The Red Square, Moscow (by A-PA)

Still overcast, I bet it’s a absolutely tropical in the south of England. In truth we didn’t really see much of the morning, certainly one of our lazier days. We visited an Asian joint called Don Dons for lunch (reliving some of the culinary delights from the first leg of our journey) and then took a stroll along the river which runs through the centre of city. It was here that we decided to dip into The Crown, Melbourne’s premier casino. Harriet didn’t have her ID so she went for a mosey around the shops. I didn’t quite hit the jackpot but as you can see from the collection receipt, I WON BIG! We also visited the impressive city library, federation square (where Mormons were swarming) and a bar with a table tennis table. It was only after the purchase of drinks when we realised they were out of balls, disappointment was an understatement. Another two games of bowling (really utilising Ben’s employment there) and another two victories for Golding. Pizza for dinner. It’s cheaper than packaged sandwiches over here, they may have to ship me home.

RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Moscow : A WWII veteran arrives at Moscow’s Red Square on May 9, 2015, to watch the Victory Day military parade. Russian President Vladimir Putin presides over a huge Victory Day parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Soviet win over Nazi Germany, amid a Western boycott of the festivities over the Ukraine crisis. AFP PHOTO / KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV