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"It's Quiet Uptown" - A Theory

So the lyrics to “It’s Quiet Uptown” are:
“If I could spare his life
If I could trade his life for mine
He’d be standing here right now, and you would smile
And that would be enough”
In this verse, Hamilton says that Eliza would be happy if Phillip was there, but that would involve Hamilton’s death. But why would Eliza be happy if Alexander is dead? Does that mean that Hamilton is implying that Eliza would be happy to see him dead after what he did with Maria and the Reynolds Pamphlet?

I binge-watched Yuri!!! on Ice today,
Yurio aka Yuri Plisetsky for one made a rather hilarious comedic impression on me, and I was thrilled to see how far he’d also grown by episode 9. 

Here’s a quick “right in the kokoro’ inspired doodle of Yurios’ feels,
in a .png format none the less.

The feeling when senpai forgets promises
The feeling when senpai chooses someone else
The feeling when there are no pirozhki left

I believe(?) the original is by Sarah who goes by @honeybits/pixelnotion/bunnytheassassin.
(feel free to correct me, finding the origin was difficult and took me nearly an hour, even reverse image search found nothing so I had to go through a huge amount of results by hand)