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How the hell does a broken heart get back together when it’s torn apart?

Teach itself to start beating again?

This little bluebird came looking for you

I said that I hadn’t seen you in quite some time

And this little bluebird came looking again

I said we weren’t even friends, she could have you

Don’t you think it was hard?

I didn’t even say that you died

But it wouldn’t have been such a lie, ‘cause then I started to cry

This little bluebird sure won’t give it a rest

She swears that you may be better than all the rest

I said, “No, you’ve got it all wrong.

If he was something special, I wouldn’t have this song.”

And don’t you think it was hard?

I didn’t even say that you died

But it wouldn’t have been such a lie, ‘cause then I started to cry

How the hell does a broken heart get back together when it’s torn apart?

And teach itself to start beating again?

What if when she comes over,

I am in your arms,

taking all I want from you again?

How the hell does a broken heart get back together when it’s torn apart?

Teach itself to start beating again?

How the hell does a broken heart

get back together when it’s torn apart?

Teach itself to start beating again?

Beating again

Beating again

This little bluebird won’t come here anymore

So I went looking for her, and I found you

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hey so sorry u didnt get the one i sent before i hope this one goes thru. can i get one of those thingys for me (emilee) and dan smith pls? if u do this ily so much and if u dont do it i still love u (1,6,12,or 8 u can choose whichever u want)

yesy yes yes omg im so sorry bab i love u too!!

“things you said at 1 am” with emilee + dan

The last possible thing you could ever wish for is the erratic banging at your front door that yanks you out of your slumber. Groggily, and with furrowed eyebrows, you roll off the couch you conveniently passed out on trudge to the entrance.

You lethargically twist the knob in irritation and stick your head out to see one of your friends, hair haphazardly styled and disposition painfully apprehensive as usual. Shivers still run down your spine nonetheless, and you proceed to open the door all the way, totally bewildered.

“Dan, do you own a clock?” You ask as an exhausted smile tugs at your lips.

At the speed of light, he starts, “God, yeah I know it’s totally one in the morning and I totally did not mean to wake you up but I was just out driving and–”

“Why are you even out this late? Aren’t you catching the first flight to the US later?”

Well you left your bracelet at my house yesterday and it looked sort of expensive so I wanted to give it back before left y’know?” He says quickly while holding up the fake diamond encrusted accessory, his cheeks now flushing.

“Oh…uh, thanks…”

You reach forward and slowly take the jewelry out of the weirdo’s hand, still baffled as to why it was so imperative that he returned you something that you bought at a garage sale.

“Alright, well, good night Dan; have an awesome tour, I’m sure you’ll be wicked,” you remark with an encouraging smile as you heed to your mattress’s call.

Looking dejected for a reason that’s beyond you, he replies, “Yeah, yeah…I’ll call you when we get there.”

With a nod of agreement, you go to close the door, but just inches before it meets the wall, Dan brings it to a halt with his hand and slips inside.

“Dan, I love you and everything but if you don’t just let me sleep–”

You can’t even finish before he’s pressing against you, caressing your sides with lips desperately embracing yours. You can only delicately place your hands on his shoulders in an attempt to balance yourself, too shocked to even function.

“But you don’t love me how I love you, do you?” He breathes after he pulls away as his thumbs move up to stroke your cheekbones.

“What…what do you…”

“It’s been two bloody years and every day I told myself I was gonna fess up to you like the stupid bloke I am but I never could just get it out–”

“Dan please, I…I can’t I…”

“Em. I’m in love with you, alright? You’re the closest I person I’ve ever been to and you’re the closest thing to paradise that I’ll ever get to have and I just…”

Your heart sinks further down your esophagus as you watch those precious sapphires sheet over with glass and his spreads his fingers over your cheeks.

“I just want you to tell me you love me, too,” he whispers, his expression becoming more and more uneasy by the second. 

Tears prickling at your eyes and emotions incomprehensible, you choke out, “God Dan, I can’t…I…I can’t.” 

send me ur name, a band members name, and one of those numbers and i’ll write u a lil mini imagine

Lifestyle of the rich&the famous | Scott&Elena

Elena found herself at the bar with her usual cocktail in her hand, it was where she spent most of the time at these parties seen as they weren’t exactly her scene. She didn’t really have a problem with a lifestyle, it was just new to her and unlike other she didn’t feel like chucking herself off the deep end in hope she’d float. The screams were an indication of when someone new would arrive, even with all the chaos inside she could still hear the fans waiting outside.

She found herself chuckling, shaking her head as she gave her cocktail more attention. Elena had never been that type of girl, she didn’t see herself as a celebrity and she certainly didn’t wait outside in the freezing cold to meet them either. She’d gotten the chance to attend this party through work, she’d kind of been reluctant to go at first but hey – It was a Hollywood Party, not even her will power that was strong.

Her eyes floated around the scene, her body twisted slightly as someone approached the bar. “That – whatever that was out there, that was for you?” Elena hadn’t really taken much time to look at the person and by the time she had it was too late. She couldn’t unsay the words that had already leaped out of her mouth, her eyes instantly glared at the cocktail - Yeah, it was totally the cocktail’s fault. “Please excuse me, of course it was for you. I’m Elena.”

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how about db5k? c:

  • Fan or not - nope
  • How long I’ve been a fan - ///
  • The first song I heard by them - mirotic
  • My favourite song as of now - mirotic???
  • The first MV I saw - m i r o t i c
  • My favourite MV as of now - ???
  • Who my bias is - ///
  • Who my least favourite member is - ///
  • My OTP - ///
  • A pairing I dislike - ///
  • Blog rate - 23456786/10 <3
joelthelastofus a réagi à votre photo : Attempted the pincurl with my hair because why…

I thought the thing in the background was your shadow, so I officially thought you were a magical deer who could turn into a human.



brb gonna go frolic through the forest n’ shit