Feel Again (TEASER)

Misha x Reader fic - written for @mamapeterson fanfiction album challenge and it is inspired by Imagine Dragon’s Gold. It will be posted tomorrow around 9pm CET aka 3pm EST. 

“Are you okay?” Misha’s voice sounded behind you as you stood frozen to the spot, trying to decide your next move.

“Oh it is so on!” you warned the laughing duo in front of you before grabbing Misha’s hand, dragging him with you off set and towards your trailer.

You didn’t start speaking before the door close behind the two of you, and you instantly started changing your clothes, not giving much thought to Misha being in the room. You were used to changing infront of your band and managers all the time, and to you, Misha wasn’t any different.

“Those two are so getting it,” you promised, still more amused than angry. “You know them a lot better than I do. Do you have any ideas?” You stopped when you turned around to face Misha. You were down to your underwear and Misha’s eyes were nailed to the floor, looking more than a little uncomfortable by the situation.

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