I got kind of bored and arranged (some of) my inhumanely large collection of pens..

Note: I’ve had all of the unboxed Staedtler fineliners since 2010 and they’re still going strong ^.^

Shown here are:
Staedtler triplus fineliners
Staedtler triplus felt tips
Staedtler ball-point pens
Stabilo pen 68
Stabilo point 88
Stabilo boss highlighters
Stabilo neon highlighters
Stabilo greenpoint pens
Smiggle mini-highlighters
Smiggle ball-point pens
Paperchase ball-point pens

These are my favourite pens of the moment! I love love love pens, so I thought I would make a post about them. I included the name, tip size, and a sample of how they write and the different colours. 

Hopefully my printing is legible and you can see all the different colours even though the photo quality isn’t great.