Felix Arguelles

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A Little Bit On The Kate Upton + Skateboarding + Cockroaches Side: This is a hilariously raunchy ad spot for Zoo York featuring the ultra-fine Kate Upton with two roaches voiced by pro skaters Giovanni Reda and Felix Arguelles.

Kind of blows my mind that Kate Upton’s only 19.

Speaking of things that need to get waxed, brb…

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Street League 2013 curb edition


AMMO - Yo AMMO Puerto Rico Tour.


Felix Arguelles checks in at the park this week. Filmed by Spanish Mike TV


Ammo - Felix Arguelles - “Face Time”



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So, after waiting for what felt like f o r e v e r…I finally got to see the outcome of the blood, sweat, and tears that the Famous team put in to create “EVERYWHERE WE GO”. 

I figured I wouldn’t be a dick and actually record it with my t1i camera…so I took shitty iphone pics throughout the parts so that I could remember the spots & tricks just incase I felt compelled to do a blog post…

I just decided to throw all the pics together and do a photo blitz type deal & put it up on youtube just for fun. 

so if you’re bored, lurkdis: