERFLY!!!!” Arthur finally came out, happy and cheerful, he become a butterfly!


“….” Arthur was a bit confused, Why that little bee was so terrified?

There was a stream close to them, Arthur really needed to check his appearance. He got closer and he checked his reflection.

“Uhm…Mr. Mot….?” Feliciano was about to ask something but Arthur started to SCREAM

“WHAT’S GOING ON?” WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?! WHAT THE HELL I AM?!“ Arthur was almost crying! he didn’t planned this! where are his beautiful wings?! why he still have these big eyebrows?! they are even more bigger!

"Oh! your eyebrows are really big, I think you are a moth, Mr. Moth!”


“VEEEEE!!!” Poor Feliciano… he was being abused, it wasn’t his fault after all!

“Geez…. I’m not a butterfly. I’m just an ugly moth!” Poor Arthur… he was pretty dissapointed.

“Ve! you aren’t that bad! I think you look fine!”
Feliciano said to cheer him up a bit, besides, he was being honest!

“Why are you here anyway? Aren’t you suppose to be around collecting pollen or something?” Arthur huffed, this little bee just came in his worst moment but Feliciano didn’t mind at all to be around Arthur

“My thousand siblings can do that! Queen Bee doesn’t mind at all if I’m not working, she said I’m cute!…Except the Regent Bee, He really get mad at me but… I really prefer to enjoy the day! My name is Feliciano by the way!” What a friendly bee. Arthur decided to not question him anymore and he decided to stop arguing about his luck…at least for now.

The days passed and Arthur was starting to cheer up… just a little bit

“You know… I think being a moth isn’t that bad… At least I have wings, I guess” Arthur said with a sigh as he pet his little friend

“That’s the spirit!”
Feliciano said, He loved to be petted!

A few days later….

“Oh, look, Mr.Arthur!” Feliciano beamed.

Arthur and Feliciano were checking the area but they suddenly found a beautiful rosebush. something was there, under the leaves of the rosebush.

“Look, Look! Is a coccon! I bet there’s a butterfly inside or even a Moth!” Feliciano said happily but Something got in Arthur… he was absolutely mad.

“Oh yeah? I bet there’s SOMETHING INSIDE!” How he could forget her….he still can remember her evil laughs!And she will laugh at him again!

He can’t accept this… He can’t let her watch him and make fun of him again!

“Ve, I wonder who is insi…..” Eh? why Arthur was holding a very big rock?


“YOU WILL NEVER FEEL OR WATCH THE SUN EVER AGAIN, MARIANNE BONNEFOY! I’M NOT LETTING YOU LIVE THIS TIME!” Arthur was really mad and scary! he was really going to destroy Marianne’s coccon with a big rock and Feliciano was terrified but suddenly… the coccon started moving!

“AAh!! oh no!” Feliciano cried

“SHIT!” Watch your mouth, Arthur! Arthur and Feliciano ran back to hide, leaving the big rock behind.

“V-Vee” Feliciano was still scared and Arthur huffed a bit, he was really out of himself… but he lost his opportunity!

“Oh! It’s opening!” Feliciano said when they saw the coccon starting to rip, hands coming out from it.

But Arthur didn’t want to see it, he didn’t want to see Marianne, he was still so mad… Marianne was right all this time after all and Arthur was stubborn.

“Mamma mia! A BELLA”“ Feliciano said cheerfully and really excited, that little bee was really flirty!

"what are you talking about….!” Arthur said, finally taking a small peek but then…

“…..!!!” He just froze, his eyes widen and he felt his heart stopping.
what he was watching?…Marianne?

A beautiful feminine creature came out from that coccon… she looked fragile and delicate, she was truly beautiful, a truly beutiful butterfly. It was Marianne.

“A-Ah…O-Ohm…F-Feli?” Arthur was really…surprised and his heart was beating to fast. Arthur called for Feli but… eh?

“………AGH!” Feliciano wasn’t there! what the…?!

“BELLA, BELLA , CIAO, CIAO, CIAO! You are so pretty! pretty pretty! A flower for a pretty lady!”

“F-Feliciano!” Arthur whispered , oh no! what he was doing there?! Feliciano dared to get closer to Marianne and she looked surprised

“Oh…what a cute little bee, you are just a cutie!” Marianne giggled, holding the small bee with her hands and Feliciano was so happy to be petted by a pretty lady!

“Bella, Bella! I’m Feliciano! We were just waiting for you to came out!” Feliciano explained and Marianne just smiled a little bit as she fixed her hair

“We?” she asked interested

“Si, si! Arthur, Arthur! Come here!”



You can read part two here! http://amazingtamales03.tumblr.com/post/162727507371/bugau-fruk-england-x-femfrance-part-2
Bug!Au FrUk England X Fem!France Part 3

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The strong hit that Arthur gave to that frog caused him to fall in the stream. But, that caused splashing too, a big splash of water got Marianne, she tried to cover herself but that didn’t save her from get completely wet. Everybody knows… Water and Bugs doesn’t get along very well!

“Aaaah!” Marianne screams when the water got her

“Marianne!” Arthur called her very alarmed. Indeed, Water and Bugs doesn’t get along, her wings got completely soaked, She can’t fly right now and the frog got up really upset! He was looking at Marianne, ready to give another chance and eat his prey. Arthur noticed this inmediately

Arthur was really brave, he manage to catch Marianne before that frog and then he flew away from the stream. Poor Frog…he just wanted to eat his dinner!

During the flight, Arthur could feel Marianne shivering, he was concerned about her state.  He landed in the mushroom’s fields, placing Marianne carefully on top of a large Shittake Mushroom and he started to check her carefully 

“Are you alright?” Arthur asked, he was truly worried… Marianne was shocked and really cold

“I-I’m freezing!” She said, Marianne was a mess right now. She’s a Diurnal bug, she was used to the warm feeling of the sun.

“Wait there! I will help you to get dry” Arthur said as he got a leaf. The leaf will help Marianne to keep her warm at least a little bit

“There…” Arthur was really careful, he grapped Marianne with leaf, moving his hands slowly, not being harsh.

“This will keep your warm…”

Marianne watches his long and hairy Moth’s hands and then she looked up at him.

Everything around them was quiet, the moon was bright that night but… they didn’t said anything else, they just watched each other but… Arthur noticed about this and blushed hardly….What was happening?

“Arthur?…” Marianne asked as he moved a hand up to cup Arthur’s cheek and Arthur flinched by her touch.

What was happening??

Arthur just couldn’t let her continue. He moved his head to stop her touch.
What he was doing? Ïn front of him was the one who teased him so badly when he was just a silly caterpillar!

Arthur gave Marianne a sharp glare and turns around rudely but….
he was crestfallen 



No… that’s not the issue. It was clear, the problem wasn’t about their past, the real reason about Arthur was… his reality.
Arthur watched his own hands, they were big, long, hairy… he felt the tiny and soft hand of Marianne touching his arm. They were so differents. He didn’t felt beautiful, he didn’t felt how he always dreamed… he wasn’t a beatiful butterfly like Marianne, he was just an ugly moth.

Arthur knew Marianne was watching him with concern…and this wasn’t going to end good     

“Geez…” arthur huffed as he turns around to face Marianne. This wasn’t going to be easy but he didn’t have another option.
Marianne looked at him carefully and worried…. what’s going on?

But Arthur finally looked at her with a sarp and serious glare…

“It was foolish from you to come here at night…it was a big mistake”

Marianne’s heart stopped and she looked shocked at Arthur…


TO “BEE” continue

Thank you so much for the supporting! how I said before, I’m not the best artist or writter, I just want to share with you my story so please take your time to read it and like it or reblog it! I will appreciate it!

EXTRA doodles

Concepts of Feliciano’s brothers, Ludwig and a bit of  Lovino x the queen wasp.

How you can see, The italian brothers are different from all the other bees, talking about their faces. Generic bees would have very simple faces. Feliciano in other hand will have a really cute face and he’s smol. Romano as a very tough face, he’s shortie but his body is buff, absolutely not cute. Marcello (Seborga) is the tallest bee. All bees (Excluding the queen bee and the regent) are small but Marcello is -small- but taller than the other bees, he would become a regent bee in a future, he took his future really seriously and he’s trying to find his future queen bee.

a look of Ludwig, he is a wasp, a very strong  big one. Wasps are totally different from bees and natural enemies

Lovino flirting with the Queen Wasp…

SOME KISSES (they are not part of the main story…yet. I was just practicing drawing people kissing each other) but still… gerita kiss xD


From my BugAu! Feliciano the Bee

If you still  haven’t read my story, you can find it below! Is a FrUK Au, England x Fem!France where they are bugs! (Sorry if this pict isn’t not like my drawings from the story) My story is half fanfic/half little illustrations with pencils, I work so hard on them so please give it a chance xDDDDD ;_; You know, making digital drawings looks so different from my handmade drawings (the story’ little ilustrations are simple because I’m drawing them like a sequence, to make the readers understand what’s happening in the story)

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