Honest Titles of OneRepublic Music Videos

 Apologize: The Everyday Life of An Introvert

Stop And Stare: Man Clones Himself to Run Himself Over

Say (All I Need): The Kind of Artsy Video People on Tumblr Like

Mercy: The Tree on the Flag THE TREE ON THE FLAG

All The Right Moves: I Would Give More Than Spare Change If OneRepublic Played a Gig at My Party

Secrets: The Napkin™

Marchin On: Low Key Beats Headphones Product Placement

Good Life: The Grainy Quality I Can’t Do This Anymore

Feel Again: The Kind of Artsy Video People on Tumblr Like, Part 2

If I Lose Myself: I Don’t Like Graffiti Except If It’s Native Graffiti

Counting Stars: How Did This Reach One Billion Views

Something I Need: *Band’s Name Spelled “One Republic” in the Opening Shot* *Dies Dramatically*

Love Runs Out: Is That Betty White? ft. Garbage Bags

I Lived: *Sniffles* I’m Not Crying No You Do Not See Me Crying What Are You Talking About

Wherever I Go: A Speculative Fiction About What Happens When the Teacher Leaves the Classroom

Kids: Logistically There Is No Way This Was Filmed In One Shot

I’m ready to meet someone who will make me feel again, someone who will help me smile and laugh and love life again. I’m ready for somebody to walk into my life and teach me how to live without worry, somebody who will count the stars with me and teach me who I am again.
—  I had that when I knew you, but you left.

During their last visit to SiriusXM Hits 1, OneRepublic performed their new song Feel Again for the first time!

I knew it wasn’t going to work out. It ended before it ever began. But I just couldn’t force myself to stop trying even though you had given up ages ago. I was addicted to being denied by you. I was addicted to the pain because it was so much more satisfying than being numb.
—  itstheoddoneout