In Regards to Taylor Swift v. Apple:

I cannot stand her. She is a money grabbing leech on the music industry.
Let’s first remember that she has been quoted saying ANY STREAMING OF MUSIC IS STEALING, REGARDLESS OF PAY. She pulled her music from Spotify last year because she said artists should define how much they get paid, and Spotify sets their prices for artists. Whilst I do agree that artists NEED to be compensated, Spotify has already released figures stating that artists as big as T-Swift make upwards of $500,000 A MONTH from Spotify alone. The pay-per-listen model works for artists, especially in an age when people don’t want to spend money for an overprocessed album within only a few good songs. Phones and tablets are coming with less and less storage, streaming is necessary.
She also believes that if someone streams, they won’t buy the album. That is complete bullshit. I found a LOT of good music via streaming services, and only bought their albums BECAUSE I streamed them first!
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She also has sued her Guitar teacher for using her name on his website. Literally, he bought the domain “” because he wanted to point it out. She wouldn’t be were she is without him, but she and her lawyers were bullying this man because he was making revenue and she wasn’t getting a cut. The man TAUGHT HER HOW TO BE A MUSICIAN, yet she’s even screwing him.
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She sues fans who make etsy products. This one is a little gray, but I do not side with her. People put her name, covers, lyrics, etc. on items such as candles, blankets, mugs, and sold them AT COST because she wouldn’t sell them on her own, and she demanded they be taken down. Again, gray area, technically copyrighted, but most artists would understand that there is a supply and demand. If you don’t make these products, someone else will. And most wouldn’t be assholes to their fans.
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For photographers of her shows, they have to sign BIG agreements, basically saying their can’t sell their pics of her, they can’t profit off her. She literally doesn’t let photographers at her shows be compensated for their work, yet she wants compensation for all the work all of her staff does. Also, she/her agents have the right to confiscate and DESTROY any media or pictures, including cell phones, cameras, memory cards, and physical photos. Here is a leaked contract from her most recent tour

Read all the RED OUTLINES. She doesn’t want Photographers to be compensated for their work, they can’t use these pics on their own website and social media, and she can use their pics on her sites whenever
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TL;DR - Taylor Swift isn’t “trying to be fairly compensated”. She wants to be OVERLY compensated. And when you consider how expensive her shows/merch are, one thing is DEFINITELY clear.
She isn’t in the music industry for music; She’s in it for money.