Feels good to be back

Don’t imagine Sys-Zero spending time in Specific Hospital to help with nanovirus research in-between battles

Don’t imagine Sys-Zero talking to other nanovirus victims who have had to be cured via brain transplants and are trying to put themselves back together afterwards

Don’t imagine Sys-Zero and other nanovirus victims running a support group to help nanovirus victims, especially as the military is currently largely made up of university students

Don’t do it

casually checking in! hoping everyone’s been good and not too much has happened negatively in the fandom.

i apologize for leaving so suddenly.
i miss a lot of people.
i miss being able to write with them.

a lots happened within the past few weeks; good things, and this break was something I definitely needed. but i do check in on people cause it’s hard not to.

if i ever did come back, i don’t think i would let myself use icons anymore, just cause it’s not worth all the trouble. and since I’m on summer break for a couple weeks, i can do a little writing and see if anyone would want to. T A T



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I think what people forget about cancers being "the moms" of the zodiac is that sure we want you the feel good about yourself and all but we will not hesitate to put you back in your place if you step outta line. Gotta protect our babies from themselves, too.


What better day I get back to the gym than the first day of a new month. I jumped on the gym scale today and realised I’ve put on nearly 10% body fat on 6 months! Talk about motivation to get back to kicking ass! This week is cardio week and then it’s back to weights with the conditioning circuit I originally got from my PT last year. I’m bit taking PT training up again til I get back to where I was before, because I know I can get there! It felt good to be at the gym today. It felt good to be working out, even though I hated feeling my lower back jiggle like I don’t ever remember it doing. Aim for this week is to be back in the 70kg range and to start getting that body fat down. I know I can do this. So let’s make it happen. 👟👟💪💪 #exercise #workout #fitness #gettingfit #gettinghealthy #losingweight #weightloss

From yesterday, honestly with everything that has happened the past few days weeks I’m so thankful to be alive. May was the worse month ever! and I’m so glad is over, hoping June will be better, it needs to be. I can’t wait to go back to doing the things I love and get back on track. feeling good rn so I felt like sharing my face with y'all. (be kind lol) ✌🏼️

Nothing like a Monday morning run to kick off the week with!

Now that I’m back into a running “groove” it’s time to start picking the pace up with more specific workouts.

Today’s was a tempo run, which I’m pretty pleased with. I warmed up for a mile and then held about a 9:47 pace for miles 2 and 3.

Feels good to be getting back into a solid routine!

update on my life: so im now feeling super positive compared to last week!! i feel super good and im very thankful for all my friends!!!

everyone is back and we have a big party next weekend and its amazing b/cuz its gonna rule (i get to wear a suit and tie!!!) and its gonna be a reunion!! yay

and today I went to 4 hours worth of meetings for next year’s committee and im kinda nervous kinda excited but atleast i learnt how an invoice worked!!

anyways i have another exam on friday this is my 3rd of 6 so halfway through!! and by june 15th i’ll be starting summer!!! 

yay but also kinda meh because i’m working 2 jobs this summer so it’ll be hard but the money will be worth it!!! hopefully 

“I’ve let this crazy guy put his fingers (and some metal) IN my nose and it’s because we’ve been knowing each other for quite a while now and I know he’s a pro!

Thank you so much to Filoz Piercer Primordial Pain Tattoo Milano I looove my septum and it feels so good to have my ear spikes back! Yayyyy”