i love them and im happy that u like them now too… theyre so wholesome. theyre so full of happy radiant energy.. its healing. thats the only adjective i can use to describe that feeling they give me. its just. healing. they can just talk about nothing and everything all night and day and hang out any time, no matter where or when theyre happy when theyre with each other. theyre that kinda ship that is just so cozy and HEALING and pure and gentle… 

and yea they prob have their bad moments and moments of fear and insecurity or moments of detatchment (especially after feferi and nepeta died and in the dream bubbles trying to find Their versions of themselves. all while aradia was god tier and travelling around various different dream bubbles, so who knows which ones she found and what memories they had and how often she actually met HER fef and nep. and also the thought that her gfs were both dead and she was immortal, its jjust so harmful for her and the others dont mind but shes so scared because she knows this is just borrowed time and their time has already ended.. this isnt right they shouldnt be here right now and she feels so guilty!! she already lost them but shes not ready to have lost them and theyre still here but dead and its not the same and it should be but its not and shes so scared of losing them even though she already did but Didnt at the same time???? 

and then that whole fight with lord english and thousands of versions of some of their dead selves dying again. god ghdjsghg) ……..but i like to think that eventually they just. stay. together, and happy that theyre finally with each other again. and maybe they never got their happy ending, maybe they never got to earth c, and their time is limited with the universe shattering around them, and then so many died during the battle anyways and never even got to see the universe become destroyed in the first place and i cant tell which is worse. but god are they gonna make the most of that remaining time they have with each other, no matter how short or long it is. and god am i making myself cry again.